Prostitution Report
from Netherlands

Finally, I had the opportunity to spend some time in Amsterdam. It was like a dream come true. Since it was an extended business trip – all expenses were paid. I was finally going to be able to experience what I had only read and dreamed about before. I have always been fascinated with the sex trade.

I set myself up at the Radisson SAS, which is right at the edge of the Red Light District (RLD). It’s a nice hotel and the upgraded rooms are spacious and very comfortable. After my first day there at work, I ventured into the RLD for the first time. The first stop was at a coffee shop for some courage.After some really pleasant hash, which I smoked while sitting on a sunny Amsterdam sidewalk – I was out again to take in the sites. Within a few minutes of strolling around something occurred to me: The RLD is a tourist attraction. There were Brits, Americans, French, and Asian tourists everywhere. There are RLD tours! The funniest thing I saw that day were a few groups of Americans walking around window shopping (some fathers and sons) with their mouths wide open. They couldn’t believe their eyes. The sexual freedom was just too much for them.

I quite like the RLD – it is very relaxed and quiet during the day. In the evening, there are too many drunk stag party goers running around – mostly British. The women working the windows vary from ‘I’d never touch her’ to ‘holy shit, she is beautiful’. Most actually don’t do it for me. How can I say this: too blue collar. I mean some really looked like they were in the business too long. I few didn’t look too healthy either. The price is anywhere from 100NL to 150NL for a quick suck and fuck – condom always. The RLD is not just one street – there are several alleyways and side streets to check out. There is always a lot of choice after 3PM.

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After looking around for a few hours, I was now more curious than ever - but I couldn’t get up the nerve to have a go that day.The next day I decided I had to go the distance. Once again the weather was perfect and Amsterdam’s charm was really putting a smile on my face. Some more wonderful smoke right across the street from the hotel . . . and I was off again.I went earlier this time – there were only a few customers mulling around. I walked around and saw several very nice looking women open for business and only a few I would not bother with. My heart was racing – it was like being a kid in a candy store, but a candy store like no other.I came to a small side street and saw this very attractive black woman, but I just gave her a short glace and kept walking. She was really beautiful – my ideal body: not too thin, curved and voluptuous. It had been a fantasy of mine to sleep with a black girl from way back – I decided today I would make that fantasy come true.I took a deep breathe, turned around and walked back to her window. She knew right away she had me. She opened the door, I came in, and she then quickly closed the door and shut the shades. My heart was pounding – I was so exited I could not speak. She told me her name, which I cannot remember due to my nervousness. She was from Africa – I can’t remember what country. We made our small transaction: 125NLG. The room was dimly lit – I seemed clean enough. I tried to get comfortable.

She undressed – man, what a body she had. My hands were shaking as I touched her. Perfect, large breasts and long curved legs and hips. I told her I just wanted oral – no fucking. She didn’t seem to like the idea, but then started on me. First I got a short hand job and then the condom from her purse. The blow job began.She was terrible. I think I had better from a first timer in high school. She is suppose to be a professional – not a robot. I nearly lost my hard-on. After ten minutes she asked me if I wanted to fuck her – her mouth was tired. I sighed and said no, but I would like to fuck her beautiful breasts. She said that would be OK for another 125NLG. I said that was too high. She continued the bad oral sex. After a minute more, she came up for air and said she’s do the tit fuck for 50NLG – much better. I said yes.The tit fuck was wonderful – her face and breasts are a vision I will never forget. What was funny was that my mobile phone rang just after she started. She asked if she should get it for me! What a laugh! Sorry, he can’t come to the phone right now – his dick is in my mouth. I told her to leave it.

After a few minutes of heaven on Earth, I came hard between her large, dark nipples – condom still on. She cleaned herself and me up some. I dressed and left – not a bad half-hour. I was really invigorated by the whole experience. It was disappointing in some respects – but a good time nonetheless. I thought the price was fair. I decided it would not be my last. I have quite a few nights in town coming up. I love this place!

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