Prostitution Report
from Illinois

I'll start in this report by giving an overview of the Chicago street scene, and then add more particulars about certain areas in future postings.

North Avenue has long been one of Chicago's best areas for street action. The principal area on North, however, has been from the Kennedy Expressway west to Damen. Unfortunately for us street guys, this area (called Wicker Park) is becoming VERY yuppified ($400,000 condos), and thus the hookers are being pushed out. There's still some action in this area, very late at night (after midnight). I'm told that some girls have been seen on North east of the former area, and I've seen some farther west.Armitage Avenue between Western and Pulaski is another good area going downhill. A couple years ago Armitage almost always had a few girls available in the early evening (6-9P), and usually a few in the daytime and later at night. Lately it's very hit and miss (mostly miss). Armitage remains, though, the most likely place to find Hispanic hookers, and sometimes some good ones.

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Prices on Armitage are usually about $20 for a BBBJ, and $40-50 for FS. North is about the same or a little higher.There used to be fairly heavy action on Cicero from North south to Madison, but frequent busts seem to have cleared it out. I haven't seen a hooker there in months. South from the Eisenhower Expressway to south of Roosevelt was also dead for a long time. A month or two back it started to show signs of life, sometimes three or four girls in the early evening, some of them fairly good looking, but now it seems to be dead again. I found an Hispanic girl here, nice looking, a bit heavy, near the dirty book store south of Roosevelt and had her a couple times in the nearby motels -- $50 for FS, and it was very good. But she, like the others, has disappeared.

Madison from the United Center west to Cicero is the most reliable area -- it's rare that there aren't at least a few girls, and sometimes there are lots. In this area, they are all black, and the neighborhood can be rough, though I've never had any problems. Prices are a bit lower here, and you can get FS for as low as $20 ($30 is more common). Anal can be negotiated for maybe another $10-20, though few girls will offer it. There are a number of short-time hotels in the area, usually $20.

Another good all-black area is on Prairie from 39th south to 59th (and on side streets and the parallel streets -- Indiana and Calumet). There's almost always something here. There's a slender black girl who occasionally stands at the corner of Prairie and 56th and will flash her (quite nice) tits as you pass. I avoided her the first couple times I saw her, thinking she might be a police decoy since she was so brazen, but I finally gave her a try in one of the nearby hotels -- she'd do BBBJ, vaginal, and anal for $20. I gave her more, and she was really quite good.There are also black hookers available on Halsted from 43rd to 79th, but it's very intermittent (occasionally a white girl at the noth end of that section). Same for 47th, Ashland west to Kedzie -- occasionally a nice-looking white or Hispanic girl, more often nothing.

In future, I'll give some more detail on these spots, and a bit about the south suburbs and Northwest Indiana.

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