Prostitution Report
from Massachusetts

Boston is not a hooker friendly enviroment. for those of you traveling in town, this is a few words of precaution. yes the combat zone is 99% dismantled. only a couple o book stores a couple of strip bars and maybe a few more drugged up and disease infested whores with pimps not far behind. In case you didnt know these are the aids girls for sure. any out of towners that are still interested will want to use further caution in selecting because there are occassional yet large stings setup to further deter your hobby. you will be arrested and have to wait to go to court, pay your fines and yes the story and your name makes the FRONT page of the boston herald.The local talk shows are all abuzz about it and will call your house while on the air to interview you in a sarcastic manner to garner increased ratings. 1 radio show is becoming nationally syndicated because of these type antics, so be warned, this could end up on your front doorstep unbeknownst to you.

The boston phoenix which is the only publication to advertise escorts is owned by a very wealthy gentleman whose wife is currently a massachusetts judge, originally from cuba. (no i dont know how that happens). [i suppose cuz she's a liberal, a women and a minority all wrapped in one]. the judge is under strong scrutiny and observation for being exposed for allowing a TV/TS out free (no bail). The TV/TS (was giving?) or receiving a blowjob from a 14yr old male he habitually molested. He held a knife to the kids throat in broad daylight. a cop spotted this in his rounds, after school not far from the schoolyard. yes this guy was let out no bail. do you think maybe this guy was perhaps a good customer of her husbands with a full time add in his paper?

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Anyways, i could keep going on with these stories of corruption and conflicts of interest that judges dont need to adhere to because theyre usually lifers in this state. or how bout the puritanical liberialism that is pushed in our face so much we dont dare form an opinion for we may offend others. but we love to give dikes good gov't jobs. yes theyre's in in every office in the state. OK sorry for the runoff. bottom line is to use a good reference like this website for your contacts. otherwise you may find yourself in a bad gamble situation. i would say 55% or more(could be alot more i never counted) reports i've read on various websites have indicated a very high level of dissatisfaction from many different contributors.

yet, contrary to what i've just written, i've found 2 agencies that catered to me over the last 5 yrs. one went out of biz., it took a while but i did locate the 2nd agency, sure enough. The agency is actually 1 very nice guy a cell phone rental car and rolodex. yes they cater to me like i'm a king. $200 hr. and delivered to my door. no, no 10's available but some nice girls 7-8-9's for sure. when a new girl arrives they call me 1st(no really they do) because they want me to give them an evaluation after the hour is up. you see, if the girl doesn't pass my approval there is a good chance she'll be bounced shortly. this guy doesnt put up with attitudes or druggies. I'm sorry to all you members out there because he has asked me not to foward his name/number to anyone for fear of arrest. He used the phoenix for a short period of time to get his customers, then never ran any more ads. he has 50-75 customers and is very happy with that.

lesson learned. i found 2 good agencies out of phoenix and didnt get burned all that much.(this took along time not a weekend guys) mostly no shows with the other agencies. With this agency i treat them right and they treat me right(we are friends).But a great many men are totally unsatisfied with the ripoff girls who show up only to take your money and leave, and you with no recourse. Lastly, Use the message boards, like this and others for good references to make good contacts. this improves the industry. you will be satisfied with good ref. contacts and will happly pay the agrred upon price. she will be happy to make a handsome and taxfree wage for only 1hrs work and best of all you tourists will not be funding/tolerating/ allowing the ripoff girls to walk in your apt. take your money and leave.

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