Prostitution Report
from Latvia

I carried on a protracted and peculiar email correspondence from England with 24 years old Sandra. She sent me her picture (a naive "marriage bureau" type shot in her bra and pants) and looked eminently fuckable. Sandra claimed not to be an escort, just an "amateur" who did not want paying, just romance or (in a later email) presents. Given my self-description above (she was aware of my age) I thought this absurd and said I could only use her as a paid whore, whereupon we agreed on US$150 for four hours and US$225 for eight hours. Sandra agreed to pick me up from the airport and stay with me for my first night in Riga. In the event she did the taxi job but said she could not stay because her father was sick (sound familiar? This not being the Philippines, at least she did not ask me to contribute to the operation). There I was alone in a strange city, having looked forward for weeks to my first night with Sandra, and as frustrated as hell. I marched out of the hotel (it was now 4.00am) and asked the first taxi driver to find me a choice of women. He drove me to the edge of town and pulled up outside some club.

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He started to use his mobile and I expected a choice of girls to line up on the pavement ("sidewalk" to those of you from the rebel colonies) or for me to be admitted to choose. Then something weird happened. I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw that there was already a whore in the back seat. How the hell she got there I will never know. She must have slipped in silently off the pavement. She looked early twenties, half-asiatic Russian and tarty. 25 lats for 2 hours, all services included. I was already exhausted before I travelled, and with the late hour and freezing temperature I was too tired to refuse. Embarrassing mistake! As I marched her into the well-lit hotel lobby I realised to my discomfort that Tatiana was a fat-assed, thirtyish, cheap street hooker. Security started to throw her out until the manager intervened, either to humour his eccentric and elderly English client or to avoid a noisy scene in the small hours.

I did fuck her (with condom, which suited me in the circumstances) but then exhaustion and repugnance prevented me attempting her ample buttocks and less than clean arsehole. Having said all which, I must admit she was a jolly girl and a good laugh as we added some sex terms to my meagre store of Russian words. She told me that she grew up with a mother and five siblings in a flat smaller than my hotel room. Next morning, being an English snob, I asked the maid to change all the bedlinen.

After a few hours of sleep Sandra surprisingly turned up as she had promised. (I had assumed I had seen the last of her). Sandra has an OK face, clean but unkempt clothes and hair, but the best body (to my particular tastes) that I have ever lain with. Almost boyish, with small but shapely breasts (typically Latvian here), a pert and firm little arse, and silky skin. She told me she keeps in shape with basketball and watersports (no, not that sort ...). Of more interest was that Sandra takes it in every hole without a condom. After fucking her frontally as an hors d'oeuvre I was salivating for the main course when something happened (or rather, did not happen) which changed my holiday and may change the rest of my life. I could not get a hard on! At the time I put this down to continued exhaustion and the fact that I had already come twice with two women within a few hours. To pass the time until ready I applied myself to the longest session of cunninlingus and arsehole licking in my life. I wasn't sure if Sandra was faking her moans until I thrust my tongue right up her arsehole and she climaxed and squirted (something I had only observed a handful of times before in my long life).After several more failed attempts to penetrate I settled for wanking over her breasts as she masturbated which she thought a good laugh and "kinky".

Sandra is a part-time university student with good English. She was extremely affectionate and enjoyable to be with. But I never knew what the nature of our relationship was supposed to be. I even wondered whether she was a bit touched in the head. For example, I waited to see when she would ask for money. She was halfway down the corridor leaving when I reminded her that she had not collected her $150. And after exchanging upwards of twelve emails and collecting me from the airport, we were almost to the hotel when she casually asked me my name and which country I was from. (Her driving was a diplomatic blend of Latvian right-hand drive and English left-hand drive as she drifted from one side of the road to the other and her parking technique was akin to dumping). But I would say not a drug taker, although I am no expert. Maybe a headcase or gerontophile? Why would a clearly intelligent girl not use protection? There were other puzzles in her conversation and correspondence.

If anyone fancies trying Sandra contact me and I will forward your email message and address to her. She always indignantly declined to be called an "escort" or "prostitute" and I may have just caught her at a particular phase in her life, so I am not publishing her email address on this site. If she does respond, expect the unexpected.

Eva (18 years old) answered my advert in but now advertises frequently there herself (misleadingly) as a "hot" girl (tel:9935580). She charges 35 lats an hour, 70 lats for two hours, which is top dollar, yet only does oral with condom and vaginal with condom. From the waist up she is gorgeous with a sweet face and dark hair. Her arse is a fraction too big for my taste but normal men (those not educated at a boys-only school) might think it perfect. Her legs, though shapely, are unusually short and thick for a Latvian girl. These pictures are awful and in no way do her justice. This is a very pretty, young and fresh girl who speaks very good English (though with a twang from watching too many American films which I find distasteful). Her rosebud-like cunt is the smallest I have ever seen (and that includes Asian girls) and her arsehole is minute. No wonder it's only for one-way usage. Her technique is not accomplished. She really is a beginner at sex but somehow I felt great with her. She had agreed to piss for me but the most I could extract was about 5ml on the toilet with much blushing and protestation (which was in itself a turn on). She claimed never to have done this even for her boyfriend and I believe her. Having taken her urinal virginity I planned to meet her again and educate her fully in the delights of golden rain, but it was not to be. A super girl and worth every lat even though my continuing erection problem only permitted me to come once in the two hours.

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Patricia and Natasha also answered my advert. They are Patricia and Natasha from Miss Malinka. The agency is aware and accepts that they also trade independently. Pat speaks English well (and arranges the bookings for both girls tel:5973851). They each quoted me 150 euro for four hours (as against 200 for three hours when booked through the agency) and only 20 euro on top for anal. Bargain! I went for Natasha and later tried for Patricia who would normally be too buxom for my tastes (but with anal guaranteed at only 170 euro I am prepared to be tolerant) but she was always booked. I arranged to meet Natasha in a nearby coffee house where I had become a regular and an object of almost condescending humour by the attractive manageress who looked like the teenage Jane Fonda. My god, I loved the astonished respect on her face when I was joined by the ravishing Natasha, albeit 30 minutes late and without apology (typically Russian). I know this is getting repetitious, but it is in your own interests to believe me. Natasha's pictures on Miss Malinka do not begin to do her justice. That woman looks late twenties and slightly butch. Natasha is young, animated and totally feminine, with glossy black hair. If Sandra had the perfect body and Eva was the prettiest from waist up, Natasha is the overall horniest and shapeliest woman I have ever been with, the effect not diminished by her slightly Gothic black fur and leather outfit and needle-heeled boots. Her English was good until the third hour of our meeting when tiredness crept in. Though allegedly a student of management, Natasha is a party animal who serially fucks Russian boys for fun when not working and confessed to being as shagged out before our date as the black under her eyes suggested. I forecast she will become a full-time whore so long as her stunning good looks hold out as she is too airbrained to study. So there I was with my perfect woman, and this time I could not get a hard on even first time round. So I spanked her hard for being so late (she seemed used to this practice and just laughed) and my cock sprang to attention. Things going right at last? No way! She only fucked with a condom (as I already knew). "OK with me" I said, "but hurry up before I go wobbly again". She had none. I had none. In over forty years of whoremongering I had never come across a pro without condoms. There were none in the hotel gents so I quickly dressed and ran to the nearest supermarket. Natasha could have been gone when I got back, but I rightly suspected this would not be the case. The cold night air and the embarrassment of having to mime my requirements to the salesgirl at the pharmacy counter conjoined to give me a terminally limp dick. I tried to get hard by licking, then roughly fingering, Natasha's arsehole but she did not bat an eyelid. What a star! Finally I could only climax by wanking but jettisoned my load prematurely over her tits before reaching the intended target, her voluptuous mouth.

Having spent an intervening and celibate day on other matters, I hoped my dick would now start performing so I purchased Reklama and telephoned an English-speaking agency, Eleonora [tel: 7548321], which I seemed to remember as having been recommended on this site. Slightly surly service but a choice of five young girls. Olga (25 lats an hour: I booked two hours) was knocking on my bedroom door within 20 minutes, a 24 year-old Russian brunette with whom I conversed in my exceedingly rusty German. With a slightly shop-worn face but a lovely solarium-tanned lithe body, Olga confessed to being a full-time whore, so no GFE and only vaginal and oral with condom, but she worked at keeping me hard. She "never" did anal, but when I sympathised with her on losing this source of income she quickly asked me to make an offer. I declined. She drank 1.5 litres of mineral water but still couldn't manage more than a trickle in the shower (though I enjoyed watching her "hang" from the shower curtain rail and squirming with discomfort) and then started to dress with barely the first hour gone. There followed a shouting match in three languages and her eyes blazed. I pulled her by the hair and threw her back onto the bed and she became amazingly compliant again. Was this my first experience of the "submissive" Russian female oft mentioned in these posts and which I had frankly disbelieved? Anyway it roused me sufficiently for a hasty blow-job after which we parted on good terms.

Well, that's it folks. Thousands of miles flown, and I still failed to ejaculate inside a single arsehole. Hardly the swashbuckling orgy of anal and watersports I had planned, but most of that was down to me. A veteran colleague had suggested Viagra before I left and I had laughed at him. I returned a sadder and wiser man. But I really loved Old Riga, a beautiful and unspoilt little city and surely with the highest proportion of attractive student-age girls per head of population in the world. Any reasonable-looking younger guy could not fail to pull every day for free (especially if you visit out of season November through March), while the service for us who have to pay is genuine and reasonably-priced compared with Western Europe, though dearer than Eastern Europe proper. There is no problem taking girls into hotels provided you register them if entering after 10.00pm. When I asked Olga if she did lesbian, she suggested I ask the hotel reception to arrange something, and while I would never have done this on price grounds the thought of talking dirty to the beautiful but haughty management trainee who manned reception was tempting, and it shows the general attitude to our hobby in Riga, namely "helpful". Hotels are not cheap (though restaurants are), and next time I will rent an apartment. I was deterred this time by safety fears, but Old Riga (the tourist area) is safer than London. (Out in the Russian housing estates which ring the city it is Mad Max territory). I never had a problem with language (except on the phone to whores: see above), everyone spoke enough English and most spoke it well.

For my spring 2004 trip I am torn between Riga and Moscow, but given that totally submissive girls seem to get my juices flowing best nowadays I hear the call of the tochki strongly. But I am not flying anywhere unless I can get my undercarriage fixed first.

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