Prostitution Report
from Nepal

In late 2003, Nepal remains a primative and not very satisfactory destination for punters. In Kathmandu, the Thamel area massage parlors remain the most reliable destinations for sexual relief; but most lack privacy, cleanliness, enthusiasm and extra services beyond HJ, (the latter routinely offered towards the end of a massage, but for an extra fee). Most also lack condoms! So take your own!Hearing stories on what pass for Kathmandu brothels (Thamel based taxis and rickshaw drivers tend to know where they are), but not having been personally, it appears they are depressingly dark, dank and delapidated residences. They should probably be avoided not only for the poor hygiene and set up, but because underage girls may be included in the mix. Recommendation -- avoid!

After a fairly complete survey of Thamel in late 2003, it appears FS can only be found at two or three massage parlors in the area. Negotiation for massage is with the management, negotiation for extra services is always between customer and the girl. According to the whispers of the girls, the parlor manager is never to be brought into the process or be aware of extra services provided. (Albeit for HJ, it is obvious the girls inform the managers, and the towels are a dead giveaway).One possible exception is that if you let it be known to some of the parlor male managers that you are looking for FS (i.e. in local lexicon full "sex massage", or "pass-time massage"), you may be personally guided by him to one of the few Thamel parlors that actually provide such. He'll expect a personal tip (NRs 200 should suffice for the "referral").

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The logistics of FS in most parlors is appaling by standards found in other popular countries. Functioning toilets, running water, and even lubricated condoms, are scarce. One should inspect and identify suitability of the premises immediately upon arrival and before accepting anything. Those facilities with modest private rooms (a cot and a door that closes) are few.If you try the places that offer FS, but only have curtain dividers, expect to share your trip to bliss ....[NOT!!]...with other parlor employees, who routinely yell back and forth to your massage girl during business. The ambience is also destroyed by the girl's noticeable distraction and fear of discovery by other employees or the manager, or even on premise family members (including small children)who she is fearful may pop in at any moment. For a variety of reasons, both cultural and logistics, don't expect much or any enthusiasm.

I've chosen not to share specific names of those establishments in Thamle where FS can be found; 1) out of respect for the girls in combination; 2) sensitivity to increased local enforcement (police shake-down) standards. Albeit, some of the FS establishments have been cited in major punting and mongering sites, to include the archives.As to prices and negotiation (Nepal Rupee at end of 2003 about NR72 = US$1)---Regular Massage: Asking NRs 1500 - 2500 for regular massage one hour ; offer NR500-800 and pay no more than NR1200, ever.

Extra services:

HJ (negotiated between girl and customer during massage), they'll ask NR1000, offer NR300-700 max).BJ and BBBJ (usually only available where FS is offered, and perhaps included in the same FS package). For most massage parlors, best to negotiate with the girl, alone, before you even get started or accept the massage, because it's common that these extra services are not available at any price).Full Service (FS): They'll ask NR2000-3000, and indeed, for a first time visit you may have to pay NR3000; but never more than NR2000 for second and subsequent visits. All in all, best recommendation, "save the punting for Bangkok"!!

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