Prostitution Report
from Mexico

Well it looks like all that has been said recently on this board is true, there has been a major crack down on clubs in Mexico city and just walking around in the Zona Rosa you can see lots of closed places. So my experience was not the best but I did get around to doing some things. The only clubs I went to were Caligula, which was highly reccomended by several people, and Havana in the zona rosa.

Both places the action is quite the same, lots of girls trying to get you to do the private dance, in both places you have to buy the 5 dance ticket deal, which costs about $100USD or $1000 pesos. Word of advice do not pay with a credit card, they add 30% handling fee for credit card which dramatically jacks up the cost of a little play time.Lots of pretty girls from many different places not only Mexicans, but the Mexican chicks are more aggresive and sit down with you as soon as they see your alone, so if your not interested in them just ask them to leave.

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Like in all strip clubs and bars the lady drinks are expensive and in Mexico City they cost about $13 USD or $130 pesos. My experience was in both places you call a girl over to your table buy her a girlie drink and let ehr sit on your lap. During this time while she is convincing you to buy the 5 tickets there is a lot of friendly contact going on as se is trying to arouse you and get you to think with your dick rather than your head.

Anyway it was a fun experience because it is different from most strip clubs anywhere that touching is permitted and expected. All three ladies that I went with said they would come back to my hotel with me for $200 USD, I refused all times as I was in a big hotel and I would probably have trouble getting her in at 2 or 3 am. Anyway I'm sure that the price could be very well negotiated down to about $100 USD, maybe thats too much but I didn't really try. Also on the zona rosa there are men approaching you every 5 meters to ask if you want a massage or go to an erotic house to get laid, I asked the prices and they went anywhere from 60 USD to 120 USD, but I was kinda of afraid to try these services, I don't where they would take you or what the quality of ladies would be. Also these guys ask if you need help to find a strip club, just tell them to fuck off because the ones that are open are very easy to find. If you let these guys take you then they expect a tip or a drink or something.

So all in all it was what I expected of Mexico City, after reading all these posts. Caligula is defintely better than Havana but both have some very nice girls I would say the my range would be from 2-9, very few 9s but lots of 7s and 8s.Tried to look up massage services in the phone book or escorts but couldn't find much, also the action was a little slow because it was holy week and since Mexico is very catholic, lots of clubs and bars were closed.

I'm still young and alright looking so I usually try the clubs to pick up chicks and if your interested in that I went to a fabulous club friday and saturday, very IN and very high society. I think I counted 4 ugly chicks those two nights, and most women in there are not that hard. I got digits the first night and then took a chick to the hotel the second night. It is a bit expensive for mexico as drinks are 9USD and entrance fee is 10USD but lots of chicks. Anyway the club is VIP on President Masariyk. Don't know if this is of any interest on this board, but I certainly had the most fun there and spent about $100 USD on drinks and had a girlfriend for the rest of my trip.

Anyway thats all from my trip to Mexico City, I had fun it wasn't exactly a sex trip that I had expected before reading the posts but it was lots of fun.

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