Prostitution Report
from Peru

Last summer in Lima, I was driving around looking for some strange. Oh, by the way stay the heck away from Ave. Ariquipa. This is the main strip from Miraflores to Centro Lima. This avenue is full of transtesticles. They sure look good until you pull up and start to chat. Just watch them swallow and you can't help but notice their adams-apples bobbing away. Ok, back to the story. While driving back from a friends house in Callao along Av La Marina, just across from the Plaza San Miguel (Kind of like an open air mall), I noticed a sign with a camel on it. The camel was like the Camel Cigarette emblom. There was also some writing about girls and damcing and drinks.

My curiousity get the best of me. I look like a gringo but my spanish wasn't have bad. I paid a S/10 ($2.90) cover, walked upstairs, sat in the corned of a sleazy little strip joint. Not many people, all locals. The hostess comes over and takes my order. As she brings my beer she asks if I like any of the girls. I pointed to a cute little costena with oriental eyes. The hostess go over to the girl and soon after she comes over giggling and grinning. Don't laugh, but I actually offered to buy her a drink. She said coke's fine and we started to talk. After about 15 minutes she asked if I wanted to leave with her. Hesitently I agreed. Figuring how much this was going to cost. I paid the bartender $20 US and the doorman $5 US. Kattie and I agreed on S/140 ($40.57 US). She suggested this little Hostel down around the corner, but I wouldn't go for it. I thought set-up! Afterall she was an absolute knockout. I drove to a different hostel a little closer to Miraflores. At the desk they asked her for ID. She claims she left it at home. No go there. We drove to a second. Same problem. Then to a third where I went in alone and registred.

She then followed upstairs for a night of fun under the sheets. What a pleasureful experience. After our fun a gave her a little tip and she took a cab to ??? Before she left, she gave me two phone numbers and asked that I call her. Next day when time permitted, I gave her a call at the first number and ended up speaking to her mother who suggested that I call her cel. With her mother's blessings I did just that and for the next 5 days I was introduced to her two girlfriends and engaged in some interesting acts. On the day I departed, they took me to the airport and wished me well and asked when I will return..

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