Prostitution Report
from Japan

In the Koganecho area of Yokohama prostitutes are available practically 24 hours a day. For 10,000 yen (about $100 U.S. dollars), the women will give blow jobs and have sex with you. They stand outside their small drink bars and will either nod or say "Asoboyo?" (japanese="want to play?") to attract customers. Some speak english and may say, "Hello!". In any case, positive reaction from these women is a sure sign she is willing to "play" with a foreigner (foreigner=non-japanese). There are some women who will have nothing to do with foreigners (they are the ones who avoid looking at you or close return inside the bar and close the door as you pass).

Business is booming at full strength during the hours of darkness, but continues practically 24 hours a days at lower levels. There are dozens and dozens of these small bars (which have several small rooms in the back, or upstairs, or maybe even a small cot behind a curtain near the bar). I have been there during late morning, early afternoon, weekday nights and there are always women waiting for customers.

Most of the women are taiwanese, mainland chinese, but there are some thai and other southeast asians but they seem to be a rare occurance these days. However since early 2000, there has been the introduction of a few caucasian Russians. This may be good for those seeking non-asians because the only other alternative in this area are a number of street walking colombians (10-20) who are generally more well-endowed that their asian counterparts, but also more expensive. An hour with a colombian costs Y20,000 ($200) AND you must pay for hotel expenses (usually another Y5000-7500 ($50-75). There is some bargaining available, they might cut you some slack on the base fee and hotel charge but the total price will still be at least Y20,000.

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Discounts with the asian bar girls is occasionally possible. You can probably get away with paying Y7000 ($70) instead of the full Y10,000 IF you are there when business is slow and there are no other japanese potential customers around. Once she agrees to "play" with you she closes the door of the bar will usually requirement at that point, or sometimes after she takes you to the room. If you "play dumb" and say "this is all I have!" (Y7000) she might take it, especially if you are already in the room at this point. Some however, are adamant of receiving the full Y10,000, and you can forget about any discounts during the hours of darkness or when there are many japanese men around.

You may also be able to get discounts if you have a regular girl (you visit her often). I was often able to pay less than full price with a regular. A taiwanese woman I had been seeing regularly even gave me a freebie once, although I consider that to be a extremely rare event.

If you insist on going on a busy night (usually a weekend night, but it varies), try to find the girl of your choice before the masses of japanese businessmen and young guys arrive (before 10pm, I guess). There are so many customers sometimes, that most of the best looking women are "already in use". Streets which were once lined with girls standing inside or outside bars are now barren with the bar doors closed. Also, most of the women will prefer japanese guys over non-japanese when business is booming.

For REASONS UNKNOWN, who ever runs this place had the perverted idea to mix in a few transvestites with the regular girls. These asian she-men look EXTREMELY close to the real thing. Avoid the tall ones, or the ones who seem overly aggressive, and closely exam hands and feet before you select (if they are a little big or not as smooth looking as most women, keep walking just to stay on the safe side, there are plenty of real women in this area).

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Now where is this place? If you take the trains, it's at Koganecho station on the Keihin Kyuko line (three stops going away from tokyo on the local line, NOT the express line). Exit the station walk straight. All of the bars are under or near the elevated train tracks. YOU CAN'T MISS IT. If you drive. Exit the K3 at theBandobashi exit, take an immediate left and keep straight. The elevated train line you see a couple of blocks ahead is where it's all at.

The women are wearing mini skirts, blouses that accent their cleavage, school girl uniforms, chinese gowns, etc.

The location of the colombians are kind of tricky to describe, especially since they can be mobile streetwalkers (they walk around to avoid the olice). Get on the other side of the small river (once you are in this area you will know what I mean), and in the direction away from the train station but parellel to the elevated train tracks. When you see a church on your right (this is perhaps 3 blocks), hang a left and any latino woman standing around is a prosititute. Usually they are standing or walking in groups of 2 to 5. The colombians only come out at night.

There are also asian street walkers too, but avoid these like the plague! this is all common sense as all of them are either old or ugly as fuck (more like homeless women than hookers) or OBVIOUS transvestites. The colombians appear to have some kind of deal with some of the love hotels in the area. Once you find the latina you like, she will take you to the hotel, there you will shower, then she'll blow and fuck you. I don't know why but there are always a couple of colombian dudes hanging around in the shadows managing this operations. The asian bargirls (now with white russians) seems to be there better and more economical thing to do (however there are no showers in the bars).

I believe prostitution is illegal in long as it's not called prostitution. There are a couple of police boxes (miniature police stations) near this place, obviously on the yakuza (japanese mafia) payroll to look the other way. I have no idea why the police occasionally harass the colombians. Perhaps what they are doing is more blantant than the scantily dressed asians standing outside their bars (you CAN drink in there, and some japanese do).

There are some other houses of sex around this area (lots of "japanese only" sex shops). there is definately more to experience if you are japanese (which I am not) (soaplands, blowjob houses, etc...) but kind of hard to get past the huge sumo wrestlers in suits who are saying "no gaijin!" at the entrance! I suspect japanese women work in these places.

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