Prostitution Report
from Poland

This is a very happy experience in Warsaw I want to share with you guys. I am a frequent traveller to Poland but speak very little Polish (bascially just "hello"). I spent a weekend there mid July, ahead of business on Monday. Stayed at the Bristol Hotel (too expensive midweek but only $108 a night Friday to Sunday night). Great hotel and huge beds, by the way.

Back to my great experience tho; after a dinner in the old town square I was walking back up to the Bristol and picked a couple of fliers off car windscreens. One if these was for Monik (possibly Monic) and I think it advertises in the "What on in Warsaw" type of free hotel guides. Anyway, it wont be hard to find, and its definitely Apt 56 in the block its in, so that should narrow it down for you.(Sure its mentioned in one of hte Warsaw postings, by the way) Rang them and the madam was very friendly and spoke perfect English. Explained that I was looking for two girls (I am going through that phase!) and that I wanted them for a couple of hours in the Bristol. She explained that the priceis double in hotels to cover the "tip" to the goons on reception. Half price if I called round. However, if I came over to select the girls and took them into the hotel myself that was at the cheaper rate.

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Called round at the address - good area no hassles - and into a room with two double beds, bit basic but clean and the ubiquitous glitter ball and UV lamp. In came 8 girls in lingerie, most of them dogs, but two shy ones at the back who I liked the look of. Told the madam they were the two for me (looked about 19-20) and then the negotiations began. Turns out they were sisters (yes, for real, I saw the passports) from Ukraine that week - never been chosen before (not sure if I believe that). They were 100 PLN each an hour if I took them to hotel. Problem was, I have two girls at a time as I like to watch them eat each other out, then join in myself - however they were VERY reluctant as they were sisters! Turns out they were 19 and 21, called Rossa and Roxanna, the younger girl was very fit, about an 8-9, and her sister was maybe 7-8 but they were both very cute and giggly.

With the isssue of pussy-eating unresolved, we arrived at the Bristol in a cab. They were wearing short cocktail dresses, bit colourful, but they looked great! Turned a few heads in the foyer! It always feels great to walk into your hotel with two fantastic girls and everyone knows that in a few minutes they will be upstaris naked and getting fucked! Filthy looks from the receptionists, but not a word was said and I guess they were jealous!

In the room I got them whisky and cokes from the minibar and we explored the limits of their English! Without asking, they came and cuddled on the bed while we talked and drank. Having broken the ice with drink, they both undressed me and started to play with my cock. Lots of sisterly gigling all the time by the way. Then I had them do a strip in turn, on top of the coffee table (another little quirk of mine!) They had great bodies, no tattoos, and realy enjoyed the stripping (with MTV on the tv). We all then took a shower together (interesting!). The sex was great (I like to line the girls up doggy fashion and dip in and out of them for a while - one of the worlds great sights from behind!) and then came the issue of the lesbian show. "But we are sisters" must have been said about 12 times, but I eventually persuaded them to get to it - for another 100 PLN. They had obviosly never been together like this, and it was like watching two lesbian virgins - absolutely fantastic! They got into a very erotic looking 69 position and ate each other out for a good 15 minutes, with me standing above them with a couple of fingers inside each pussy. Now you tell me I didn't die and go to heaven that night! Easily the best polish expierience I have had.

So, 2 X 100 PLN per hour plus 100 PLN lesbian = 500PLN, at about 5 PLN = 1£GBP (sorry dont know $ rate)

Fantastic! Go for it!

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