Prostitution Report
from Louisiana

I was in New Orleans for a week in April and it took almost all of that to connect with Krista. Plan ahead or you will most certainly be disappointed. Krista is, in a word, fabulous. She is very well-endowed, about 5-7 with gorgeous eyes and a wonderful attitude. She's a little on the 'soft' side but still a knockout to these eyes. She really wants to make your time with her special. I was very courteous with her treating her like a date. I gave her a flower and a glass of red wine when she arrived at my hotel room and the rest of the time was heaven. After a little hugging and kissing she helped undress me and then I watched her unveil her wares. We sat down on the bed and she crawled on top for a little lite massage before she turned around into 69 position and proceeded to nibble her way the length of my cock. She didn't mind my playing with her in this position but oral sex on my part was politely rejecte! d. She then turned around applied a little lube and began a great tit fucking session which she called her Russian technique. She wouldn't let me cum though but she expertly kept me on the edge. She then deftly applied a condom and lowered herself onto me.

Tight, hot and juicy! I told her to let herself go and she said she usually does and orgasms routinely with her clients ( or is a wonderful fake ). In any event, she's not a quiet one and I like that. The room next door had free entertainment. We the went at it for almost 30 minutes in more positions than I use in a month while she came at least twice. She particularly likes doggy, but no anal. Early on she asked if I wanted to cum more than once or save it for the monster 'O'. I opted for the latter and it was great but when I'm back in New Orleans, I'm going to try for the multiple. She's not a clock watcher and for $220 I got 70 minutes of bliss. I'd rate her as a 10+ for technique, 9 for appearance and 10 for attitude.

She maintains a web site which I've listed below and in case it's down her phone is (504) 522-2002.

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