Prostitution Report
from Thailand

My starting point was Europe and i traveled with Thai airways who i like the most as the economy seat is good with 34 inches of pitch and check in and service was and is the best in my opinion, the food is ok and Thai is not the cheapest but i think the best and as it is direct it is the flight for me.
I always drop a sleeping tablet and 10 minitues before the plane landed i was shaken by a old thai lady and i looked out the window and new i was nearly in the place i call heaven.
Walking down the arrivals and you start to feel hot and ready for action and the Thai voices start to sound good as you are on the Thai land of the smiles. Got a taxi and it was green and yellow and a good car a toyota it was about 300 baht to my hotel in Sukhumvit, i had booked into the Landmark hotel as my little number two girl was coming to stay a few days and i wanted it to be nice and i had never tryed the mark before so this was my home for 3 days and 3 nights. I must say i only checked one girl in but the hotel was very nice and the room was super, the pool was relaxing and i rated it as very good for the money 3500 baht plus vat and tax but i did have a better room than standard. I am not going to show a pic of my number 2 girl as we have been friends for nearly 4 years and for this i hope you guys do not give me to much shit, thank you.

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I went for a swim and a little sun, then went for a walk it was morning time as i had arrived in bkk airport at 5.45am and was hypa active and horny as hell. Alittle later my girl arrived and we did a bit in the room and i felt better. Then we went shopping and a round Bangkok, the only way a round this big city is to use the sky train which i do as it is quick and in the long term cheaper than taxis as in cars, do not use the TUK TUKS only if you want to be lead a journey all over the city and taken to places with bull shit prices and be stung in the pocket by the driver who makes out he is your friend, no he is by birth a slimmy shit, i learnt the hard way many years ago. However a tuk tuk is a thai thing and experence it for sure but 1 or 2 miles later get out pay the driver and walk off saying thank you. The sky train is about 300 baht for a 3 day pass and you can use all day as many times as you like.

So with my girl i relaxed and had a nice time shopping for both of us and i was buying some nice things for my family in MBK which is a great place to shop and some good prices to be had if you drive a hard bargain. We went to a nice hotel and had lunch, watching the world go by on the river, romantic and posh but a nice change The other thing i did that i have not got round to doing is we went to the bayoke tower and went to the very top and this was a nice thing to do and the view was amazing, if you have a girl and you want a nice day out then do this as it is well worth the visit.

The next picture shows you the view of the sukhumvit road area so look and see if you can see any places you reconise???? The time i had with girl number 2 was good and a girl friend thing was nice, we went to some nice places and they were Bed super club, and Q bar both in soi 11. I sent her off and i had to as i was up for some play and another day or two and i was of to Pattaya. I had a prowl around and did a few things like buy some blue dvds which are a bargin at 180 baht each and they are top American porn with all the stars, i was in gulivers which is a american dinner type of place and i came a cross a girl i meet a few years back who was a sexy bitch and i have not seen for a long time, she was all over me and i could not help my self but take her to my new room, i had moved to the Majestic suites for a few days as it was cheaper and you do have to think of the economics when you are playing and paying the holiday bill in full. She stayed and did me to the max many times, it was one hell of a night.

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The next day i did a bit of the shopping thing and all the tourist bits as Bangkok is one hell of a place and then the night time was on me and i went on the piss and went round Nana, Soi Cowboy and CM2 disco, i pulled this nice thing and when we got outside she made up some bull shit story and pissed of as she had a problem with a friend, well i thing it was that i was drunk and she did not want to play with me, silly bitch i am sound and i am even more kind with the Baht when i am pissed.She lost out but then this does happen in Thailand as when a girl does not want to play she does not they our a little in control. So i got a taxi to Nana disco and made it for the last drink, when i came out there was hundreds of girls outside hanging around and 10 or more giving me the eye, i was just about to take this one that was ok when i saw this one girl who was nice and looked a bit more of a lady, smart and not looking if any thing looking away and i walked over to have a good look, her friend spoke and we all went to a resturant and had a nice meal, it was some place they new and it helped me to soaber up and it was a nice place totaly full of Thai people. Anyway we got a taxi back to my hotel and she stayed the night, she wanted 2000 baht for her taxi home and i am sure you know what i mean the rest was nice but was not as good as it could have been, i think i drank to much to be fair to the girl.

The one thing i must say is that out side the Nana disco is that it is a great place to pull at the end of the night and it is hot with talent i took a few pics but they do not show the bigger picture but i can promise you plenty of talent is on offer. Off i went to Pattaya so report to follow soon but i do not have time now.

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