Prostitution Report
from Maryland

Executive Summary: Ace Ventura, aging Block veteran, goes Blockin’ on 9/14 and 9/15. Spends about 4 hours and about $300. Gets jerked off twice and resorts to manual override once. Gets his tool rubbed vigorously and gets his fingers in several honey pots. Has an amazing Lap Dance. Rewarding sites were Jewell Box and Oasis.

Day One Ace Ventura, ageing Baltimore Blocker, whose previous adventures have been chronicled in this forum, has continued to visit that unique collection of establishments with some frequency throughout the summer, but his biographer has been delinquent at filing reports. Throughout this time, his favorite site for many years, Club Pussy Cat, has fallen out of favor because of lack of desirable Blockettes. Although he still expects the Cat to make a comeback, and checks on the action there on almost every trip to sin city, his current favorite site of carnal pleasure has been the Oasis. The Big O offers cheaper prices on the “big drinks” ($40 vs. $60 to $80 at other establishments) and has Ace’s current fave, Dezire. This Afro-American Blockette is a no-nonsense chick with just about the most luscious, firm, teacup titties Ace has ever laid eyes, hands, and mouth on. We’ll hear more about her later.

Ace is in Maryland’s largest city for a meeting on advanced lost pet detection techniques and finds himself on a Thursday afternoon at 5:00 with only an hour or so to sample the delights of Baltimore’s most infamous street. After parking in his usual spot in the Custom House Street Garage, he emerges on the east end of The Block and strolls past and into the establishments that line the South side of the 400 block, those being the sites of most of his previous successful visits. He wanders into and out of the Circus, peers into the Midway, takes a stroll up and down the bar at the Jewell Box, turns down some interesting offers just inside the door at Chez Joey, checks out the Oasis where he pats Dezire on the shoulder and promises to return, goes subterranean into the Diamond Club and the Golden Nugget, and finishes up his tour with a long glance at the chicks in Club Pussy Cat. All along his jaunt he notes a larger than usual collection of young Blockettes, more than in recent memory.

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Ace doesn’t want to go directly to the Oasis, since once he encounters Dezire, he knows he will be unable to slow down the delightful sequence of activities that promise to follow. He decides he needs a warm-up, basically some foreplay, before accessing her. Our hero walks into Chez Joey, notes a very nice young thing dancing on stage, and takes a seat. But inexplicably the Chez had no non-alcoholic beer and Ace unashamedly walks out. He then proceeds to the Jewell Box, remembering the positive experience recently related to him by a fellow Blocker. There is a nice stage performance by a slightly chubby chick, with good spread not only of puss but also of a-hole. There seems to be not much there that interested him otherwise, and he is ready to depart, when Dawn/Angel appears from the back of the establishment. She sits down on the barstool beside Ace and when he complains that the light is too low to see her very well, she leans back on her barstool, opens her shirt to expose her tits fully, spreads her legs to the fullest, pulls on her lower lips and angles to the light to make sure our hero has the full view. Dawn/Angel (states Dawn is her “real” name; “Angel” is her nom de Block) says she hasn’t had a drink all day even though she got there before all the other girls.

Needs to make some money so she can take her kid to Ocean City for the weekend. All the while she keeps letting Ace enjoy the view, lets him stroke and finger her puss and plays nicely with his crouch. Dawn/Angel is 32 yo (looks younger to Ace’s horny eyes) had a reasonably thin body, teacup titties, and a decent face. (Overall rating 6.5) Ace is later to realize that she is undoubtedly under the influence of some mind-altering substance. She keeps rubbing our hero’s crouch and lets/encourages Ace’s finger to pass into her wet twat even before Ventura has made any monetary commitment at all. She tells Ace to hurry up and buy her a drink so she could take his “cock out and have some fun.” By this time Ventura, who hasn’t had a decent hand job in a month, this sounds like an eminently good idea and he lets the little head do the thinking and quickly forgets his promise to return to Dezire.

After a $20 drink is purchased, true to her word, Dawn/Angel expertly unzips Ace and sets Willie free. She asks for $50 for a f*ck with rubber (apparently right there at the bar) or $40 for a BJ. Ace requests a BBHJ for $20 and she agrees, although she keeps tempting Ace with the mention of what more they could do. I( is probably worth interjecting here that due to commitments to the home office, Ace engages in no acts which involve penetration of his primary sexual organ into any Blockette orifices; although this episode will turn out to is to tempt him as much as any has in recent memory.) Ace then begins to experience one of the more erotic experiences in his long Block career, including the most amazing lap dances of his life. Dawn/Angel’s performance consists of alternating between: 1.Jerking on Ace’s organ with her hand while facing him and allowing our hero to hug and caress everywhere, suck tit, kiss lips, and to bury his fingers up to his third knuckle in her honey pot.

2.Turning her backside to our hero, putting his rod between her thighs right up against the wet lower lips and proceeding to hump away. Ace feels it is as close to f*cking as you can get without actually doing it. He especially enjoys reaching around and either fingering her to the hilt and/or pressing his Viagra-hardened organ horizontally into the wet groove. In later days he will often reflect on this experience. Midway though the performance, the Barwitch requires another $20 drink, but Ace doesn’t complain too much since the “usual” Block requirement for unzipping the customer is a large drink (range $40 to $80.) Ace can’t hold out much longer and finishes with a splash. In one of the few negative aspects of the encounter, Dawn/Angel tarnishes the big moment by forcefully, and somewhat painfully, pointing Ace’s rod toward the ground so that the scum will mostly fall to the floor. (Ace prefers Blockettes who discretely take it in the hand.) Because her performance is out of the ordinary, our hero tips her $30 rather than the agreed upon $20. After he goes to the bathroom and cleans up, clearly charmed by the magic of th moment, he gives her another $5 after she says the Barwitch had demanded a $10 tip from her. He assumes the extra charge from the Barwitch was because the Blockettes aren’t supposed to go that far without the Blocker buying a big drink.

Afterward Ace has concerns about whether he has shared her body secretions, and his clean-up in the men’s room is both vigorous and thorough..After a recovery period, Ace walks out the door feeling that all in all it was a positive experience. He has changed his mind about the Jewell Box which had offered little in the past. (Although as we will see dear reader, the following day there was NOTHING there of interest to our hero.) The Jewell Box is noted for future exploration in large part because of the value offered.Some elementary Block Basics might be in order here:

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A drink is not just a drink. A drink for “The lady” buys you time, bar position, and exposure. How big of a drink buys you what privileges is never completely clear, in part because different clubs have different rules, the rules are enforced by the bartender and he has quite a lot of leeway. Some B’tenders are strict and others are more lenient. The Blockette functions as an independent contractors and the range of services offered is enormous, ranging from conversation with only casual touching to FS at the bar, language arts and everything in between. Rules are generally stricter at night vs daytime The basic $20 or $25 “Lady’s Drink” is supposed to only be a “get acquainted” drink. One can count on getting some mutual groping and some LD for that amount. A move down to the end of the bar may be allowed, but you generally will not go past the end or around to the back of the bar. The tool generally stays in the pants for that size drink. A bigger drink gets you farther down the bar, generally will allow more chick exposure and groping, and will usually allow your Blockette to set Willie free if that is her level of service. The bigger drink costs $40 to $80 depending on the club. There are much more expensive drinks available, up to several hundred dollars. It’s hard to see how they would be worth it at the bar, but for some it buys a trip to the infamous “back room.” When service such as Ace experienced at the Jewell Box today is offered, both the B’tender and the Blockette are breaking the “rules” and the Blocker gets a break.

This can happen because the Blockette gets only 20% of the drink price and the B’tender gets 10%. Thus both would rather get good tips than sell you more drinks. A common ploy for Ventura is to tell the chick up front that he would rather tip her than give the house more money. Sometimes this works, sometime it doesn’t. As in the present case, sometimes the Blockette is sufficiently desperate and will perform admirably for the small drink. Another aspect of standard operating procedure is that the way the club prefers the system to work is for the Blockette to “discover” that she needs a new drink at the most critical and vulnerable time for the Blocker. If the timing is right, it is very difficult for even Ventura to refuse. While this scam had been experienced less of late, it remains a common method of money extraction from the horny Blocker.

Tipping the Bartender sometimes seems to help and sometimes doesn’t. I think the xperienced Bartender can recognize the expression on the Blocker’s face when he to the point where the little head is making all the decisions. While sometimes Ace has been able to satisfy his needs with only the $25 drink and a tip, usually more is required. Since all this is at the mercy of the B’tender, it is recommended that you tip you B’tender well. Ace usually gives $1 or 2 for each drink he buys and $5 when he buys a “Lady’s” drink. Tips for services between the Blocker and Blockette are negotiated privately. Current going rate (or should it be “coming rate?”) for a BBHJ with kitty petting is $40 during the daytime. YMMV.

Ace walks out into the fading sunshine, stops at Burger Zone for a slice of pizza with everything, and walks slowly back to the parking garage. His cost for the adventure is $5 for his drink, $40 for Dawn/Angel’s drinks, $35 tip to D/A, $6 tip to the Barwitch, $6 for parking, $2 for pizza, for a total of $94. As he drives back to the home office, he has his usual reflections on the time and money he has spent and wonders why he does it. You dear readers all know why----and----none of us know why.

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