Prostitution Report
from New Jersey

I was trying to figure out a way to find some local pussy. things get a little tight lip about that guess this is one way to change that. buddy of mine told me yahoo classifieds. went to the classifieds and started surfing some of the professional ladies started to become obvious. the only thing is that you had to respond quickly because if it is obvious to us it is obvious to yahoo. yahoo will pull ads. so i started clipping ads, when i was done i started emailing out. some of the responses were from web sights. i did manage to find a few. i dialed in on one from newton. she was pretty straight forward in her ad. i was a little bit aprehensive, thought it might be bait for a bust. but the little head was still doing the thinking. i gave it a shot. she describes herself as 6ft 2inches tall and slighty over weight. blond hair.

we played a little take with the email then we were able to hook up a time. went over to her apt a walk up in the back of a old house, knocked on the door. there is always anxiety when you meet your "date" she is just as described by her add accept that she was a brunete. she has fiqure. nice rack. but when she turned around to go up the stairs and i saw her ass i said i can do this yeeaaa. i was at ease off the bat. she is real people to talk to. her place is a bit of a mess. she offerd me something to drink. we sat and chat, and then went to the bedrm. i was able to play with her pussy and get it wet. went down on her she went down on me. fucked in a couple different postions. took a break. then went back at it. did not feel rushed completly enjoyed my self. would go back. good value. looks 6 body 5 action 7 her profile name is barbara but i dont think yu can acces that until she emails back. she is on there now a given this information you can find her.

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