Prostitution Report
from Portugal

There are many things to do in Lisbon, but I think the best time to come to Lisbon is from September to April. During the summer months june - august, most people go to the south of Portugal, the Algarve.There are four types of places to pick up women, discos and bars, street women, private houses and night clubs.

DISCOS AND BARS - this is probably the hardest place to pick up women. Portuguese women are not easy to pick up and they like to play the man- woman game where you first establish eye contact, go chat for a bit, take them to a movie, maybe some dinner and later in the week something might happen. But on the other hand you can find some extremely good looking portuguese women and they can show you around town if you like.

STREET WOMEN - There are two main spots for this type of women in lisbon, the tecnico area and monsanto. Monsanto is a bit dangerous because your in the middle of the woods just outside of lisbon and usually the women take you into the woods to do what you must. You never know whos back there waiting to rip you off. The tecnico area is a block around the tecnico university and is a bit safer. I¥ve never been with these women so i donët how safe it is. I know that they take you to a little motel and try to hurry you out as wuick as possible.

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Generally my advice is to stay away from these places unless your on a very tight budget.
PRIVATE HOUSES - This is a good deal for the money usually its around 100$ for an hour and the good places have very clean rooms with TV, Drinks and sometimes a waterbed and jacuzzi. These places advertise in the paper and Correio da Manha( Daily Paper) is your best bet to find some phone numbers. No tips are required and the girls don¥t expect it. Call to find out the exact address and to know the prices. Prices vary from 50-100 dollars. Upon arriving into the house, you are greated by a madam that will go into the house and bring the ladies out one by one to introduce themselves. They come out say their names and kiss you on the cheek. Remember the name of the girl that interests you. If oyu don¥t like any just let the madam know and then leave. Then you pay the madam and she will give you further instructions on how to proceed. Some places have rooms upstairs or inside, other places have entire apartments where the girl takes you. This is fairly good and the one hour rule is not strict, if the girl likes you then you can probably stay for a hour and a half but not a lot more after that. If you really like the girl you can always ask her for her phone nummber and ask her to meet you at a time when she is not working at the place.

NIGHT CLUBS - This for me is the best place to go, if your not on a tight budget. Night clubs in Lisbon that are famous are Elephante Branco, Gallery, Night and Day. These are the three most renowned night clubs in lisbon but there are many others.Night and Day is out of the three the worst in my opinion, although i¥m not sure anymore cuz i haven¥t been there in a long time. Anyway i hear now is mostly eastern european women but i can¥t rate them, i might go visit soon and post another message. Anyway this place works similiarly to the other two.

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Gallery is not as highly rated as Elephante but in my humble opinion it is the best in Lisbon, you can find from knockout babes to total skanks but you pick who you want. The worst i would rate a girl in here would be a six, but thats my opinion. anywya most women in here are brazilian and they love what they do. Going price is usually 150 dollars or 30,000 escudos. But if you go out with the same lady more than once then the price is sure to drop. In these night clubs you should negotiate everything that you want, because theese women tend to prey on foreigners and try to get as much money out of your pocket as they can. But negotiating everything is best and if you wait until the end of the night at around 4:00am girls are more likely to lower their prices.

How it works is simple you just find a girl you like and call her to the table where you are sitting. Most girls are always looking around and making friendly eye contact, so that shouldn¥t be to muuch of a problem. If your a bit shy then ask the waiter to call any girl and they come and sit with you. At this point you have to buy them a drink and negotiate what you want. Make small talk and be friendly, they'll feel more confortable with you. ADVICE: NEVER OPEN A BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE FOR THEM, you'll end up paying 200 dollars for it and they make 50 dollars on the bottle. If your staying in lisbon for a few days, i reccomend purchasing a bottle at the night club of your favorite drink, usually the bottle costs 90 dollars and you can serve it for the girls and not spend additional money on drinks for them. After negotiating everything you can take them back to your hotel (shouldn't have anyproblems with getting her in) or they will take you to a nice motel where you will pay around 20-30 dollars for a few hours.

Elephante Branco is very similiar to Gallery except it is pricier, the doormen are more selective on who they let in, and the women are a little better but about the same as Gallery. In fact many women work at both places on different nights. Again this is the same deal as Gallery on approaching them and everything. The other places that are lower quality and cheaper than the ones mentioned are Fontoria, Hippotamo Azul and any cab driver will know other places. But my adviece is instead of going to the cheaper and lower quality places try the private houses for better service.

Most women know a bit of english and usually spanish is easy to comprehend.

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