Prostitution Report
from Switzerland

In short, the service there, at least for me, was far from desirable. I was received by an old man who seated me in a corner of the lobby surrounded by cubicle walls (not a bad idea for privacy). However, when one of the women came to get me, it was clear that she was the only choice I had, even though there were other girls there. She was not very attractive, around 40, and even though the man knew that I didn't speak German, she spoke absolutely no English.

She asked me by pointing at the price list what I wanted, and I asked if it was possible to get the 4-hand massage, pointing at the list. She said no and gave the impression that the other girls were busy. So, I said "20 minutes, Franzosisch" and pointed to the first item on the list, which was 90 CHF. I gave her 2 50's, and she told me to undress and took me to the shower, where she gestured for me to shower and knock on the door when I was done. On to the 20 minute session. She actually gave a pretty good back massage, which gave me hope for the followup, but when she turned me over it became quite uncomfortable, as she lay down on top of me and slid up and down, withOUT the benefit of any lotion or similar lubricant, meaning that my skin was pulled quite painfully at times.

And on to the final event. True to their word, it was BBBJ, but in name only. The entire event consisted of her holding me firmly with her hand while she barely touched me with her mouth, sweeping her lips across the end back and forth and just occasionally sticking it in her mouth about an inch. Despite this treatment, I did manage to come, actually in her mouth during one of the rare instances she took me in, but the second I did she jerked me out and spit and proceeded to castigate me in German, even while I was finishing the ejaculation. As soon as she finished wiping me off, she very authoritatively pointed at me and said "Finito" and pointed for me to go take a shower. In short, this has to be the worst blowjob I have ever received, with or without a condom. On top of that, she kept the entire 100 even though the cost was only 90 CHF (I would have happily given it to her if the service had been at all enjoyable).

I also understand their desire to be discreet and keep their customers' from seeing each other, but she took it to an absurd extreme. Everytime she would take me to the shower or somewhere else, she would look out the door, and then grab me and drag me at a jog down the hall, like we were sneaking around and she was afraid of being caught. I do not know if this is the case with the other women at this establishment, as Esther was the only one I saw, but based on her accounting of herself I will never give them another chance. I would encourage strong caution when considering whether a marginal BBBJ is worth a trip to Bermuda. Paradise it is definitely not.

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