Prostitution Report
from Malaysia

I'm in Malaysia right now. And my milage has been mixed. In KL I vicited the MP right next to the Hotel Malay (found it from this board). First day there I walk in and am a but shocked to see a girl manning the front desk, but right away a chinese guy comes over and says you want message or fuck and pushes his index finger on and out of a hole made with is other hand. So I figure sign language is fine and I single back the same way. He says you want young chinese girl and I said sure why not. They ask for 160RM ($45US). He brings me to a private room and leaves me alone. A few minutes he comes back with a very beautiful 18-20 year old, easily a 9! I am very happy! She has a small frame with large perfect tits. Not much english but oh well.

We take a shower and when I'm hard she is say "oh no, too big." She says she didn't want to go with foreigner but the manager guy said that I was was small. I think he meant slender. I am a thin 6 ft. Anyways out of the shower I get a lack luster massage for 5-10 minutes the a very short lack luster BBBJ for 5 minutes. I am still into it cause she is awesome looking. I start slowly because she really seems freaked out by my 8". She seemed very uncomfortable the whole time and though fucking a girl this nice looking is fun the whole thing was lacking. I still gave her a 20RM tip just for the oportunity to fuck this lovely young and seeming new girl.

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The next day I go back to the same place. I notice that the manager from last time is doing a round up viewing in the main lounge for this very young, goofy looking asian guy. Five girls come out with some real cuties in the bunch including the girl from yesterday. I don't see who he picks because the girls leave and they talk chinese. I ask for the same viewing but he ushers me into a private room and says he will bring girls. Well he brings one girl the same from yesterday. I explain I'd like to sample something else on the menu. He comes back with another girl that is very pretty and looks like she might have nice tits. I say fine and take her but he says she is 180RM. OK I'll bit because she is what I was looking for - a bit older (23-25) and hopefully more experienced. When she strips I see just how experienced. She has clearly had a baby and her tits and tummy sag unfortunately.She again gives me the "that's too big for me" and not as a complement either. Her BBBJ is better but too short. Learning from yesterday I ask for more which she does but not enthusiastically. We start fucking and after 10 minutes of discomfort she finally gets into and then so can I. But she stills holds me back when I try to bury it to the hilt. Oh well it was a decent fuck too bad she didn't look like yesterday.

I leave KL for Malacca. Her there are many Karoke bars but I only have one night and don't feel like figuring out which ones provide more that singing. A guy outside a MP says he'll make me a deal in massage so we negotiate t0 20 RM. I figure a girl will be offered at some point, but no I just get a really good reflexolgy foot massage. It was nice but not what I was after. YOu win some you lose some.Next on to Jahor Baru. Again only one night. Crusing the main street Jalan Wong Ah Fook - there is some symbology for you. There are several MPs or Barber Shops with girls outside or guys asking if you want a girl inside. I cruise for a while and say yes to this very attractive girl (18-19). I am led inside asked for 25RM for massage. This is an odd scene. The first girl is gone but in her place is an even cuter girl (18) talking to me. There are also 2 middle ages women and one ancient man. I ask the cutie if massage is with her and she says yes. I end up on one of three massage tables in an open room with all three women massaging me (fully clothed). The two old ones are watch TV! This seems really lame for like 5 minutes then the you girl touches my dick and says "you want? you want?" I say yes if it is with you and she says yes. They ask for 150RM and I figure this is same rate more or less I paid in KL so OK. I should have delved deeper!

I get led to an only slightly out of the way massage table and it becomes clear I'm getting a HJ not FS. Shit! OH well it is still cheap by US standards and you'd rarely get this cute a girl. She I sit back and enjoy a not terrible skilled HJ. Oh well live and learn. I got propositioned by 3 india (dots and all) girls and 1 chinese working the street but this point I wanted my bed.So a mixed bag. More experience or more idea of waht to expect and what to ask for and it could have been better. That is why I wrote this with so much detail. May you fare better!

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