Prostitution Report
from Nevada

I have just returned from a quick trip to Reno. Happily, I must say that not all is lost in the good old US of A, even though the prices do reflect lack of competition, and if you HAVE THE TIME to fly to more distant places, you can definitely have more fun for less.Anyway, I flew into Reno on Thursday night, did not do much that night, just gambled a bit @ the hotel. No WGs there (The Hilton) - at least I did not see any.

Friday morning (late morning), after breakfast I got into the rental car and drove out to Winnemucca. It is 156 miles east of Reno on the I-80. Officially, the speed limit on that highway is 75 mph. I suggest you do like I did and fly at 90 to 100 mph, otherwise you will NEVER get anywhere.That rental Chevy sure got a workout. Distances in NV are IMMENSE. This is not Europe, not even the East Coast. There are a few construction zones on the 80 but not too many, and I did not see ONE cop anywhere.

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When I got into Winnemucca I saw to my surprise that out of the 4 houses on Baud street 2 were actually closed ( Villa Joy and Simone de Paris). Later I was told that even though they say they never close there is nothing there until much later.I went into the Pussycat Saloon, and I must say the whole place looked very shabby and run down. There were two ugly old hookers sitting in the front area ( I guess it could be loosely called a bar), and a couple of patrons. These guys were more interested in drinking than actually doing anything.The only ray of light in this whole mess wasa chick at the bar who went by the name of Roxy. She said she was 23, and was only doing this for a week or so to pay off some huge and unexpected bills. Whatever. She was kinda cute, about 5'6", not more than 120 lbs, and had that throaty voice I like.I suppose she could be rated as a 6 1/2 to 7.

In any case, I had not driven all this distance for nothing, so we went into her room to talk business. She wanted $ 300.00 per hour. I am a salesman myself, and you do not bullshit a bullshitter! :-) I told her I wanted a 1/2 hour session to start, and was thinking more like $ 100 for that. So, we came to a happy compromise of $ 120, with her saying "I am only doing it because you are nice to me". If it is true - well, being nice pays!We had a nice session, with a rather unexpected BBBJ, and sex in 3 positions. Quite enjoyable. I went out to the bar, bought a drink, and told her I would be back later.

I walked across to "My Place" - they had 0 girls working. None! Walked over to "Cozy Corner" and two girls came out. I use the term "girls" loosely - both were quite worn out, and well over 35, one pushing 40+. To be polite I just had a drink, and went back to the Pussycat. I saw Roxy walk one customer, a redneck-type guy. Later she told me she had walked four guys that day, since they only wanted to pay $ 60. To quote her, " I am not some worn-out old pussy, I do not need money THAT bad". Considering the house takes 50%, I could not argue.

I had a few more drinks at the bar, nothing was too expensive, $4 to $5. One of the old hookers approached me, I politely declined. She was a 2 at most. In fact, she would have had to pay ME!After the drinks I told Roxy that we would probably repeat the experience, so off we went. This session I was able to charge to my Discover card (only in America!!!!;-)).Another pleasurable session followed. I asked Roxy to talk dirty to me ( my little harmless quirk... one of the advantages of staying in an English-speaking country..), and she really got me going! She asked me to spank her as we did it doggy style, and I was happy to oblige. Cost was $ 110 on the card (she cut me a deal to compensate for the $10 CC surcharge), and I tipped her $ 20. Then it was time to go back to Reno.

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Next evening I drove out to Carson City and checked out the Kit Kat Ranch. What a difference! there were about 15 girls there, all of them young, most 7s or 8s. The place was really rocking, lots of guys coming in. Most of them would leave soon afterwards, as money talks, bullshit walks in there, and nothing is going to happen for $ 100 as so many guys wanted.I was approached by a couple of girls after the line-up,and I decided to talk to a tall ( 5'9" or so) redhead named Destiny. Unfortunately, our negotiations fell through,as she would not budge below $ 200 for 30 minutes,a nd I still had the big head doing the thinking, not the little one! In any case, I thanked her for her time, and back out to the bar. After another drink I was approached by a petite girl named Justina, who turned out to be from Germany. She also had kinda reddish hair. It is another personal thing of mine. I have always dreamed of fucking Shirley Manson from Garbage...never mind.

Off we went to her room, where she announced that she charged $ 400/hr and that I could come twice. I said I really wanted a 30 minute session, and with Teutonic promptness she stated "Well, obviously that will be $ 200". Some polite negotiating followeed, and we agreed to $ 160.00. Out came my American Express! Now, this is obviously MUCH more than in Estonia or Curacao, but remember, this is Nevada, Saturday night, and the girls are right here, and you know they are all tested every week...

A rather nice session followed,she started on the dirty talk herself - nice touch.Had sex in three positions. Afterwards we chatted a bit, she complained about coffee in the US, and about the Mexicans who would come into Kit kat with $ 100 and waste the girls' time. I could not agree more, regular coffee here sucks. Like Justina, I only drink Starbucks.

So, to sum it up, good safe legal value can still be found in NV. My three sessions averaged $ 135 each. Not too bad.Having said all that, I think I am now done with Nevada, and will now check out Curacao as soon as I have the time and resources for such a trip. Hope everyone finds this little report helpful.

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