Prostitution Report
from Morocco

I just got back from a Sept 01 Morocco trip. Thanks to the posters on this board, I just had a great time. Here's what I found...

The scene is quite lively, but not nearly on par with many of the big sex capitals...bangkok, et. al. As in most places, prices and quality, in all regards, varies widely. With one big exception (see Casa, below), you can't bring a girl to your hotel without paying for an extra room, but alternatives abound.
I found that generally the less top shelf girls were quite assertive (not in a bad way), but the better girls were, on a few occasions, a bit of a tougher chase, particularly in crowded places. As with everything in Morocco, everything is highly negotiable.

I stayed in the Sheraton from recs on this board. $125 per night negotiated over the phone. Only one night. Started at the lobby bar at about 9:30 where there were only two quite large providers. Went to the piano bar and it was crawling with providers - maybe 10-15 in a pretty small place. Only problem was that it was friday night and the place was packed. Lots of opportunities, but hard to capitalize because the girls were at tables and there were no chairs.
So, went to Caesars disco downstairs at about 11:30, which was a little early. There were about 10 fine providers there, struck up conversation with one (she spoke english), but didn't like her. Although this scene was building into something great, I went back to the piano bar and it had emptied of locals but not girls. Met a girl (didn't understand her name), agreed to pay $150 (starting point at $300), and talked about location. She told me to go to my room and she'd meet me there in 15 min. I was skeptical, but it worked. Try it with others.

The scene is Fez is fairly limited but good. As reported in a prior post, the bar at the Hotel Sophia had about 10 providers ranging from 2 - 8 in quality. I meet a great gal named Aziza (tall thin, b cups, beautiful face) who spoke decent English and for $50 had a fun time at the Hotel Pacha, a vice hotel on Blvd. Hassan II. Another night, I met a cute young girl (about a 6-7) at the Disco at the Hotel Wassim, which also had 10 - 15 providers. Same vice hotel as prior night. Contrary to other posts, the bar and disco at the Hotel Volubilis were dead as far as providers go.

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While it is very small, this is purely a tourist town so I though there might be some action. None appeared until I returned to the 5-star Berbere Palace for a scotch and cigar. Lo and behold, there was a Moroccan guy with two incredible babes at the next table. I made eye contact and they invited me over. Yup, they're providers, apparently on vacation from Marrakech and staying at that hotel. They were very pricey - asked $300, got $200 - but I didn't have to pay for the extra room (and no vice hotels there), and this girl was amazing…5'8", 130 lbs, Natural D Cups, great face, even smelled nice (not always a given there). Nothing else around on the second nite there.

Marrakech is crawling with providers, probably only 2nd to Casa. I stayed in the Hotel Tichka on the route to Casa. The disco at the Hotel Kenzi (next to Tichka) was somewhat quiet but I met two wonderful providers there. Both about 5'5", one with a hard body and the other quite thin. The latter's name was Samda, and she was very sweet and showed me around the Medina after an evening at her apartment. My only ultra GFE while I was there. Cost was 800 DH, plus lunch and dinner during night two (my pleasure).
I also check out the bar scene at the Atlas, Mirador, Sheraton, and misc other hotels with very little activity. The disco scene is where its at in Marrakech. "La Casa" in the hotel Andulus is more a fancy club than a disco but an amazing talent show. The only problem there was that, according to an expat I met, there were definitely non-providers there, so p/u was a little risky. Around 12:30 or so, the Diamont Noir and the Paradise (@ Hotel Monsour Dhabi) were wall to wall babes, all shapes, sizes and levels of quality. A scene that reminded me of some great cities of SE Asia like Saigon or Pnom Penh.

Prices at the discos vary. I paid $90 and $125, but was propositioned for as high as $300. The girls were amazing. First was named Bushra - tall thin, tight, great service. Next was the best of the trip - about 5'4", thin & tight body, firm and natural B or C cups, and an incredible face. Both gals had "a friend's apartment" that we used for a $25 fee.

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