Prostitution Report
from Indiana

As a frequent traveler to Northwest Indiana (about 20 miles from Chicago) I have become quite familiar with the street fare in Hammond, Indiana and Calumet City, Illinois. The two communities are separated by State Line Avenue which is the epicenter for streetwalking activity. LE is interested in reducing blatant street action and conduct periodic john stings but they should be highly evident to even the most casual hobbyist. The stings occur about every 4 months and almost without exception run from around 10:00AM until late efternoon on a weekday.

The tour begins at the corner of Conkey Street and Calumet Avenue (US 41). Proceed west on Conkey to Hohman. Turn North (right) on Hohman and go a few blocks to Waltham. Turn West (left) on Waltham and drive one long block to State Line Avenue. Turn North (right) onto State Line and take it about 20 blocks to State Street. All of the side streets for a distance of two to three blocks off of this section of State Line Avenue can be productive.

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At State Street turn East (right) and follow it past the adult book store as it curves and continues East under an overpass. Stay on State Street to Sohl Street. Turn South (right) onto Sohl and go a few blocks to Fayette. Turn East (left) on Fayette and take it to Calumet Avenue (US41). Turn South (right) onto Calumet and take it about 20 blocks to Conkey to repeat the circuit. All side streets off this general route can be a goldmine on any given night.

Girls range from crack head scary to middle age moms just supplementing the rent. VERY good times are available if you are patient. White, Black and Hispanic workers are out in roughly equal numbers. The most productive times seem to be mid-afternoon until about 9:00 PM and then again from about 2:00AM until 7:00AM. I recognize that this schedule may seem a bit out of the ordinary but the area is dominated by steel mills and several gambling boats and these hours represent the ebb and flow of workers and bar/restaurant patrons. In terms of volume, I see anywhere from 4 to 6 different girls per hour on the route described. In other words, every 15 to 10 minutes of driving I see a new girl. The neighborhoods are rough but not forbidding. Standard street prices prevail.

Decent lodging can be arranged at Kennedy Avenue and I-80 with a choice of Fairfield, Courtyard and Residence Inn hotels. The girls have no problem going there with a date. Also, if you feel lucky, hit oneof the gambling boats in the immediate area for a diversion when the shopping is slow.

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