Prostitution Report
from Slovakia

I had arranged about 45 days in advance the company of a different woman, however about 10 days out, they had to make a change. I chose Shaina from the list of other available ladies. You can find Nox on the web at

Here is how my trip tuned out:
LETTER TO AGENCY - I wanted to take a moment to tell you the reason I am upset, and to give you a better idea of what happened once she arrived.

Friday Afternoon - I go to the airport to pick her up... ( it is a good thing that I insisted you give me the flight number, I was about to go to the wrong airport... Berlin has 3) I was quite happy when she got off of the plane. She was much more beautiful than in her pictures. We took a cab back to the hotel, and she unpacked. We then took a cab to the Berlin Wall museum. I did this for her enjoyment only, as I had been here once before. When she finished her look through the exhibits, she told me that she was very tired and wanted to go to sleep... I had no issue with this, as I was still very tired from the 7 hour time difference. When we arrived at the hotel, we both laid down and proceeded to have sex. The sex was very nice, and she was very loving and seemed to enjoy it. After sex, she asked permission to call the agency, and her mother.

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I saw no problem with this, and allowed her to do both. When she was done on the phone, we both fell asleep. When we woke, we left the hotel for some dinner at a nice restaurant in the city. Finishing up with dinner, I asked her what she wanted to do, and she said that she was still tired, so back to the hotel we went. I wanted to have sex again, and she was not very cooperative in this process. She would not provide any affection ( Kissing or touching) and I had to really work at getting her undressed. She obviously had no interest in having sex again, and it showed... however I though she was quite beautiful, and thus was excited and wanted to have sex. After much work at getting her undressed, I was able to achieve penetration, however she offered no assistance and acted like she was asleep, I think in hopes that I would just go away. I was able to climax, and rolled over on the bed to sleep. She got up, took a shower, and went back to bed herself.

Saturday - I woke up early Saturday morning. I showered and got dressed, and Shaina did not want to get out of bed. I allowed her to sleep in while I went to the hotel restaurant and had breakfast. I returned to the room one hour later, and she still wanted to sleep... so I took out my laptop, and began to do some work. One and a half hours later, I did finally get her out of bed and she got ready to go. We took a cab to the location where we were going to meet the tour bus for the day. We were early, and she was telling me that she was hungry, so I took here to a restaurant close by and bought her breakfast. After she finished with her meal we proceeded back to the shop to wait for the bus. She went into the shop and asked me to buy her some items to remember the trip. I gladly bought her the small items, thinking that she will be allot more happy for the day with the little items in her purse. The bus is running slow, and finally arrives..... We spend all morning until lunch time riding through the city. We also stop and do some shopping for me at one of the stops. We later get off, and have a very nice lunch together.

Shaina wants to travel back to where the shops are located, so we get back on the bus and proceed to the shopping area. We however are to late, and the shops have already closed for the day. ( 4:00pm) I promise her that we have all day Sunday to get back to the shops. We both decide that we should just head for the hotel and think about what we want to do later. By the time we arrive back at the hotel, I am getting very tired and want to get some sleep before we do anything that evening. It is now 5:00pm. Shaina has no interest in sleeping, and insists on watching TV and keeping the lights on. I really do try to show patience to her, and try to ignore all of the light and noise. I however get very upset when my sleep is disturbed, and disturbed it was... Next thing I know, the hotel phone is ringing, and Shaina about knocks me out trying to get it. It seems that the caller was her mother, and she did not want her to know that she was with someone. The fact that Shaina's mother is calling MY hotel room does not make me any happier. I think to myself how rude that is. Shaina proceeds to talk on the phone for almost 20 minutes to this person. As you might guess, I can not sleep through this, and the phone is on my side of the bed. She tells me that the call is her mother checking in with her, I have no idea if this is true or not, but she did speak for some time. Once done with the call, Shaina proceeds to get back on her side of the bed, and starts to type out a instant message on her cell phone.

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She has been typing messages throughout the weekend, and I have said nothing, however the click noise she makes with the keys is now making me even more upset. ( By the way, Lenka also used her phone to type messages over and over throughout her stay.. very irritating) Over the next few hours, I would try to go back to sleep, and she would get another instant message, and be busy clicking away again. To my surprise, the phone rings again... and Shaina jumps up to answer it. She does not speak very long this time, however at this point I am furious. When she hangs up the phone, I ask her why people are calling MY hotel room, and she says " It is my mom, silly." I then explain to her that I am very upset that she has people calling my room and bothering me. She explains that her mother has the phone number from caller ID. I then explain to her that she is not to answer my phone again, and proceed to tell her that the call could be my office or worse, my wife. Neither would be very happy with a visitor in my hotel room. She seems to not care about my concerns and tells me that her mother may call again. I then tell her that I am tired of her typing messages on her phone also, that it is keeping me from sleeping... So she proceeds to tell me that the phone is her brother, and that she loves her brother and she will continue to reply back to his messages... As if on queue, another message arrives, and this time Shaina goes into the bathroom to type her reply.... great I think... no more noise. I then proceed to unplug the room phone so that I can be assured no more calls that evening. When Shaina returns from the bathroom, she turns off the lights and seems to be ready for bed. I begin to try to get close to her, and she turns away from me. Due to my anger over my evenings sleep, I just ask her " It has been phone and message time all night, when will it me sex time?"

She proceeds to tell me " Tomorrow, twice tomorrow" We, I am not sure about you... but it should be twice every day, and so far Saturday has been a no sex day. This answer does not please me at all. I am paying good money for the company of a lady and while considerate to her wishes, I think to myself how unprofessional. Even though Lenka was not the perfect companion, at least she showed me respect. I roll over to go to sleep, but before doing so, I tell Shaina that there may not be a tomorrow, I may go home early. She asks me why, and I tell her that she has made me very angry, and that I am not used to a person in my presence showing me such little respect. This makes her upset, however we speak no more that night. At some point early in the AM around 4:00am or so, I decide to roll over and try to show some affection towards her, I do not want her to have hurt feelings even though I am not happy. I place my hand on her back and begin to give her a back rub. Within 10 seconds, she takes her hand onto mine, and shoves my hand back over to my side of the bed. ( Once again, I think to myself, I am paying for sex... if I had an unhappy customer, the first thing to do would do is get busy in bed to make him happy again.... however this idea was lost on Shaina....)

Sunday - Well 7:00am arrives, and I am still very tired, I had a horrible nights sleep, and was hopeful that today would be a much better day. Shaina proceeds to actually get up with me this morning, and proceeds to get in the shower. Once she was done showering, she begins to pack her bags. I say nothing, I am not sure at this point if she really plans to leave or if she is wanting me to play the "boyfriend" and ask her to stay. Once she is done packing, she comes into the bedroom, she counts to make sure that all of her money is still there and tells me " she must go now." I tell her ok, and out the door she goes. I do not know what became of her after this. She did however leave her cell phone charger in the hotel room. I brought it back with me to the US and will be happy to ship it to you, if she wants it back.

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So lets look at what happened. I spent $198 to fly her to Berlin, I spent $980 for the weekend , and over $800 to travel home a day early. Hmm... that is $589 per sexual contact. This is not a very good deal for me.... and that does not even count the fact that I spent more money to get home....So now, let me ask you a few questions.. Do women from Slovakia even enjoy having sex? Both of the ladies I have been with did not seem very interested. Do the ladies that you provide understand the job that they are expected to perform? As you might have remembered, I selected Shaina because she was willing to provide oral sex without a condom, in reality she was not willing to provide oral sex at all....

So now that you have heard the entire story, I am interested in understanding what you are willing to do for me, to keep me a client, and help me overcome the feeling that I was ripped off. - END OF LETTER TO AGENCY

So gents, I am a two time useer of the agency, and have had little happiness with them. I do not want anyone to think that the agency itself is not customer oriented, because the women who runs it seems very responsive and willing to work with me to try to make it up to me.... we will see... I will post a follow-up once the agency tells me what they plan to do to resolve my dissatisfaction.

Any feedback is welcome, and maybe I am to used to the Del Rey and the Ticas to understand why these Eastern European ladies are so difficult. I have never had this kind of problem while traveling in Russia.

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