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from Spain

After all this time I finally got around to visiting Barcelona, Spain for two weeks. I really like this town with it´s good food, great music, and throbbing nightlife (not to mention the muchas senoritas bonitas). This town kind of reminds me of Rio de Janeiro .... and that can only be good. There are good beaches in town and at smaller towns not far away were the gals go topless and of course there are fully nude areas also. This place is pretty sweet. Anyway, between doing the touristy stuff I certainly took the time to find out what the sex scene was all about- and these are my findings so far.....

The first place I visited was the infamous ¨Bagdad¨ - a place were they put on live sex shows and sometimes have audience participation. I showed up at 11PM and was surprised at how few people were there, but since it was a Tuesday night I suppose it shouldn´t have been too big a shock. Now I´ve seen many sex shows in my days so this stuff doesn´t usually do much for me, but I must admit that they had some really good looking women on the stage. Only one of the performers looked latino, all the rest seemed to be Eastern European. There was one gal who had a buzz-cut, with tattoes on all over her face, kind of freaky if you ask me.

I had only been there about ten minutes at the most checking out the show when one of the performers walked by and tapped me on the shouulder. I turned around and a hot gal from the Czech Rep. introduced herself to me. She was a very cute blonde gal with a nice, slim body. Found memories of my time in Prague came rushing back (I need to get back there). She asked me to come back to a row of chairs behind the audience so we could talk- obviously I had no problem with this. Behind the audience, she told me that she´d like me to by her a drink and then we could go to a back area and ¨Discuss how this works¨. I wasn´t really sure what she was getting at and I don´t tend to fall for the ¨buy a drink and we´ll see how it goes¨ routine. I was tempted, but declined her offer and went back to see what was going on with the show. She went on stage to performed a lesbian session with another lady 30 minutes later. She had a great body.

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I watched the show for a solid hour and a half before I got real bored with the scene, so I decided to leave and hit the Ramblas. On the way out I talked to blondy again and she once again asked me to by her a drink (60 Euros BTW) and spend time with her, I told her I might come back at a later date. This club on the corner of Nou de la Rambla & Parallel. Summary: Not bad for a boring sex show. Worth a look. 60 Euros entrance.

The next place I visited was a Massage parlour called ¨Masaje Relax¨ at Eric Granados, 66 (white door). This has turned out to be my favorite haunt. There are mostly gals from all over South America (Brazil, Venezuala, Bolivia, etc) but I´ve been told they have a few EB gals there also. The ones I have been with give very good massages and the sex is great to boot! The ladies aren´t all model material, but I´ve always found at least two that I found attractive. The ladies speak little to no English. They charge 90 Euros for 45 mins, 125 Euros for an hour, and even more if you want even more. No hassles - no headaches. I had a great time with a beauty from Venezuala with a killer ass named Tania. Definitely hope to see her again.

Summary: My #1 favorite in Barcelona.
I made why way to ¨New Aribau Showgirls¨ at Aribau, 220 on a Thursday night. 10 Euros charged for entrance and that gets you a free drink. The guy at the register was very friendly and welcomed me to the club. I walked up the stairs and viewed about 30 or so ladies, many of them quite good looking. About every 30 mins or so a lady would get on stage and strip- all the ones I saw had excellent bodies. A lot of variety also, there were Africans, a few Spanish, and of course the EB gals. I was quoted 50 Euros for a lady´s drink. To spend time with a gal upstairs the prices were: 20 mins - 120 Euros, 40 mins - 150 Euros, and 60 mins - 250 Euros!!! (that 250 shit doesn´t sound right). I like the place, but those prices seem a little on the high side to me. I bought a few ladies drinks and BS´d for a while but that´s it. I may head there again later.

Summary: Expensive, but I like.
Practically the next door over from ¨Showgirls¨ was ¨Sauna Yuma¨ at Aribau, 230. But all I saw there were a handful of ugly, ugly, African chicks. I left without asking prices.

Summary: Yuck!!
Saturday night I decided to make my way to the well known ¨Club Riviera¨ just outside of Castelldefels. Getting there ws straightforward enough and I paid 12 Euros for entrance. The minute I stepped into the main bar I was grabbed by two hideous Italian chicks. When I managed to break free from them the situation wasn´t much better. Sure there were many ladies, but these were the skankiest looking women I had yet to lay my eyes on in Spain. They were very hardcore and aggressive, and had the nerve to get mad at you when you turned them down. This one Romanian chick spent the rest of the night yelling at me, ¨fuck you man¨ after I declined her advances. Truly fucked up women with bad attitudes. The only bright spot was that I met a sweet Brazilian chick and I had a great time brushing up on my Portuguese. I went to a room with her and we talked for a while afterwards, she gave me her number back in Rio and I may cal her there when we´re both back in Brazil. Still, I´ll never go back to the Riviera. 70 Euros for 30 mins. 140 Euros for an hour. Many of the gals try to sucker you into agreeing to 350 Euros for 3 hours.

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Summary: Easily forgetable experience. This place both doth sucketh and bloweth - you may be able to find a gem here, but onlt after dealing with many rotten apples. BTW- I talked with an Italian guy out in Riviera´s parking lot who told me the he´d been to Club Saratoga (just down the road) but that Riviera was much better! That was enough to make me decide not to visit the Saratoga. In conclusion: the sex scene here isn´t as great as Thailand or Brazil, but it beats the hell out of many places in the world. You just have to shop around and once you find the place(s) you like - stick with them. I found two magazines that really helped me out: the ¨Guia de Ocio¨ (1 Euro) and ¨Sex Barcelona - Erotic Guide¨ (3.75 Euros). The former is best for finding out places to hit in Barcelone while the latter lists clubs and massage parlours in cities such as Alicante, Madrid, Valencia, Malage, Barcelona, etc.- plus it has some nice naughty pictures too.

I have a week left here and plan to make the most of it. Hope you guys find the report helpful.

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