Prostitution Report
from Ohio

I recently spent a few days servicing a steel mill account in Lorain, Ohio, and obtained a little personal servicing on two evenings.I stayed at a Holiday Inn located south of town at I-57 and the Ohio Tollroad that was convenient to the street action and comfortable at a reasonable price.

On Tuesday night, after a few beers at a downtown Cleveland titty bar, I drove back to Lorain and cruised East 28th Street (also shown as route 57 on a map) from Grove Avenue to Broadway. This is a gritty access road to the steel mill itself. It is lined with bars and a few commercial buildings. At about 12:30 A.M. I saw two latinas together at about Pearl and East 28th. One was quite large and the other appeared to be either staggering drunk or strung out. I passed by and when I came by the same spot about twenty minutes later, the Grande was getting into a truck and junkie was nowhere to be seen. By 1:15 A.M. I was about to give up but on a hunch drove north on Broadway from East 28th to Lake Road. I saw a decent looking black girl in her late twenties outside an apartment building at West 17th and a nice looking white chick at West 26th. The white chick was walking through the parking lot of an auto parts store that was closed for the night. I picked her up and did the "You a cop?" "No" "You a cop? "No" routine as we drove away from the area.

Her name is Pattie, 32, short blonde hair that is full of body and a has a very slight strawberry tint. She "NEVER" works the street but she had to come out this particular night because her 14 year old son got into trouble at school and she had to pay a lawyer to go to a suspension hearing.

OK, Whatever. She was very clean, reasonably articulate, well put together and once we got back to the Holiday Inn proved herself to be adept in the sinful pleasures department. We hung out for about 90 minutes, I got very good service and her phone / pager number. I took her back to the general area where I picked her up where she had a car stashed. On Thursday night I called her again and she came over to the Hotel for Chinese Food for two and French dessert for one. She said she used to be an escort but got out of the business about 5 years ago and now only sees the occasional trick. She swears that the night I picked her up she was desperate for quick cash or she would have never been on the street. Whatever the truth is I have no regrets.

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