Prostitution Report
from Taiwan

Well, bros, I spent some time in Taipei last week and I'm back now for just a day before leaving again. But, wanted to update you on a few things.
Last week, two other visitors and I went with some local guys to a KTV called Hsin Di-Ann. It's owned by the same people who own Red Horse. The bottom line is that it's quite good, but I think I still prefer Red Horse.
At Hsin Di-Ann, the girls come into your room and stay for 20 minutes shifts (same as Red Horse). The primary difference is the required seating arrangement for the girls is straddled across your lap. This is a bit more fun and it helps accelerate the touching and fooling around part of the short-term relationship... always a good thing, right?! The girls were quite pretty and their uniforms were okay. They do not do an hourly lapdance as is done at Red Horse. The tip per 20 minutes is the same: NT$300 per girl.

All of the girls were available for take-out, but the prices were much too high. We were quoted NT$8,000 to pay the girl (same as at Red Horse) PLUS the girl's time so far at the KTV which normally came to about NT$2,500. So, the total was NT$10,500!! Absurd! We didn't take any of the girls home. Instead we went immediately to a sauna I know and had a fantastic full service experience for less than NT$4,000 each.Bottom line: Hsin Di-Ann was fun, but for the price I think we'll try Red Horse instead. However, next time we'll probably check out another KTV from some earlier messages here. I'll let you know how it goes.

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