Prostitution Report
from South Korea

I had been feeling very cooped up inside the office of our company. I had been brought from the United States to help launch a new internet company in Seoul, Korea.I took a cab from Seoul Station to Itaewon and started to walk around. I walked around exploring, and soon discovered that there are literally dozens of night-clubs and bars catering to foreigners in the area. I walked by and was solicited by various Korean workers who called out from the bars, trying to get me to come in.After I walked the length of Itaewon and came back. I walked down a side street and was accosted by an eager women from a tiny bar. She said if I came in it would be just her and me for a few drinks and she grabbed my crotch. I decided what the hell. She was not beautiful but she was cute.

She took me to the back of the bar and sat me down. She drew some curtains and began to stroke me through my jeans. She said drinks were 5,000 won for the beer and to buy her a drink would be 10,000 won. She said if I bought her a drink she would suck my dick. I said ok and she went to get a shot. She came back and had me take down my pants. She began to play with my dick and balls. She then starting sucking on my dick with no condom. I think she was using the alcohol as a way to kill any germs that might have existed in her mouth or on my dick.

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She kept up her racket, going to get drinks but she raised the price. She was very drunk and I don’t think she was conscious of what she was doing. She was just so trained to extract money for sexual play that she could act by habit, without having to consciously control herself. She began acting like she really liked me and I admit that I was fooled. She talked about becoming my girlfriend outside of the bar. She said that she had a lot of money and that she would pay for me. She talked about charging 300,000 won and she would pay me back half. She used up all of my money and brought over another women who also began kissing me and playing with my cock. I finally ran out of money and they had to put some drinks on my credit card. I said ok, and she began putting shots down like they were water. Maybe they were, but she was so drunk she could barely function. She took down her panties and began to sit on my dick without her panties. She had me touch her pussy and she kept playing with my cock, sucking it periodically without any condom over my dick. As I said she was using the alcohol as a disinfectant.Finally she brought me the check saying that we would leave to go to her place and that she would not come back to the place that night. She would stay with me and I would sleep over at her house. She was saying she would pay me money to teach her English. She was also saying that she was a very
bad woman (meaning no morals) but that I was a very nice man.

She was very drunk and I am quite certain she didn’t fully know what she was saying or doing. The only thing was that she was trying to extract money from me more and more. When I finally got her to understand that I was not going to put any more money on my card, she said we could. Leave. She argued for a long time with the proprietress and I didn’t know what the nature of the conversation was. I later found out what was said but it was incredibly stupid of me to believe a drunken bar-worker who said she really liked me.Ultimately we left but only after I paid 800,000 won and 110,000 won on my credit card. I had paid for 2 to 3 women and was just too stupid to realize it. I was such a stupid idiot. However, I have the money to cover the charge so its better for me to have learned on invaluable lesson and never ever make the same mistake twice.

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When we left she took me to another bar when I think she was trying to gloat over having me. She was tying to make the impression that we were boyfriend and girlfriend but her friends were so obviously non-believing that it could have given her no satisfaction. We danced a bit and pretended to be lovers but it just wouldn’t work.

She was so drunk she was spilling alcohol all over the place and she also kept drinking. She wanted me to pay for drinks for her friends but I had
already been cleaned out of every penny I had (including the American dollars I had been carrying around). She tried to steal my credit card and that’s when I realized she was fucking nuts. She left and came back and asked me why I didn’t go with her. She got into a arguing match with the other women in the place and they were asking me to take her away. I wouldn’t touch her but tried to be patient. It was not good. I left and returned to the bar where we had started out. I explained to the proprietress what was happening and she asked me to got get her. Her name was Huenji by the way. I said no and her friend went to get her instead. She came back but was too drunk to be able to undertand. It was already
past the point where I could go home by subway and I had to wait it out as the proprietor yelled at her (I didn’t know if it was a scam or not) and
threatened to call the police. She wanted me to get the money back from Huenji and she would give me back her credit card receipt for the 800,000
won. I tried to reason with H but she just wouldn’t listen. She ran away. The woman went to get her and asked me to wait. She said to have a beer but I didn’t want to drink any more. Luckily across the night I had probably the equivalent of 4 or 5 drinks and so was quite sharp witted without being a stupid drunk.

Ultimately, the proprietress offered me a knockout substitute. She was the most beautiful woman in the place in my opinion and if I had my pick I would have selected her anyway. She also sat me down and apologized for the problem. She offered me 3 girls at once for a while to just relax and
enjoy, and afterward she would sent me to a motel with the knockout for several hours. I said ok.
Next I entered sexual nirvana as first Young-un, the girl that I said was the knockout sucked on my dick and then Mia (who was not attractive but had nice lips and pussy) came over and joined in, sucking on my dick over and over (almost making me come). Then a third girl joined in and rubbed me and slightly touched my dick but didn’t suck on it. She also kissed me full on the lips as both of the other girls did as well. All this was taking place as I sat in a leather couch at the back of the bar with my pants down to my thighs but my shirt still on as they stroked and sucked on my nipples.

It comes without saying that I was very excited by all of this. 3 different women sucking on my dick, 4 different women kissing me with full tongue, and I was getting ready to leave with a absolute knockout. She finally said, its time to go and the other girls sent me on my way, thanking me and saying that they liked me a lot and that I was very handsome and had a nice body. They were all full of it but it was nice to hear nonetheless.I left with Sun-ju and we caught a cab. The first motel we went to was closed and would not take us in. The second was hidden back behind some buildings and up a hill. The old woman that we woke up to take a room didn’t look too happy but the room was on 20,000 won. Then young-un asked me to clean myself. I don’t think she trusted the women who had been sucking on me and didn’t want to put her mouth where it was not clean.

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I cleaned my private parts with some ice cold water and soap. The motel room didn’t have any hot water. I came out and she was wearing nothing but her underwear. I was nude and laid down on the bed. It was a tiny bed but comfortable enough. She reached over and started sucking on my dick, no condom. She sucked it until it was fully hard. Then she slipped on a condom and laid down on her back. By the way, she asked me if I had a condom but when I said I didn’t she had to go downstairs and get one from I don’t know where; maybe the old woman??!!I entered here and began to fuck her. She had a cute body and it was good to enter her. I tried to prolong the amount of time before I came, and she even moaned out not to come yet, but with all of the excitement I had experienced I think it was a very brief period of time before I came. It was ok.

She cleaned me off and asked me to go clean myself o that she could stroke me as we laid still together. I did as she asked and laid down next to her. She played with me as we talked. It was while we talked that we made a friendly and slightly deeper connection. I told her about me and my situation here in Korea but it was my mention of my major that finally got her interested. When she heard that I was a philosophy major she brightened up. She said that she had majored in French literature and we were able to discuss writers like Camus, Sartre, and others. I told her about some of my favorite writers and favorite ideas. After I while we laid next to one another and then she played with me and sucked on me until I was hard and then she rode me. The bed was knocking loudly against the wall and she put my hands against the headboard to hold it in place. I held the headboard in place and I think she rode me until she came. I don’t know if she really came or not but I will give her the benefit of the doubt. I told her I was not finished and she laid on her back. I then fucked her hard and good and long, deep inside her.

That time felt the best for me. I think she got much more into it and when I came I moaned into her ear. Afterward we laid down for a while and when she got dressed I did too. I took a cab with her back to Itaewon and the bar. She gave me her telephone number and I was going to leave but I needed to get money for a cab. She walked with me down the street to the 7-11 where I could withdraw money from my Korean Bank account.After I withdrew money I was going to catch a cab but she asked me to come back to the bar and have one last drink with her. She was hanging on my arm now and seemed much more comfortable and relaxed with me. I agreed to come back for one last drink and when we entered the bar only Mia was left. We sat at the back and she got us 2 beers. We sat and drank and talked. She smoked cigarettes but we had a really good talk about philosophy and life. She is very perceptive and while her English is not fluent it is quite good in that she is able to communicate deep ideas without having to speak them in Korean. She was so cute. She told me in bed that she was actually 35 but had told me at first in the bar that she was 28.

We sat drinking for an hour. She kept stroking my dick through my pants. I would have been sore but I wanted her more. She made mouth movements as if she was going to suck me more. I told her she made me want to be back at the motel. We had one last drink and then she said lets go. I said ok and paid for the drinks – 24,000 won bringing my total to the night to nearly exactly 1,000,000 won. We left and went to the motel. I paid for the cab this time and I paid for the motel room – the same one, 10,000 more won. She held my arm as we walked back up to the motel. When we got there we quickly got undressed and she sucked me until I was nice and hard again. This time was really good. She was really into it and the difference was that the first time she did not kiss me, but this time she kissed me very hard and with her full tongue. She was moaning and saying things in Korean that I could not understand but they turned me on nonetheless. I finally came and moaned in her ear as I did so. It was so damn good. She had told me earlier in the bar that she really liked hearing me come.

Afterward we lay together and then dozed off to sleep. I woke up an hour and a half later and looked at the clock. It was around 7:45. I knew I need to leave so I took a cold shower and got dressed. I told her I had to go to work and I left.

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