Prostitution Report
from Macau

I was in Macau a few days ago. I haven't been there for about five years, but it's nice to see there is one place left in the world that hasn't changed a bit.I spent some time at Darling 2, the Thai massage place. It's the one in town as opposed to the Darling 1 near the ferry terminal (or Darling 3 in town, too). Anyway, I thought I'd update the current pricing there.The main fishtank downstairs had 70% Vietnamese girls and 30% Thai girls. More than half of them were 8-10. The rest were just one notch below at 6-7s. These girls go for HKD988 for one hour.

Upstairs are the Models. There were two Taiwanese girls, six Thai girls and two Singaporean girls. The Taiwan and Singaporean girls cost 980. The Thai girls were 1,300.I took a Thai model, and I had an absolutely wonderful time. She had the most perfect body of any girl I've ever seen. I like full tits and a slender Asian body. This girl was taller than most Asian girls and had gorgeous boobs. I assumed they were fake until I had a chance to really examine them up close and personal for an hour. Pure natural and perfect! She had the usual Darling attitude of doing whatever was necessary to make her customer happy. It rarely gets better than at Darling.I used to go to Darling 1 exclusively, and the only thing missing at Darling 2 was the air mattress body rub. The rooms at 2 were quite a bit smaller than at 1, so no room for this, I guess. But, somehow I didn't really notice until later.I stayed at the Lisboa Hotel and spent considerable time in the bottom floor talking to the working girls. Very few of them speak English (except "make love"), so practice up on your Mandarin. Nearly all of them I talked to came from northern provinces, and they were not too happy about their Macau situation. But, what do you expect, right?

The prices ranged from RMB750-1000 (US$95-130). Since I was staying at the hotel, it was easy to head right up to my room. On the way, we stopped first in her room to meet her roomate. Very pretty girl, and they both asked if I wanted them together in my room. I was tempted and I would have gone ahead, but I told them the second girl's attitude wasn't very good. So, I took the first girl only and off we went to my room.We had a fantastic shower together and after we finished up the main event an hour or so later, she stayed around talking for quite awhile. Very pleasant.

We also went to a bar called Playmates with some American guys we met. It was only about 5 minutes from Lisboa. It was a bar with about 10-15 Russian girls in one corner. Apparently, the customers can call all the girls into a back room and select which one they want to take home. I wasn't interested in a third go-round for the evening, especially with a Russian girl, so I didn't pursue it further. However, there was a Colombian/Spanish girl who was fantastic looking and could really dance. If I wasn't so tired at that point, I would have taken her back. Sorry, I don't know the prices there.

Hope this helps.

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