Prostitution Report
from Russia

It was nice to be back in Moscow this past week. I had planned to spend only a few days there on this trip as I wanted travel to Uzbekistan with my friend Harry Smith. Both of us were enjoying the girls so much in Moscow however, that we postponed our trip to Tashkent, etc. to early next year. In any case, we made the best of it during nine days and nights of blondes, brunettes and redheads.No real major changes in Moscow since my last trip in July. The only downside of this trip was the absence of throngs of miniskirted and halter topped beauties that were abundant during the warm summer days. No outdoor cafes overflowing with scantily clad "regular" girls looking for guys.

Nonetheless, Harry and I were compensated by the incredible numbers of girls at the lineups. Even the clubs-Chesterfields and Nightflight respectively- were wall-to-wall with talent. Nightflight seems to have recaptured the level of quality that had diminished over the last several years. One of the reasons I had avoided NF for 3 years-aside from the availability of cheaper alternatives-was that the quality had begun to slip when I used to frequent the place. You would not say this about NF last week. The quality was amazing. I would rate the NF women amongst the highest quality (in terms of beauty) anywhere.

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Now, if only the price of oil would drop enough to reign in the oil export dependent Russian economy...Thereafter I would glady spend nights at NF (just like in 1998). Though I don't wish an economic collapse on anyone (exept maybe the French), many Russians I have talked to-in the USA and in Russia-expect this to happen at some point. In fact, many Russians think the bubble may burst in 2004.CF was going strong on most nights (stay away on Fridays and Saturdays if you are claustrophobic or don't like crowds). Lots of new girls about, but also many of the same faces from a few months ago. Some of the girls I spoke with at Chesterfields were true college girls looking for extra income (current rate is still $100 for an all nighter). Another nice thing on this trip, was that most of the guys at CF seemed to be expats, businessmen and regulars...rather than the tourists who crammed into CF during the summer. It is the inexperienced tourists who spoil the girls by paying them MORE than the market price. Anyway, I don't usually take out girls from CF so I am not as concerned.

The lineups were in all the usual places...though not on all nights. Even one of Californiatraveler's favorite lineups near CF ...was open for business (CT...that redhead I had in July was there waiting for you!).One caveat was that the Militia was quite active near the center of Moscow and on the Ring Road. On more than one occasion, I had to pay them to get my girl home.The most consistant-and Militia free- were the ones at Hemche. Every night we went, there were more than enough choices (this is the most difficult part of any stay in do you choose?).The Hemche lineups were especially well stocked with a predominance of 18-21 year old beauties from Russia and Ukraine (I always ask where the girls are from because I have had bad experiences with the Moldovans). As Funlover said in his recent report...the $70 girls were the ugly fat ones, the newest category-$80- was for the younger (some looked like they just finished high school), inexperienced ones that used to be priced at $70. Most of the girls were priced at $100 for an all nighter...and some true modelesque types at $150.

NOTE: unlike most other places in the World where youth is valued above all else and priced accordingly, older women with experience are often priced HIGHER in Russia. I have seen more mature women (late twenties and even early thirties) in the higher priced category ($150+) get taken quickly from the lineups even while the fresh young (18 year olds) with little experience wait in the cold to be chosen. Obviously, the young beautiful ones WITH experience are the choice of most men. However, it is said that Russian men value experience more than youth (remember...the lineups are primarily for Russian men) since they can get young girls anytime and anywhere.

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In any event, all the girls I had were good. I had no duds and no girls I wanted to send home early. Several of the girls stayed through the next morning (every girl Harry had, wanted to move in with him!) for more rounds of shagging and I got the usual phone numbers of my favorites. I probably won't call them in the future because I love the "new," plus Harry and I (as well as others) have found that they often dissappoint when you have 'em again.Now the photos! I have divided this report into more than one part due to the amount of photos. The first series of photos are softcore, the second and third series are hardcore photos of my threesome with one my regulars and a girl whom we called.The girls below are all lineup girls. Some were camera shy...but not shy in bed (all kissed, all sucked WITHOUT condom, and all did anal). The first girl was really nice. It is too bad she wouldn't allow her face to be photographed. She was a tall, very thin, 20 year old natural blonde from Ukraine who loved everything!

I found 21 year old Ukrainian Yulia at a lineup near the airport. She was very sweet and friendly, as well as sultry and playful. She really aimed to please. At first, I didn't want to spend $150 (I am cheap)...but I don't regret it after fucking her three times (including one long anal session), spanking her sweet ass, and giving her 2 facials.

This 24 year old was from Moscow reminded me of what I remember American college girls used to be like. She was fun, a practical joker, romantic, loved to laugh, had NO sexual inhibitions, and appreciated men despite her work. She loved to have her baby fat massaged and carressed, she spoke fair English and was able to joke and tease. Her only concern was that I would share nude photos of her with the rest of the World. Did I mention that she was smart too??

THIS WAS MY FAVORITE GIRL!!! Larisa is a 22 year old from Volgograd (Stalingrad to you history buffs!) whom I found at a lineup near the airport (Hemche). She was very unpretentious and had a wonderful sense of humor. She can also deep throat, do deep anal, and ejaculate that special brand of female love juice when you get her going! She loved it both rough and soft. A true all-around girl!

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