Prostitution Report
from New Zealand

I am now residing in NZ & would like to post more material, as unknown to the world & your site their are young girls available in Papatoetoe Aukland New Zealand, that'll suck a man dry for $15 Kiwi in US $6. They are 18 -20 mostly Polynesian or Asian decent, often illegals with no papers, some were even pro's in their own countries from the Filo's & Thai. For the tourist the best way to find this sleazy little haven is to ask a cab driver, it seems all the Indian Cab drivers don't know much English but they all know about the young hookers in Papatoetoe. If you go their the girls are found around the main shopping centre watching the cars cruize by they are easy picking for the cultured sex explorer. The day time is best as it is not a safe place at night.If you go to a place they designate like a unit or house then it will set you back about $25 to $30 Kiwi dollars.

I go in my car cruise around till I see a girl I like the negotiate a blow job in my car, it's rarely cost me more than $15. One time I got three girls all Asain 1 was very pretty the others were ok nuthing special about 20 -25yrs I guess. 1 Chinese & 2 Maylasian. I negotiaged for a blow job with one for $10 while the good one wanted more than usual $25, I got the lesser for $10 then her 2 friends wanted to sit in the back while their friend blew me. Some kind of lesson I guess, they were giggling & watching intensely as their friend sucked me dry after woods, the good looking one said she would suck me again for $10 also. So she jumped in the front & got to it but it took me another 25 minutes befor I could come again. I was quite empty after the first. But for another $10 what the fuck, she was georgeous. My only regets was they both didn't suck me at the same time. I asked them if they would but they said no no no laughing & giggling.

Papatoetoe is best during the week early afternoon you'll get at least 6-7 girls hanging around they might not look like hookers but when you spot one they'll all spot you & then they all come out of the wood work. Papatoetoe is 20 mins from the City of Auckland, all the Taxi drivers know where its at. If you have your own wheels ask the girl a quiet place to do the deed or just drive around like I do.

More comming on the palour & massage scene in Auckland with terminology tips as they are completely different in Australia, & the rules are different. prices $50-$80 1/2 hour $80-200 for the hour.

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