Prostitution Report
from Israel

I suppose it’s about time for me to tell this board about some more of my recent exploits and conquests. I imagine that most of my followers will know of my preference to escort agencies and that I have a particular weakness for group/swinger sex and I am going to tell about my recent experiences in this little reported area. During the last three months or so I have been using the services of 3 or 4 escort agencies that include a hotel room for an hour plus at the frequency of about once per week. I am not complaining and have had some great experiences with some great girls (but they will have to wait for another report) While I very much enjoy having a threesome (2 girls + me) I just cannot afford this expensive luxury more than a couple of time per year.

I have recently made acquaintance with another (active) member of the local Hebrew Yahoo group who I will refer to as JK2 and as we seem to have similar tastes in women and sex. We have already joined forces a number of times and already have experienced some great hot 4some sessions and as we both share the costs equally it works out very reasonable for each of us. What attracts me to this type of experience is that while I am having sex I also get to watch a live porno act and have chance to swap partners half way though and I also find it quite thrilling to know that my fellow friend is also enjoying watching my performance too. A great all round adventure. We have already managed to chalk up quite a few great 4some experiences some not so good others fantastic it all depends on which girls the agency send down and the chemistry between us. One of the or difficulty's for us is finding agency who don’t want to charge us a arm and a leg for this type of service and for this reason we are a bit limited in our choice and we tend to go back on our tracks a bit. i.e. having the same team back for another session. My partner JK2 leaves all the planning and logistics up to me and its getting harder to come up with something new and hopefully better for each adventure. I know all agencies cater for this sort of experience but some of them have no qualms in asking 800 to 1000 Nis for supplying two girls to participate in an orgy with 2 guys.

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There are also problems with the hotels giving permission and the cost. Our budget is limited but so far we have had some real bargains together with some great orgies I am now going to describe in detail our last weeks episode, which was one of the best we have had so far. As I am regular at both the Seaside and Ophir hotel all the receptions know me well and often ask if I ever need any new talent they would be only to pleased to help out, I also have read on the yahoo board about the same. While we have had no difficulty in setting up these 4somes in the Seaside hotel via the escort agencies we had not so far been able to do this at the Ophir hotel. I decided to approach the guy at the desk of the Ophir and try and swing a good deal for us. At first he wanted 800 but after a bit of haggling and as we only needed one room he agreed to let us have it for 700 for an hour plus (10-15 minutes extra) that works out at 350 each and includes a more deluxe large room and he guaranteed us that the girls would be top quality.

I have found that it doesn’t necessarily mean if you pay more you get better women it’s all very hit or miss affair. Up till now our adventures had cost us from 270-330 depending on agency so we reckoned that an extra 20 would be well worth the risk. I called up and booked for 5:30 we both turned up together on time and before we had time to get undressed there was a knock on the door and in waltzed Jana and Cindy giggling and laughing we made a quick intro and started to prepare for action. Cindy is a tall 175m about 20ish with short jet black hair nice figure but very small tits her pussy itself was completely shaved but she had a nicely trimmed thin bush of hair above pointing down to her jewels she spoke a bit of English and was very much into deep French kissing, Jana was shorter Reddish\Brown hair 165m and was more heavily built also early 20s big but had big tits and bum her pussy was totally shaven her face was not as pretty as Cindy but even so was quite a sexy looker.

I choose Cindy and JK2 took Jana after we all showered we all got onto the double bed in no time Cindy was busy kissing me all over and was very expert at her BBBJ with her silky lips it was ecstasy we quickly got into the 69 position and I imagine that Jk2 got a great view while he was busy getting a BBBJ from Jana it was very cramped on the bed and it got a bit sticky at times with each of us bumping and touching one another very soon JK2 and Jana decided to leave the bed and go over to the dressing table and I could see from the corner of my eye that he had Jana bent over on the table and watched as he entered her from behind the sight of them in the mirror was magnificent and as by this time me and Cindy were already fucking on the bed she pointed to the other couple and suggested that we join them I had no objection so Cindy grabbed my covered organ and led me over to the dresser to join in the with the fun she gracefully bent over next to her friend and I entered her wet pussy from behind and at the same time I managed to fondle Jana's boobs while banging Cindy "get the picture?" This is the type of action that I so like!

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This went on for some time till we all decided to continue on the bed and both couples were soon busy fucking this time with both the girls legs were wide apart and around our heads Cindy talking in Russian to Jana and I think she was telling her how good my tongue was on her clit and that Jana should try it. Cindy asked while I was still inside her if I wanted to sample Jana and I gave her a glance and she seemed to jump at the offer so in 2 seconds flat we swapped I was lapping at Janas Clit and JK2 was getting his tool blown by Cindy "am I boring you" I hope not? JK2 and Cindy got off the bed and they positioned the small sofa in the room and she bent over it and JK2 banged her from behind later I saw him getting blown till he came over her face and boobs, I was at by this time positioned behind Jana doing her doggy style on the bed .an hour had gone by and I finally blew my load in a mind blowing orgasm. By now our time was up and the girls phone’s were ringing telling them to finish up as their taxi was waiting outside. JK2 and I were extremely happy with the performance and gave each other a nod of approval We hope to get together soon for a repeat session. After the girls left we leisurely got dressed and recounted our experiences and decided to go out for a drink together at our favorite pub. What a perfect way to end a fantastic evening. BTW a picture of both these girls can be found on the site girls number 5 & 6 in the Tel-Aviv section but don’t forget we didn’t order the girls from this site as it would have been a lot more expensive I’m sure.

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