Prostitution Report
from United Arab Emirates

Well, Dubai is a fab place to be, definitely the best in the gulf. There are hookers in virtually every hotel in Dubai and I'm not kidding. I generally (as my budget is rather low) frequent a couple of hotels near the Deira end of the Shindagha tunnel. Just go in and ask the guy at the desk if they have women. Don't worry, people from all over the gulf ask them the same question. There you have the "Hawaii" and next to those, the "Dolphin" and the "Nile". Generally all you get are russians and they charge about Dh 100 for the room and you have to pay Dh 100 for the girl for a one shot. They will charge you extra for a bj (Dh 50) and anal is definitely out. However, I have gotten away with paying Dh 50 for the room on occasion. The best girls I have had are at the Hawaii and they are sometimes fabulous. I have had my share of bad experiences in the other two hotels. The women just lie there and wait for you to finish up. And nothing ruins a guys enthusiasm than that.

The girls at Hawai are generally better. If she likes you you can pay her Dh 100 and she will throw in the BJ for free. I once carried flavoured condoms with me and she laughed and went down on me faster than the Titanic. Don't generally try and chat with them as they all have sorrowful stories to relate. However you have some cheerful gals who would like to generally please you.There are so many other hotels in the Naif Area and I have browsed once or twice around the area. Some are good and some are bad. Therefore, I just stay with what I like.

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The club scene is great as well. At night Dubai comes alive at all the discos and nightclubs. There are so many to choose from. You have the Cyclone, where nearly every woman is a hooker. Just look at them for a second more than usual and she'll be with you.. You have to pay Dh 50 entrance though. However the girls are much better some who are 7-8 out of 10. However, get there early as you have a better choice and she won't increase her charges too much. Generally if you're there around 8pm you can get a great gal for about Dh 200-300. This is because there aren't many guys and she can get back to work once she's done with you. If you're there after 1am, forget it.. the same girl will charge you as much as Dh 500-600. Whatever time you pick her up, she'll take you to a hotel she prefers or you can ask her home. Depending on where you take her, the hotels could cost from as little as Dh 50 to Dh300. If you're with a great girl and going for a one time only, it's better to do with a small place. She won't mind.

The zodiac is extremely great as well. There are generally about 60-70 girls in there. Everything from Ethiopians to Chinese women. The music is great as well and she will dance with you. Do not take her after 1am, she will charge you too much. I have seen a girl who was maybe a 5 out of 10 and she was charging Dh 700, mainly because there were so many guys asking her and she was one of the few girls left. If you have that kind of money to spend, it would be a better idea to go to the Hyatt.The Premiere at the Hyatt is a high class joint. Here you can find even Europeans sometimes. I have met a great gal named Cindy (I think that wasn't her real name) who was from the U.K. I didn't have much money, but she accepted the Dh 600 I had and we had a fab two hours in my house. She was a pro and left soon to go back to work. It was expensive, but that is the only time I have had a European hooker in Dubai. "I paid up that much just for the sake of doing a European in Dubai.

There are also some great gals who you can meet at Rock Bottoms, If you get friendly with one of them, you'll most probably find that she's a stewardess or someone hanging out with a stewaress. A lot of Airline crew go there and if you're REALLY lucky, you can get her and she'd be all free...!!! It has happened to me once. Here I was chating her up and about to ask her how much, when she asked me "I'm fed up of partying, you wanna go to your place or mine..?" I took her to my place. However, you might have a tough time getting in as the bouncers sometimes don't allow you in for free. If this happens try another night.You do also get Filipinos. Never mistake a chinese woman for a Filipino. Chines women hang out at most of the clubs in the evening or you find them at the hotels. Filipinos are generally harder to find due to the great influx of the Russians. You can find Filipinos at some of the restaurants in Bur Dubai and Karama. Since you will never know if she is or isn't a hooker, it's hard to try and find out. However, I have once picked one up from the side streets of Bur Dubai off the Computer street. She loved her work and was working as a part time waitress as well.. I even later found out that she had a kid, but you could never tell. She looked so young and she was so tight, I thought she was maybe 20-23 years old.. She charged me Dh 200 and took I took her to my place. She game me a massage and then we got to know each other a little better and this helped her to give ma a fantastic time.

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You can also try the "Mujra" pubs. These are some of the indian nightclubs at the "Peninsula", etc. It's a bar where ther's a stage and they have these Indian women dancing to Indian music.. It was extremely nice, and when one of the girls isn't dancing, you can ask her if she would like to go out later. She will come with you after the show finishes, or when she takes a break. They generally cost about Dh 100-200 per shot, and she was extremely beautiful and great. We had a bit of a language problem as she understood only broken english. But we managed.I haven't had an Ethiopian, but I have seen them and they are gross and I didn't want to even try. A lot of labourers etc. generally ask them and they charge about Dh 20-50. Not worth even that.If you have excellent contacts and a whold load of money, go for a Moroccan. I have seen them and the only word to describe them is "Amazing" I have met one who was staying with a rich Arab friend, but she charged Dh 3200 for a night, and well, I'm not made of that kind of money.

If you're visiting Dubai and can't be bothered with going out and looking for women, just call the hotel concierge. I know it sounds silly, but the concierge will be able to direct you.. They generally get a comission from some of the women and he can recommend someone who will suit you.. Every hotel in Dubai has a few hookers somewhere in the building. (Some screw the concierges to get in, others offer the concierge a commision.) Trust me, I know some of the concierges in some of the hotels in Dubai.. The City Center, Hilton and, Intercontinental are just a few of the hotels where I know this happens.

A word of advice... Never tell a girl how much money you have to spend... never go anywhere without a condom. All kinds of diseases are just out there. Never take chances...

Well, now that you know, plan your next holiday here.. Dubai is the only place in the Middle East where everything to whet your appetite is available. All you have to do is get there...

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