Prostitution Report
from United Kingdom

Price: £245 for 2hrs of fun

Met this solvakian stunner through her email and she met me at the local mcdonalds prior to the session. upon my request she wore micro skirt with a lycra stretch top showing her ample cleavage and black thigh high boots complimenting her atleast 40" long legs. had a brief chat and I followed her in her car to her luxruious apartment. Lena is around 6ft tall blonde figure of 34dd*24*34 and mane of blonde hair and a very sexy smile.

On arrival she offered me a drink and then dissapeared for a while and then she called me in the bedroom where she was sitting wearing a sexy number a red silky bra and knickers and still wearing her boots as i strictly requsted that I my self will peel her boots off as I have a mild foot fetish. I qiuckly undressed and sat beside her kissing her cheeks and her lips down to her chest pressing her bust as they were enahnced breasts I dont mind that took off her bra to have a look at these melons they were so thight I just could not help sucking them lena at the same thime was stroking my tool with her bare hands running her long nails along the length.

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I felt felt something moist on my tool as Lena transferred some saliva from her mouth to my tool with her fingers same thime i was stiff as rock she grabbed my tool in her hands and it vanished in her wet mouth she said fuck me in my mouth as i started pumping in and out of her lips she was making sure it was well lubricated using a lot of saliva and i saw it dripping all over her hands. I knew I was ok to handle a bbbj as I took viagra. S o pulled out and pushed her back and started returning the favour licking her pussy inside out it was clean and clean shaven I used a lot of saliva to really lubricate it but her own jiuces were enough normally wg's dont allow you to really endulge in the pussy.

Some how my tongue reached her anus and did a bit off analingus she did not mind that and then worked my self down to her long pins and to her boots and unzipped them both and peeled her boots away and licked and sucked her feet and toes till every inch as been under my inspection. Lena then quickly applied a condom on my cock and I entered her miss position pushing her legs right back to get deep pen.

Same time she stuck her toe in my mouth then she made me lye on my back and she jumped on me and started riding my cock and making loud noises I said i wana fuck you doggy she oblidged and jumped off and went on all fours sticking her ass in my face I rapidaly stuck my cock in her pussy and after a few strokes she lubbed her ass hole and guided my tool in there as this was my first time in the a level I was a bit scarred but lena really helped as slowly my penis was inside its definetily a different kind off satisfaction in anal. The grand finale was the best as she took of the cover and gave me good lick as I shot my load partly in her mouth and her face she swallowd the lot not a trace of spunk. Best way to end 2000 in style but an expensive experience.

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