Prostitution Report
from Pennsylvania

I spent two more days in Pittsburgh this week and will be heading to Orlando tomorrow. On Tuesday night I headed to Club Exotica (Erotica?) on Route 51 in McKees Rocks, just a few miles down the Ohio River from Pittsburgh. The club had about 8 girls working when I arrived at about 7:30 and had at least 20 working by the time I left at 11:30. The girls are, with a few exceptions, quite attractive and in great shape. Be forewarned, there is enough silicone in the club at any given time to caulk every window in Pennsylvania. If you are a natural purist you may be put off by several of the girls. The club offers full nude stage dances and free beer. The beer is dispensed from a tap in the basement that reminds me of a medieval dungeon. The main floor is not plush by any means but it is adequate. The laps are all done upstairs. I spent time upstairs with Summer who is great looking and nice to talk to but not high mileage. My second trip up the staircase was much better. I went with Jackie who is a fine looking lady. She was just wearing an oversized man's white shirt and high heels. The shirt never came off, just got unbuttoned and opened which added to her erotic appeal. She was very high mileage to my COMPLETE satisfaction.

I left the club and drove out towards Monroeville (where I was stying on this trip) by way of Route 30. By the time I went through East Mckeesport I was recharged and stopped in at the VIP Spa, which is a few miles east of Route 48 on Route 30. 30 minutes was $40 and an hour was $60. I took the hour. This place is very clean and has a good, hot sauna room. Penney was my "attendant". I spent 20 minutes in the sauna followed by a 10 minute HOT (Damn Hot) table shower. Penney provided a very good hard massage. She has good English conversational skills and loves to talk about gambling (her hobby). After the massage she was not explicit but yet fairly direct about extras.

I offered $80 for FS and she said $100. I put $80on the massage table and laid $40 next to it. I offered to flip a coin with her to see if she got the $40 (ie $120 for the session) or if I would get it (ie $80 for the session). I do not know what Pascal would make of the odds or the substance of the wager but she jumped on the idea and I friggin lost the coin toss!!!. Penney provided a good finish, very oral and adequate FS. Penney is not a babe. She is about 35 and a little thick around the middle but I would definitely go back to VIP for the overall experience. I got my full hour plus a few minutes of small talk in the vestibule before I left. The spa closes at 2:00 AM so plan accordingly. I will start new string on Orlando next week (if I have anything to report (grin)).

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