Prostitution Report
from Singapore

Singapore is a remarkable place. Every tree, every flower, is carefully placed, pruned and managed. Even prostitution is tolerated and carefully managed. The two main venues for working girls are Geyland and Orchard Towers. Geylang is cheaper and clearly designed for locals, and Orchard Towers is positioned for the well heeled and sexual tourist. Let me provide a short review of both.

If you’re a tourist, and want to really experience local culture, you should do three things, no matter how little time you have to visit: first, treat yourself to a great dinner at the best place in town that serves regional cuisine; second, visit their main art museum or cultural center; and finally, find the nicest local working girls and fuck your brains out. Whether you’re a rich businessman with money to burn or a vagabond on a limited budget, you need to check out Geylang. The Geylang district is the main area to find local working girls, and you’ll be shopping shoulder to shoulder with Indians, Malay and Chinese who have come to Singapore in search of work.Geylang is composed of several side streets, called Lorong, and you walk up and down the side streets, peeking into the brothels, where nice Asian girls (mainly Malay or Thai) sit behind glass windows. If you don’t like what you see, the manager can order one for you from another brothel, based on your desired spec’s! The cost is S$100 to $150 for a short time session. Rather mechanical sex is provided here, but the scale is amazing. Maybe 120 brothels, each with several women. It takes two hours just to walk the district.

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I fall into the more affluent category, so I only went to Geylang to work up an appetite. After getting myself worked up, I went to building known as Orchard Towers, which the local people call "four floors of whores!" At Orchard Towers, which is on the Orchard Road, near the end of Tanglin Road and just past the Royal Thai Embassy, there are literally four floors of discos and clubs, each filled with several dozens of women. I was there on a Saturday night, and there must have been over 1000 great looking young women on the hunt. The going rate is a couple of hundred for a short time, and maybe double that for all night. With so many women, it’s a buyer’s market.

There are lots and lots of clubs, like Club 777, Ginivy’s (a country western motif) and my favorite was Top Ten, which charged an admission fee but this kept the riff raff out and as a result, the place was studded with the most dazzling Asian women I have ever seen. Chinese, Thai, Malay, you name it. Of the 200 women there, at least 50 where 10’s and my little head was NOT doing the estimation work. Beautiful, dazzling, friendly, smiling vixens. I hung around for an hour, drinking and lurking, and deciding which one to nail, since I was only in Singapore for a single night! It was three way tie between the three best looking girls there: a Mandarin speaking Chinese girl who looked like a movie star I-kid-you-not, this dark Malay girl with a 20" waist who danced so sexy that she had a string of guys following her, and this Thai girl named Kaye, who was, well, simply delicious. I picked Kaye, walked over and said, "So, are you ready to leave with me?" She smiled and said, "Sure. You’re direct. I like that." Her English was terrific, with a slight British accent. We agreed on an all night price of $350.Ah, it was a night to remember. I took her to my hotel, a suite on the top floor of the Ritz Carlton, and she was politely impressed. She said, "My apartment is the size of your bathroom. This is very nice." I ordered champagne, and asked if she’d like to swim in the tub. (The top floor of the Ritz Carlton Millenium on Raffles have these incredible tubs that overlook the city and the bay.) Talk about GFE! We kissed, we cuddled, we joked, we shared our life histories, we had hot and passionate sex all night long. I finally snoozed, and when I returned to consciousness, I woke to her sucking my very tired penis bareback, culminating in a perfect release and I suppose her way of saying "it was great to spend the night with you".

Kaye was 34B-23-34, cute natural champagne glass tits and an incredible hardbody bottom, early twenties, a Thai girl on a two week "working girl" visa to Singapore, and truly beautiful and intelligent and witty to boot. You can get it cheaper in other countries, but you can't get it better. Total GFE with kissing, BBBJ, 79 (well, it was more than just 69!). Also, she was fully orgasmic and drenched the bed with her juices. And she had a very tight pussy, which felt great through the condom. Emotionally, she was great at simulating genuine affection for me, a cuddler, and honestly warm and caring. Man, she looked really sad to go after our room service breakfast. Finally, she never counted the money, never tried to up the price, never tried to get anything else out of me. Because I had such a smashing good time, I tipped her S$200 over the S$350 we negotiated and sent her off her merry way.

By the way, she told me that working girls in Singapore get screened for STDs weekly. Really quite an amazing experience!

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