Prostitution Report
from Philippines

I negotiated with everyone on my trip, but was fairly unsuccessful. In the future I’ll probably walk away more often. However, I did have time constraints, being on a business trip, so please forgive me for driving prices up temporarily for everyone in Manila in early February.I’m an Asian-American male in my late 30’s, young looking, and average weight. I’m pretty tall, above 6 feet. I went to Manila for a business conference. I arrived late on Friday night, and went to the Edsa Shangri-la, where I proceeded to fall asleep after a long trip from the West Coast.

I woke up on Saturday late morning, and thanks to previous posts, went to the Imperial Bath Centre in Makati, on a side street just off of P. Burgos St. No, I don’t remember the side street, but it’s only about 2-3 blocks off of P. Burgos. I can’t remember names, but I picked #71, who was OK. Basically, you walk in, pay the room rental fee, (1300 pesos as I recall, but I could be wrong), and pick a girl from the fishbowl. Then you go upstairs, take a shower, and get a regular massage. Extra service is then negotiated. I negotiated 1500 pesos for full service, and I can’t tell you if I got ripped off or not. Full service included CBJ and covered everything else. I picked the girl with the most natural smile, and I was rewarded with good service. She asked to see me again, and I took her cell phone number, but I didn’t call her again.

Saturday night I went to Bottoms on P. Burgos St. The girls were pretty good, I would say 5-8’s. I had 2 soft drinks, and checked the girls out. I picked a cute girl to have a drink with, and we got along fine. I did notice that the waitress was not very happy with me and fairly surly. There was no pressure on me to buy any drinks, however. Soft drinks were 300 pesos each. Unfortunately, it may have been my mojo, but the girl I picked to barfine said that mamasan would not let her, and in fact would not let any girl go with me.Yes, I did take a shower that day, and I wasn’t carrying any weapons on me, but based on everyone’s posting, this was unanticipated. I finished my drink, then left.

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Next, I went down the street to Rascal’s. I was immediately surrounded by babes- I felt like I was about to be crushed! Extremely aggressive behavior. After some verbal bantering, I bought 2/two drinks for some of the dancers. They were 300 pesos each as well. They were very cute, so I asked to barfine them. They both blushed, and said that they were virgins!At that point, I went to the manager/ mamasan. For some reason the mamasan really liked me (not just BS, there’s some proof of this later in my stay), and helped me pick someone. I picked Lynn. She’s fairly cute, about 5’5”, with some breasts. I tried to negotiate a price with her before I left, but she kept on saying “Whatever you feel like”. I felt like saying “How about 10 pesos?” but politeness got the better of me.I took Lynn back to my hotel, and we went at it. Kissing with tongue, CBJ, oral gratification for both parties, etc. For some reason she really liked me, which caused me some trouble later in my trip. Of course, I promised to go shopping with her on Sunday, which was very stupid of me.Anyway, Lynn left the next morning at 600 AM, and told me that she would go shopping with me at 1100 AM. I gave her 2200 pesos total, in her purse. She never commented on the amount.

I went back to sleep, and basically waited for her at the hotel until 130 PM. Yes, Filipino time, which I had heard about. We went to Mega Mall, where I bought her lunch from McDonald’s (about 300 pesos) and some cheap sunglasses (250 pesos), and a cell phone (OK, it was 11000 pesos and I’m an idiot. Please refrain from throwing things at your computer screen.) . We then went to the hotel, where we proceeded to do it again. (At least I didn’t pay for that). We went to a local restaurant, the name I can’t remember, where I paid for dinner for 4 girls. Maybe I was used for my money, but I did get some benefits from it later on Tuesday night. Dinner for 5 people was 1500 pesos- we went to a relatively cheap place for food.Then we went to Rascal’s again, where I barfined her again(3000 pesos), and we went back to the hotel and did it again. Nothing weird, painful, or fancy, but this time she did consent to BBBJ. I did not ask for uncovered FS, so I don’t know if she would be willing or not. I’m not really in to unusual stuff, so I can’t tell you if it’s possible or not with the companions I chose. Anyway, I didn’t pay her for the rest of the trip- the cell phone was too much!On Monday AM the Super Bowl was on, so I watched that with Lynn. She then left, and I went to my business conference. Monday night she called my hotel room several times, and left a couple of messages, which I ignored. She also called me on my cell phone, and I told her I went out with my business contacts. In reality, I went out to dinner with my business acquaintances, but after dinner and drinks, I went out by myself to the Edsa Entertainment Complex, near the Heritage Hotel. I went to the only bar with no touts (maybe he was taking a leak)- the Firehouse.

Inside are a bunch of girls in either black or red bikinis on a large stage. They mamsans have laser pointers to help you pick out the girls. I had a drink, another Sprite, and hung out for a couple of minutes. Most of the girls are on stage, and I guess I looked surly enough to scare away anyone from sitting down with me. Eventually, I picked a girl. Her name’s Mary, and she’s about 5’3”. Here’s a photo (basically the only one that came out).Before we left, I negotiated 3000 pesos for long time. Mary originally wanted 4000 pesos. I know, pretty high, but I simply could not get her lower! The barfine is 1000 pesos. The mamasan was very friendly, bordering on aggressive, but seemed laid back after I chose a girl/ victim.

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Mary and I went back to the hotel and took showers, and some semi-enthusiastic French kissing, CBJ, and eventual gratification occurred. We fell asleep, and more of the same in the early AM. I left exactly 3000 pesos on her purse- no tip for her! She asked to see me again, since she had to get her cell phone from the pawn shop, but I said “Maybe” and left it at that.Tuesday I went to more of my business conference, and then Tuesday night went to Rascal’s. Fortunately, I had been ignoring most text message and phone calls from Lynn, and when I got there, Lynn had the night off! The girls at this point felt I was a nice person, and were very friendly- rubbing my crotch, etc. At this point, I asked 2 girls, Lisa and Kim, if they would do a threesome with me. Lisa and Kim were both cute, 5’3”, and friends. I asked them point blank if this would upset Lynn. Their rationalization was that since I was going to do a threesome anyway, I should do it with Lynn’s friends, and not with some other girls, and definitely NOT with girls from another bar!I had a good rapport with Lisa, and she picked Kim to come with us. Kim’s boyfriend was on a business trip, so I thought that Kim would be a little reserved with me. This would be incorrect- she was about as wild as Lisa. I barfined them both (6000 pesos total- OUCH!) and they wanted 2000 pesos each, which I agreed to.

We went back to the hotel, all took separate showers, and then went at it. It was one of the best experiences of my life. BBBJ, alternating between them. Full French kissing, alternating between them. They both tried to suck my tongue out of my mouth. A little tomboy/ lesbo action, completely awesome. Finally, alternate fucking, with changes in condoms. They finally laid me on my back, and I got a BBBJ from Kim with kissing from Lisa, and came. Unfortunately, no snowballing, just spitting, but there’s always next time.Kim was taking a shower when Lynn called Lisa. Lynn asked where I was, and Lisa lied and said that we were at the hotel eating dinner. Lisa told Lynn to wait at Rascal’s for us, but of course Lynn was obsessed, and came to my frigging door with a guard from the lobby! Lisa, Kim, and I scrambled to make the hotel room presentable, and I opened the door. Lynn either (1) didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, or (2) Lisa, Kim, and I are great actors, or (3) she ignored us.

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At least Lynn did not become homicidal.

Anyway, we quickly went back to Rascal’s, where Lynn was in trouble. Essentially Lynn is not allowed to see guests in a free lance fashion, which is how she just saw me, so she was fined 3000 pesos. She asked me to pay, but I refused. A long discussion then ensued, but basically I wouldn’t budge. Lynn, for some reason, still liked me and didn’t poke my eyes out. I hung out with Lisa, Kim, and basically ever other chick there. After the bar closed, we went to a karaoke place, and sang for 2 1/2 hours. I didn’t have to pay- Joy (the mamasan) and the other girls picked up the tab. They were very sweet, and want me to go back soon. (I think they probably want to see my wallet soon…..)Lynn and I went to the hotel, where I left her in the cab. I lied to her and told her I had to leave the next morning, although I planned to stay in Manila one more day. It was 500 AM, I was exhausted from my threesome, I had my business conference in the morning at 800 AM, and I had had enough drama. Lynn looked sad, but stayed in the cab.The next morning I went to a couple of meetings, then accidentally drank some tap water. Marcos’ revenge took hold of me, and the rest of the afternoon and evening I had some moderate GI distress. Unfortunately, Lynn called my hotel, and my hotel told her that I was still in Manila. She text messaged me, left messages on my voice mail, called me on my cell phone, etc. I called her back and told her I was in Hong Kong, but she was crying and didn’t believe me. I then called the hotel operator and told her that Lynn was to be told that I had checked out of the hotel. I was sick enough that I couldn’t go out on Wednesday night. I did speak to Lisa that night, but I told her as well that I was in Hong Kong.Thursday morning I left Manila, and escaped! I have to say I had a great time in Manila. In the future, I will never hang out with a clingy chick again. From what I have heard, this may not be possible, but I will refrain from buying any gifts.

A couple of thoughts on Manila and “the scene”

1. I don’t feel there’s much of a difference between the quality of girls on P. Burgos St. versus the Edsa Entertainment Complex. I think there are slightly more numerous cuter girls to choose from on P. Burgos St., but not enough to warrant a 3000 peso barfine versus a 1000 peso barfine. Then again, I went to so few bars that I may have no clue what reality is.

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2. You should bring plenty of money to change or you should be cheap. A lot of the ATM’s will only allow you to remove 4000 pesos a day. Of course, if you need more money, you could go to several ATM’s, but this may raise a red flag with your bank. Alternately, you could use this ATM withdrawal restriction to justify spending less money.

3. I did not go to too many other bars, and I will try LA Café, other bars on P. Burgos St., and the other bars at Edsa Entertainment Complex the next time I’m there.

4. The nice thing about PI is that everyone speaks English., which is nice for a US citizen.

5. The cab drivers are good rip off artists. After being ripped off on my first trip, I learned to only use metered taxis.

6. Manila is very hot. Everyone hangs out at the air conditioned malls. Pack accordingly.

7. To avoid buying lady drinks, I joked a lot. Basically, I asked the girls to buy me drinks. I brought some breath mints everyday, and gave them away to the bartenders instead of buying a drink. Finally, I went to the bathroom a lot when the waitresses came by and asked if I wanted to buy a drink.

8. I was surprised by the passionate kissing displayed by the girls in the PI. From what I’ve read, I thought that was uncommon. Or maybe it was my charm and large breath mint supply.

9. Avoid the virgins. Ask the mamasan which ones are available for delivery, and which one are for drinks at the bar only. You’ll save some money.

10. According to the girls on P. Burgos St., the bars in Makati have better looking girls with better health records. They claim that most of the bars require health checks, and that the health checks are paid for by the bars. Obviously I would take this with a grain of salt.

11. I guess I don’t look like a typical monger, since I’m tall, average weight, younger looking. Some of the guys in the bars should consider working out, liposuction, skincare, facelifts, etc. - it might help them get lower prices.

12. To save money next time, I will probably stay at a cheaper hotel than the Edsa Shangri-la. I will admit the Edsa was awesome- great service, no problems with multiple girls at odd hours, great food, and smiles everywhere.

Next stop in Asia is Thailand for a conference. I really want to go to Russia soon as well- apparently no problems with BBBJ’s as opposed to CBJ’s. I’ll have to invent some business in the FSU, however.

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