Prostitution Report
from New York

Well I arrived there at 10:15, found a meter on the block, paid my $2.50 per hour, always carry quarters and went in. Inside the 2 room connected room was Maximus and J man and another monger. The girls on hand were Alize, Petite, Candi, KiKi and Maria. There was alot of hands on action during the evening. The VIP was in one of the bathrooms but you could do what ever you wanted in either room if the crowd didn't bother you. There were about 20-25 mongers during my stay. They started to come in around 11PM. It was never too crowded and with the A/C on it was very comfortable. I don't drink but beer was for sale at about $4 while downstairs it was over $10 I overheard from someone there. The girls were doing bed dances and guys were stuffing dollars. 4 guys wanted to take Petite into the VIP and all go at it but she backed out of it. She wanted to do 1 at a time. They were offering $80 per man. The guys for the most part were stuffing dollars and drinking beer, when Maria shouted out "Will anyone with Balls Fuk me here and now!" Everyone laughed!!! She was serious.

Location 2 thumbs up!

Afterwards I cruised the West side......
Decor 2 thumbs up
Comfit 2thumbs up
Amount of girls, only 2

His next event will be September 6 at another midtown location. Get your quarters ready. Its deff worth the $20 admission.

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