Prostitution Report
from Serbia

Recently, there has been a significant increase in prostitution in Montenegro. However, a large of it is slave trade (girls from former SU), and I think the least we can do is to avoid financially supporting this hideous practice. If the girl doesn't speek Serbian chances are she's a slave, sees none of your money, and is beat up & resold like cattle every once in a while.

That said, there's good consesual paid sex to be found in Montenegro. Last summer, I've been in Budva for a few days, and visited the club "Loza". It is a strip joint located in an active residential area behind the main road ("magistrala"). Atmosphere is fairly relaxed, as the club is practically in the city. No creepy thughs breathing in your neck (a lot of places in the Balkans have those). No cover charge, the drinks are slightly more expensive then in most cafes, but still very reasonably priced ($ 1.50/beer).

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The club has ~10 girls, 5 of which I thought were pretty. They sit at a few tables at the side. You can come in, get a drink and observe for as long as you like, there's no pressure to pick a girl. Once you decide, you have to ask the waiter to bring the girl to your table (can't ask the girl directly, dumb rule, but it's enforced)... You're not pressured to buy the girl drinks (don't know how much the "lady drinks" are), but you may want it if you want to chat with her. You can also go right to the room if you prefer. You pay the waiter at the back door exit, and take the girl to the room. The fuck rooms are very clean, with a nice shower. The price for regular sex/BJ was 150 DEM (75 EUR/$) an hour, not negotiable. This is a bit more then the Balkan average (50 EUR), but in my opinion still good value. Just out of curiosity, the girl gets just 25 EUR out of your fee.

Went with Ivana, a 20 y.o. brunette from Subotica, the northern Serbian town. She spoke decent English (better then my Serbian, at least). She was very good, but not amazing in bed, 2 shots, BBBJ, cuddling but no kissing. She smelled nice (no rotten-tobbacco stench which common even in some nice girls in the Balkans), was very clean and polite. I gave her a small tip (5 EUR) before and after the act, though this is by no means required or asked for. Sex lasted for about 40 minutes, and then we took a nice shower together and chatted for 15 more.

I would recommend "Loza" for the experience, although I know a similar experience could be had for ~EUR 40-50 in Belgrade, and possibly also in Montenegro. Hope this was helpful. Feel free to ask any questions, and please post any of your experiences here. I feel that Serbia & Montenegro are very good for the hobby, but there's not much information here.

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