Prostitution Report
from Romania

I was over the weekend in Bucharest for the first time and thanks to my fellow mongers here, I had enough information. First of all Taxi´s: When you arrive at the airport, best is, you have already booked a transfer. I booked the apartment on the web with this guys: There I booked also the airport roundtrip transfer. I paid $30 for the transfer and $40 a day for the apartment. The apartment was okay and in the centre at Piata Unirii (spelled: Piazza Uniri). Everything went well. I got out the arrival hall and the driver was waiting for me with a quite new european car, speaking quite good english. If you come without transfer, get outside, have a look at the taxis. Use only the ones, which have the price per km written on it (mostly between 4400 and 4500 Lei per km). All the others will rip you off. Also you can call one of the cab companies. If you use your foreign mobile phone, here are some numbers:

+4021 9461 - Cristaxi +4021 9531 - Getaxi These are the most trustworthy I was told. To drive to the centre took us about 30 minutes. I asked at the custom, if I have to declare my foreign money and they told me only, if I have more than $10.000 on me. As for the Otopeni Airport, it is quite new and all was perfect. The centre is quite easy to handle as it is more or less one big boulevard driving down all the main 4 squares. You can easily use also the metro. One single standard trip costs 14.000 Lei (less then 0,50 cents). Now to my other experiences. I took a cab first night to Disco Herestrau (tell the cab: Discothek Herestro). From the centre it is (depending on where you stay) between 35.000 and 40.000 Lei (ca. 1,10 - 1,50 $). Don´t forget to tell the cabbie to put on the metre. I arrived at 1 a.m. on Saturday. 3 police cars where parked outside and some police men where just leaving. I heard they were here to check for prostitutes (good joke, everyone knows, that all girls there are working-girls). The girls told me, that if they catch them without ID or on the knees of a foreigner, they have to pay a fine of $300. I paid the entrance fee of 100.000 Lei ($3), left my coat at the wardrobe and got in. A waiter asked me, if I want a table (good joke again, as there are only tables where you can sit at) and after I said yes, I was brought to a table. It was quite busy. Lot of men and about a similar amount of girls. One girl came immediately and talked to me. I spoke a few words with her, but then I told her, that I am not interested in her and wait for another girl. The waiter asked me, what I would like to drink. I told him a Red Bull and his answer: Only a Red Bull?

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He said it in a tone, like: Can you afford only this ? I hate it, when they try to sell you their expensive stuff. Also I was told, that if a girl sits with you, you have to buy her a drink, it´s the policy of the house. Better you order for her in that case, as a drink with alcohol is almost the double. A Red Bull is about $6 there. I got approached by another girl, which looked a lot nicer. We spoke a bit and she offered her service of course and we agreed on $100. So we left the building, paid (she will tell you: give 100.000 Lei to the wardrobe lady) 50.000 Lei to the wardrobe lady and left. Outside almost all cabs where private cabs and they asked for 200.000 Lei. I was lucky to find a normal cab, but also this guy asked for 150.000 Lei. As I did not want to call a cab and wait, I offered him 100.000 Lei and he agreed. Here is the girl I took with me, called Florentina:

We started french kissing and touching at all. She gave me a good hand job, but would not do a BJ. I did her in all positions. Than she called her pimp and ordered a cab. As I was told, all girls have a pimp. No girl can work here without a pimp. Also she told me, that in hotels, they have to pay $20 at the reception, if you want to take them to your room. As well you should know, that often the police stops you, when you leave Herestrau with a girl and ask for $5 to $10 for the girl (you know, prostitution is illegal comment!). I was lucky. I left at 2 a.m. and no cops around. All in all it was okay with Florentina, but nothing special. Next day I went there about 11:30 p.m., paid my entrance and was escorted to a table. I tell you one thing, go on Sundays there. Hell, almost no men, but all cuties are there. Most of the girls I saw were from 7-10.

I just entered my chair, when the first girl approached me from the back and asked, if she could sit with me, when 2 other girls came over the dance-floor to me. I decided to take the girl in the back. She entered my knees, had a cute body and was behaving very natural. She took my hand, put it on her breast and told me: See, no silicon. We joked a lot and she was really quite a fun. She told me, that she liked my eyes a lot and started kissing me. She told me she is 29, which I did not believe, she looked much younger. We took off at 12:30. As there was no normal cab outside only the rip off guys, she offered to call one and she did. We waited about 5 minutes. This cab was okay. He put on the metre and all and arriving I gave him also a tip (44.000 the trip+ 20.000 Lei Tip). I do not know what happened to this girl, Andrea, but I guess she somehow liked me a lot. She was so hot and horny, that we started to undress each other on the coach, kissing and moaning and touching and then she dragged me to the bedroom.

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French kissing and all, then she gave me a fantastic BBBJ, put the condom on I had from Greece with me and we fucked our brains off. She was so tight like a 16 years old, beautiful feeling. After she came screaming, I came and then we sat on the couch to relax a bit, but only for a few minutes. She was so horny, that she started kissing me again and then she sat on my pecker and again we went on the couch. We did it so wild, that the bloody greek condom bursted. I realized it, as suddenly the feeling down there was more intense and before I came, I decided to pull it out and to come outside,as I was not sure what had happened with the condom. So I realized that the condom was wiiiiiiide open. Well, I just hope, I did not catch anything, as it was already to late to regret it. We looked at the watch and it was already 3 a.m. She was a bit shocked that the time had gone. By that point she did not even asked for any money. She told me that she has to call her pimp. She called him and told him, that she just had left the disco and that I wanted her to stay all night. He asked for $200 and I offered $150 on which he agreed until 7 a.m. She was so vital and so horny, we started kissing again and went to the bedroom, where she grabbed it and put it into her pussy w/o condom. Assuming that after a broken condom you can also do it w/o, I enjoyed it.

I did not believe that I have so much energy, but this girl made me so horny and was so hot and tender the same time, that I could go forever. After this time, we had a little break, where she told me about her life and she also admitted that she was only 18 and not 29. Now I started again and we went for the 4th time in all kinds of position. That girl made me feel so good, unbelievable. After a little break, we went one more for the 5th (!!!) time. Man, I had´nt fucked a girl 5 times a night since my twenties. Was it the Red Bull, was it the girl? I am not sure. When we recovered from the 5th time, we realized it was already 8. She was shocked a bit and called her pimp, telling him, that we fell asleep and just woke up in order not to have trouble with him. She than called a cab. We started french kissing again and she did not want to leave. I went with her to the elevator kissing and touching each other. If I did not have to leave for the airport, I think we would have gone for the sixth time. Incredible. It was the best GFE I had with a working girl in my life. I guess this girl for some reason fell in love with me or she did it, hoping that I would take her out of Romania, as she mentioned a few things in that direction and therefore gave it all.Here is a picture of her:

If you ever go with her, please, do not mention the pic here. I guess in Herestrau they do not know anything about them being mentioned here, so leave it as it is. My driver came at 9 a.m. and I left for the airport. I was now so tired that even 3 coffees would not help. I slept from the moment I sat on the seat in my plane. Another tip at the end: If you want to see all the nice girls of Bucharest during the day, go to Bucharest Mall. It is the only Mall so far with a lot of Cafe´s, Restaurant, shops etc. Go to the 3rd floor and have a coffee and watch the babes around. Just great.

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