Prostitution Report
from Venezuela

I spent the weekend in Maracay, Venezuela, a medium-sized city about 2 hours straight west of Caracas. I hit "Quinta Cristal" as well as another place called "Buenos Aires". On a Saturday night, Q.C. had 15-20 chicas working who ranged (in looks, on my subjective rating scale) from 4's to 7.5's. The price was Bs. 20,000 (at the time I visited the exchange rate was about Bs. 1500 to US 1$) for everything (25 minutes full-service, in a room on location). You can negotiate for longer if you like. I was told take-out is not available, however, I would doubt that.

Also, checked out B.A. at a taxi driver's suggestion- this place was more out of the way on the outskirts of town. Definitely appeared a little more "peligroso" and I confirmed this with a couple of locals later. I wouldn't go there alone next time. B.A. was definitely a local place but in my opinion was better than Q.C. on this night. There were at least 30 women working ranging from 5's to solid 8's. Add to the fact that the price was only Bs. 15000 for 30 minutes and it was definitley a better overall value.By the way, there was no cover charge for either of these places and a beer will set you back Bs. 1000 (US $.66). That's my price!

In conclusion, Maracay seems to be worth checking out if you get disillusioned with the Caracas P4P scene (not hard to do). You probably won't find any 9's or 10's in the brothels of Maracay but you can find some quality, cheap fun. Would I make a special trip from the U.S. or another country just to visit Maracay- no. But it's definitely worth a look-see if you're in the area...

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