Prostitution Report
from Madagascar

Sorry friends to keep you so long to report on my second trip to Madagascar which occured from 27th September to 18th October 2003.
(But I am soon leaving to Cambodia, thanks to your good infos, and I feel guilty to have not brought my own added value on the site till now. I keep notes of my pleasures so it remains fresh to me ).
I wanted to put PICS in this long memo,as I get nice PICS this time, but I have been discouraged by complexity, I am not an expert in IT just a user (as for cars I never want to look at the engine: just to drive!) To start by reducing size of PICS through a program taking more than one hour to download (and I know that at the end I cannot do what has to be done to put it in the engine!!All these things are always done by friends coming home!)is to difficult for me (I observed that may PICS are more than 1Mo each so probably too big!)
So have good reading and dreams,even if it is a true pity, maybe mark might help: but only if i have to press a button to send my 1Mo PICS!

This time my trip was exclusively in East Madagascar: TAMATAVE area and Ile SAINTE MARIE. Once again I was not disappointed by the scenery, the kindness of people and the girls... especially the one who became my day and night escort during 15 days.For your easy understanding of WSA members, I converted all sums in USD... but you pay only in Francs malgaches in Madagascar and there is no black market (today 1 € is 6 600 FMG; 1 USD is 6000 FMG) Also, please apologize for my broken and academic English of Frenchie.

As in 2002, I did not pass through the capital ANTANANARIVO and took a Friday evening AIR FRANCE flight (about 4pm in PARIS to REUNION, arriving around 6.30 am at SAINT DENIS DE LA LA REUNION, then connecting at 11.30 am to TAMATAVE with AIR AUSTRAL -there is also posibility to take another AIR FRANCE flight around 8.30 pm but before arriving in a rough country as Madagascar, I prefer to get my luggage at LA REUINON and reregister them to TAMATAVE) . One flight per week (!) between LA REUINON and TAMATAVE (also called TOAMASINA in Malagasy) .
SAINT DENIS DE LA REUNION airport is nice and comfortable, as in Nice or Bordeaux (you are in France!) . Very good shop to buy local scents (eau de toilette, perfumes) at reasonable price. Arrived in TAMATAVE around 12.30 pm as Madagascar is one hour ahaead of LA REUNION... i.e really same time zone than Europe: you leave Paris in the evening; you may have your lunch at Hotel JOFFRE (the best and stylé colonial restaurant in TAMATAVE) the next day.

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I had booked a room in GENERATION HOTEL TAMATAVE is the first harbour and second city of Madagascar, with a French colonial flavour. I definetely concluded that hotel choice is very scarce. The most reputed for French colonial flavour is Hotel JOFFRE (around 30USD per night) but I only highly recommand the restaurant (foie gras, tournedos Rossini, flambeted desserts... with malagasy wine for around 12 USD) with styled service.
Tourists told me that the bed were not good and all the rooms are on the main street of the city, so it is noisy from earling morning. Another hotel where groups are registered is LE NEPTUNE. More expensive (around 50 USD ), quite environment near the seashore... but the night club douwnstairs play all night and tourists (to be clear: few groups, frequent groups of 4 or 5 people coming for ecotourism) complained of the noise and poor beds. So it is not worth price. For those who want to pay USD 50/70 to have more comfort, I think that SHARON HOTEL is the only one to chose. It is not far from QUEEN’S CLUB disco by foot and in a quiet street. Personnally, I sticked to GENERATION HOTEL because of its location (also close by foot of QUEEN’S CLUB DISCO), with kind and trusworthy malagasy family reception (I even left some luggage when travelling around), and ratio price/ quality the best even if I confess the standing of rooms remains low; but it is perfectly clean. Useless to say “girlfriendly”... but it is obvious in Madagascar! My first action when arrived was to have a nap... to take strength before evening! I had booked an aircond room for USD 25... but I found the street noise too much for me (I confess that I leave in complete quietness in Paris) and opted for a non aircond... the only one on the backside (USD 18)! But there was inhouse noise in the morning however!

3) ACTION starts:
I felt very horny and willing to start mongering (my choice not far from main disco was not innocent!). (Close to the disco, you also have a very budget hotel (Hotel PLAGE around 10 USD) but it is a ST repair, noisy because of the club and of people going in and out. )
Around 4 pm, I took a “pousse – pousse” to have a general view of the city. I had not the reaction to negociate before... and stupidly I was asked 6 USD after one hour drive which was an enormous sum. The hotel lady scolded the driver when he asked me the sum. But it was my fault, I paid. Usual trip for 5 mn trip in “pousse pousse” is around 20 Uscents. You have also taxis, for 1 USD. Around 6pm, night comes. I walked around the sea shore not far from my hotel and disco. I immediately understood that it was a place of action. In a small street a young girl run to me with greediness “: “take me, I shall suck you well”; she seized my prick (already excited in the night); she had nice tits, nice buttocks... but was smelling strong... and she was probably no more than 16. I refused. I was told that the Govenment closed (or burnt? It looked burnt) a disco, not far from QUEEN’S because of too young girls accepted. And I observed that QUEEN’S was consequently making controls of age... even if girls underage cheat to come in however (so be careful). All girls have ID so don’t hesitate to ask, if OK they show their ID. After a dinner in my hotel, around 10 pm, I went to QUEEN’S. In line with some comments on my presents report, I found many girls, too ugly for my taste. But I felt very horny. So, I chose a girl which look was so, so... but I wanted to fuck! Solange (19) was my choice. I proposed her ST USD 5 , she agreed and came to my hotel. She told me that she was coming to QUEEN’S once a week (we were Saturday) to make some money. She agreed for photos. She had a big clit and was very sweet, wanting to do well. I asked for a massage, so she did; then we fucked. She squeezed her vagina to be nice to my dick... but she remained dry, had no peasure... and it is clear that she was only doing kindly a duty. The photos do not give her advantage, she was nicer.

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Next day: on Sunday, I spent my day at “LE BATEAU IVRE/LA PISCINE” swimming pool and restaurant near the sea.(Owned by two Frenchmen in the fifties). I thought I might meet some beauties. In fact, not at all. Only families from local bourgeoisie are coming, as entry fee is USD 1,5 ... expansive in local standards. The merit is that it was pleasant to relax and read in a nice atmosphere and to look at young boys and girls doing sport or flirt in a selected place. I took my dinner at this place. Excellent French cooking , but more pricy than Hotel JOFFRE (USD 20 with escalope de foie gras chaud au vinaigre, filet de zébu au poivre vert...) In fact Sunday is a family day and not a good day to initiate contact in as all shops in the city are closed. Family are coming on the sea shore. One important point in TAMATAVE: no swimming in the sea: the sea is infested by sharks. They come for food because of a slaughterhouse near the harbour.
Back to QUEEN’S in the evening; but few animation on a Sunday night. Still horny, I took a certain Marianne whose shape, especially tits, was suiting me. She came at hotel but was more greedy than Solange for money: asked for USD 9 ST; finally I agreed at UDS 8. She had a nice body but no interest in me or in action, she was shy and quick. Zero. Refused photo.

On Monday I organised my next touring step: I wanted to go to tour in the Canal des Pangalanes: strange sery of lakes linked by a canal built by us at only some kilometers of the seashore. Unfortunately, I had no fruitful contact in town with non pro girl. Only old ladies at French cultural center. So the day passed in visiting the city and booking for Pangalanes. About 6 pm, I came back along the beach where is pre-disco action. I saw a girl walking with her bike at hands. We exchanged glances. Her name was Jeanine. It was clear she was looking for romance. We start talking and immediately conveyed her to my hotel nearby. She was 22. She immediately started to kiss me frenetically in the room . It seems she was short of sexual adventure for a certain time. She told me that she had had a French boyfriend called Romain-Pierre, during 6 months (clearly a very good souvenir to her).You have to understand that “vazahas” (foreigners, in fact quite only Frenchmen) have a great reputation for love and malagasy girls seem to be not as well served by their locals, it explains there eagerness for sex with us. I asked her to kiss my prick the way I like: i.e . only tongue and lips on my penis and balls with grace: eyes in eyes! It was great. Her pussy was wet and I started to fuck her. She was groaning with pleasure... and in the middle of action asked me “withdraw this thing!” . She wanted to play sex bareback!! I refused! So we continued with condom. She refused photos. Of course she would have agree that I keep her... but the fact she did not take shower, was so much kissing, wanted bareback, I was a little afraid for her cleanness... and that she was eager for money (I gave her USD 10) draw to the conclusion that I wanted my next nut with another girl, later in the evening. So I get rid of her around 19.30 but as it had been exciting, I made a rendez-vous with her directly at the hotel for the next day same time (18.00) . I had my dinner, with idea to go to QUEEN’S afterwards.

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At 22.00 I left my hotel in the night by foot (useless to say that TAMATAVE has not Paris illuminations (!)but I never felt risk by night in province Madagascar) to walk to QUEEN’S. I had not walked 50 meters, in the light of a neighboring hotel I saw a girl joking with two malagasy boys. When she saw me, she immediately came to me. She was small, with very small tits (I like)... she followed me immediately to GENERATION HOTEL. She was 18 (left her ID on room’s table for me to check) and took her shower. I joined her under the shower and started to play with her various attractions. She had personnality even if we cannot say nice face. But she was very expressive, nice smiling. It is clear she had already a long experience of foreign men. She told me she had toured in various places, with many “vazahas”, started sex at 12, with first “vazaha” at 16. So she was very familiar with French sex.It was clear that she was happy with this easy life she had chosen. She told me she was proud to be“betsimisaraka” (local ethny east of Madagascar; of former President Ratsiraka). The “betsimisaraka” have brighter skin than “sakalava” of north Madagascar –even if not as bright as “merina” (my next trip!) of central Madagascar. So she was more “café au lait” (as my little Nicole you will discover later.) She sucked my prick; I sucked her pussy... I asked for photos. She said “yes because you are not from La Réunion because I have too many friends (clients) there”... it is clear that she did not know the true possibilities of the web... which bring you her general shape and the petals of her sex wide open, before fucking it ! Look! Finally, she was the first I kept for the night. I draw another nut in the morning and at 7 am I get rid of her. I gave her USD 10. She asked for USD15, but I did not compromised. She was the first true professional I had met. So she had a mobile phone. She gave me her phone number. I promised to call her.

Tuesday, I spent the day touring in town. (cf infra visit at the city hall) Shit! I was supposed to have a new party with Jeanine at 6 pm... but my little cuttie of previous night excited me more (and even if highly experienced, looked cleaner) At 6pm, I was in my room. The Hotel reception told me that “Jeanine” was asking for me downstair (as you see it is very family girl friendly!) .I did not want her anymore. I came down, and argued of belly problem to apologise not to take her because of sickness. She was pissed and asked for some money for her trouble to come. I gave her USD 2 as I felt guilty to lie...Around 7 pm, I called on her mobile my exciting little bitch. I wanted to have a Chinese dinner, and was interested to have conversation with her, because of her experience of life... before a new sex party of course!(Chinese food was not good at all in the supposed best Chinese restaurant of TAMATAVE!). She asked me before coming to my hotel if she could come with a girl friend. She did not know my idea of restaurant. I agreed. Girlfriend was a 18 years (ID shown) cuttie, whose very sweet skin I (later) experienced, nice smile, but speaking few French. (a little shy , so no pics.) I brought them both for ST to my room and we played various games. They were laughing in malagasy between them. So it was less intellectual than previous day but it was hot. I did not want them longer as next day as I was going to my tour to Canal des Pangalanes for two nights of ecotourism (without girl) from Wednesday morning. In fact, this Tuesday, I might have had opportuniy of a non pro.

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Around 16.00 I visited the City hall area . In front of it 3 girls were chatting, smelling fresh air. They were happy to see me and chat. They explained to me that there were the team of City hall hostesses, taking a break, before ending their working day at 17.30. The left one was too old (I forget it). The middle one immediateley told me she was divorced (translate: I am ready to go straight to your bed!). But I preferred the right very smiling one, whose shape looked not bad. I asked about her. She told me with a pout that she was married and her husband was truckdriver. I understood that she was opened to other horizon (cf. my precedent report: Malagasy women are willingly having various men simultaneously). I am sure that should I have wished to convey her to take a drink at 17.30, she would have appreciated, and would have been clearly ready for a sex party with me just after (depending upon presence or not of husband in TAMATAVE, but malagasy girls have great ability to lie when their sex pleasure is cause: cf. my previous report on Paris Malagasy girls) But in fact, I was not so horny (having had good fuck the last three days). I concluded that I could not bring her to Pangalanes with me as she had a job... and that finally I did not want to start a romance going nowhere.

As my policy before arriving in Madagascar was very clear: to womanize a few days to taste various professional pussies ; but then to find a non pro or semi pro girlfriend to be kept day and night as escort to travel with me. But I only wanted an exciting beauty for that, as with my young Lidie the year before between DIEGO and NOSY BE.Canal des Pangalanes: very nice scenery; worthwile... but I shall not go into details as no action there. Pleasant hotel completely relaxing, good food (Hotel Pangalane on the beach of the lake). 2 hours by small motorboat. The difficulty for the pilot (Frenchman around 55 married with a 28 years malagasy girl travelling with him): not to be blocked and break the propeller in the mixture of water hyacinth and bamboos trunks from former local rafts in the first kilometers of the ride or pierced by unexpected thing (piece of trunk or other) in low deepness water (same on way back). Need a good pilot and luck. After 2 nights there, I came back to TAMATAVE –same motorboat and pilot, with two other tourists this time who had made a complete preorganised tour of half of the island in 3 weeks (not my taste: I prefer to take time)-; I went straight to the airport to get my flight to ILE SAINTE MARIE (daily flights with “AIR MAD” Twin Otters... i.e. AIR MADAGASCAR).

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In fact you have two ways to go to ILE SAINTE MARIE from TAMATAVE:
-2 hours bus to Soanierana-Ivongo , then boat 3 hours to ILE SAINTE MARIE( USD 8)
-25 mn by plane (USD 70) But boats between the coast and ILE SAINTE MARIE regularly sinks, as the see (especially a pass) is often rough.
French guide “Le Routard” recommended to exclude small motorboats and to take only big second world war old barge called “Samsonette”... but Samsonette also sunk (!!) the year after, so in next guide edition they apologized (!) and recommended not to take any boat but only go by plane!
Their was hundreds of casualties when Samsonette sunk. The fact is that they overweight the ships... and I was told that it is still the case with replacing vessel... but now they register list of passengers beforehand (!!!) ; last time they even did not now who was dead... and that was a real problem to celebrate the further “cérémonie des morts” (souls ceremonies) which are of utmost importance in Madagascar.

4) ILE SAINTE MARIE and my little NICOLE!
I had booked by phone at HOTEL LIBERTALIA (recommended by Lonely Planet) and the best quality/price hotel I ever found in Madagascar. Only USD 20 for a beach bungalow style hotel with excellent food, elegant design of rooms and restaurant. They picked me at the airport (extreme south of the island , so pretty far). The taxi driver I asked for told me that tonight it will be first time FOTABE disco reopen (after more than one year because of political events of 2002) I had chosen also HOTEL LIBERTALIA as I observed that it looked not far from this main disco : FOTABE DISCO. Happy it reopened! One point to empahasize is that there are few taxis in ILE SAINTE MARIE (voluntarily, it is to keep price high for existing one) . So communication is more expansive than in NOSY-BE. It is better to rent a moto or a bike. Non paved roads.Avoid rainy season!
HOTEL LIBERTALIA is also around 2 km of AMBODIFOTATRA (main... and only... town, with only one Bank!).
I strolled in the afternoon of my arrival between my hotel and town. I crossed two girls, I immediately classified as professional. Too agressive, not nice looking. Thank you.

After an excellent lobster dinner at LIBERTALIA (USD 10), at 22.30, I walked in the night to FOTABE. Entry fee USD 1,50, with ink on arm, (expansive in local standard) (QUEEN’S was free of entry fee) My clear intention was to find a new “Lydie” as previous year. Immediately the two professionnal came to me... I said thank you. They did not insist. Various girls were dancing; malagasy boys also of course. But I wanted to be very selective this time. I found many girls too ugly to try any contact. It was a very pleasant atmosphere, the malagasy like music and dance. After 15 mn to look at this environment, I came near the bar to order a beer. I observed an elegant girl with nice shape who was smiling to me with insistance. Her body looked nice... but frankly speaking, her face was too much monkey face! I did not want a monkey as escort –even if thin and flexible as a creeper!

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There was in this little crowd near the bar, another girl whose back I was only seeing. Her shape looked attractive, I wanted to see her face. I succeeded to pass between various guests to come close to her. Immediately, I concluded, I want her! Betsimisaraka (café au lait skin); nice smile; perfect tits and buttocks! She smiled to me, so I did. We started talking. I asked for her name: NICOLE. I wanted to order a beer for her, but she told me she was not much accustomed to alcool ... very good (non pro!).. I asked for another glass to share my beer (I am not myself a great drinker). Of course she was not smoking (only professionals smoke, it is too expansive). I asked her what she was doing in life. She told me that she was cooking zebu kebab at the center of the city. She told me that she had come because it was great day as FOTABE reopening. I asked her if she already had contacts with “vazahas”. She told me that she had only a Swiss as friend (girl) once. She told me she was 25 (but looked 20). I started to bring my thigh near hers, then I took her hand; she was smiling nicely. She asked me in which hotel I was staying. I told her LIBERTALIA (nearby). I told her that I was looking for a girlfriend to stay with me and to tour in various places and hotels of the island . She continued her nice smile. Finally she asked me: “how long do you expect to stay here?” I understood she wanted to leave. It was no more than 23.00. I said we may go to my hotel right now, I am not fond of dancing. So she was... and I understood later that, in fact, she was extremely hot, and wanted sex as soon as possible!
We get out in the night and walked under the moonlight. I started to kiss her and press her againt me by walking (around 500 m). Immediately in room, she suggested shower together.My prick was already strong against her. She cleaned me. She brushed her teeth. (I observed a very clean girl!)
Then we went to bed and I discovered her nice thick clitoris and wet cunt, I immediately sucked with frenzy. She swooned. (In fact a Malagasy girl I had in Paris, told me that Malagasy boys never suck girls; I understand better why French love is much more appreciated by Malagasy girls). As far as Nicole was concerned, as I was her first “vazaha”, maybe it was first time she was licked with such frenzy... and she liked it! She groaned of pleasure. She was very wet. I malaxed her nice buttocks, put her other side, we rolled, I kissed her lips, her ears (which looked very erogenous to her). I fucked her marvellously. She came, me too... what a dream! Maybe she wanted more, but I was tired.

So we played again next morning. I discovered that her preferred position was to be on top of me, showing me all her pleasure in action. And what I loved very much is that she had very clear orgasms. It is not obvious to understand with many gils when they have orgasms, even if it is clear they are on pleasure. Nicole had very bright orgasms: when she was coming, all her body was suddenly wet of sweat. I loved that. Her sex was really as a vanilla pod always open to pleasure. The next days, I shall not detail, we loved each other as two birds. But, as always, I was very clear to her, telling her that I was coming only as a tourist,even if maybe one day, I might be interested to do some business in Madagascar and would probably come the next year. I never promise anything (marriage or other). She didn’ t ask anything on her side. Just pleasure to be on holidays together and taste a slice of life. She conveyed me to her home in town (little thatched studio room, she told me she was renting USD 15 per month.) . I even met her owner: bank’s employee. We went for a couple of days north of the isaland (Hotel LA CRIQUE) ; one of the oldest tourist hotel with a nice surrounding, but hotel getting older, and bed not as good as LIBERTALIA for higher price (USD 35). Then we went for one night on the east coast: coral coast traditionally windy –but we get fair weather. Hotel MORA MORA (same rate) but very elegant bungalow and best bed of the whole trip (owned by an Italian, with Malagasy wife).Very good Italian dinner. To end, we stayed two nights in Ile aux Nattes (small island south of main island) near the airport (Hotel MANINGORY). Nice but not cheap. We had to leave however by a rough sea to get an early flight to TAMATAVE around 8.00, both of us in a motorboat with water coats and life-jackets. So the idea to be near the airport before leaving was not bad... but when you have 2km of sea to cross, you never now!

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As in fact, I was so fond of this little Nicole, I decided to keep her till end of my stay and to explore with her beaches north of TAMATAVE as I wanted to. For obvious reason already explained, I did not want to go back by ship. So I decided to pay USD 70 for her to come by plane with me. Of course she was very happy, as she had never taken a plane of her life (but I told her, that for the way back, I would pay her the standard trip for locals by boat; she willingly agreed.).
Useless to say that she had not asked for a single cent since we lived together. However, I observed that her nice smile would be destroyed in coming years if she was not treated by a dentist for tooth decay she just had between her two top incisor teeth. It is a very common problem for Malagasy, and over 40 they often have no more top incisor teeth. I told her that I would pay her dentist when in TAMATAVE. Of course she was happy of my kindness. You can be WSA member and work as NGO with cutties who have affection for you. It is direct gift without bureaucracy to feed. And all of us enjoy! So I did. We went straight to the dentist when in TAMATAVE. It costed me USD 25.
I stayed again in GENERATION HOTEL (with my regular this time; they probably thought: well, this guy is always active... but he found a nice nugget to keep this time). As it was the first room where we had a TV, by night time Nicole selected a channel she clearly liked to look at... and I was surprised to look at soft porno in Madagascar. I did not know it existed. It was an American serie where we could see caucasian women having sex on top of men –so showing there tits moving and the man groaning: exactly the position Nicole preferred. So we did with TV operating! My little cuttie was so much sex lover! My previous year’s Lidie I had a marvellous way to roll on the bed thigh wide opened, with great smile, to mean: suck me, finger me, fuck me, it is so good! Nicole was more discreet, but loved very much to seize, to kiss, to malax my prick as a girl’s toy . She even asked to make a photo of it. She was a true prick lover.

We went to 2 hours bus ride from TAMATAVE to north beaches: Hotel LA PIROGUE in MAHAMBO (but frankly not the best palce for swimming as either there is not enough deepness, or there are dangerous currents). I was lucky to have contact with the owner (a Frenchman from Nice (53), coming twice or three times a year and leaving there hotel running lady, malagasy assistant to manage on a daily basis... a university girl in her 20s was his local excort when in Madagascar, same time doing paper business for him. It is a nice country to do a small business, with a good organisation with well chosen local staff and enjoy girls when you come. With another guest we went with 4X4 to new pieces of land he had bought and he wanted to clean to put new bungalows. To cut all the wild vegetation on several hectars, he recruted a local village guy (USD 40 per month... and he was supposed to build his own house to guard the estate, at his own expense!) Nicole’s bush had been shaved, maybe 15 days before met her, so, after roughly one month, she suggested me to shave her when in MAHAMBO. So I did with delicacy not to hurt her flower’s petals. It was a nice moment of fun.

But after three weeks... good things have an end! We came back to TAMATAVE and spent our last night at GENERATION HOTEL. The last evening she told me she wanted to make photos of us together. She told me: “ I know, men forgot easily, but it is much harder for women, and I want to have a picture of you, when back in AMBODIFOTATRA” She knew that photographs were near the sea shore with their cameras. So we made some photos there. Then she suggested to make photos at a nice ice-shop she liked. So the guy came there. Cost USD 10. She also (but only at this moment) asked me if I would have kindness to make her a little gift. She told me she needed a little piece of furniture for her studio. (Probably it would have cost no more than USD 30!) I said: you will buy by yourself what you want after I leave, I give you some money. Of course she fully agreed.
The last morning, I put an enveloppe under her pillow. Witout looking inside she kissed me everywhere. I considered fair (and in line with USD 8 per day I was informed in NOSY BE previous year) to be generous beyond teeth reapair. I gave her USD 120 for 15 days. She wanted to stay with me till last minute, so she came to airport with me. I was not so excited by the idea because you never know if police will not try to cheat you in such circumstances. But so we did. Seeing that I had come with my cuttie, I had just a remark from police, as a kind of reproach: “You don’t take her with you?”. I said “no, next time”. ... and so I left.
But I am so convinced that these beauties are so nice in their environment, laughing with their friends, and enjoying life even if look hard. It is development which has to bring them better health, more food and wealth.

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