Prostitution Report
from Brazil

First time poster but have been reading this forum for a couple of months. As my name indicates I have been a fond monger of that big Carribean island until about a year ago when the "Beard" put his foot down on the chicas. With that in mind I decided it was time to return to Rio again. My last time was in 1994 and the year before that. This thread will be sort of an introduction. I need to sort through about 400 pictures to pick out the best ones to share.

A little about the trip is that I arrived with two of my buddies the 15th of February instead of the 14th because of missing my United Airlines check in cut off time by 5 minutes (in the states United has a 45 minute before flight check in policy). The result though was that we met up with 3 other mongers on the next day's flight that turned out to be a great crew. It's great to be with others who appreciate 18, 19 and 20 year old pussy.

The first night we romped around to the tune of about 12 Garotas. At one point I was reminded of the orgy scene from movie "Caligula" and before the night was over I realized I was going to need a lot more than the gross (144) of condoms I had brought with me.Brazillian Specialist who posts here was our host and his knowledge of available women was fantastic. But since we were here for Carnaval there would be no shortage of women anyway. Prices ranged from R$30 each girl at private massage places to R$100 each girl for 2 hours of orgy to R$300 each girl in places like Help and Barbarela's (but still negotiable). We went to a couple of Termas like Luomo an Monte Carlo and did a few Garotas at each one but it did not appeal to me.The 100 or so girls we went through in two weeks ranged from those who looked liked super models to strippers with silicone boobs to secretaries on holiday and a few girls next door types. None of us go for darker/African looking women so I will make no mention of them in the following posts.

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I will say this though that Rio has calmed down in the last ten years. Scala was not the same and neither was Monte Libano. The girls never even took off their tops at Help the Carnaval night I was there. Even the magazines that get printed right after Carnaval ends were bland in comparison to the ones I bought ten years ago. The Sunday parade at the Sambadrome had virtually not one white Brazillian even partially nude. Very few Samba School Queens showed their breasts also.

It was amazing that no matter where we went there were girls willing to do us. Even at Rio Azul shopping center we met some beautiful girls from Sau Paulo that were just stunning. My friend decided to talk to them despite my doubts that they would even be interested in just hanging out. Even the Garota I was with (from Brasilia) was stunned when they said they were up for a monger party .

I took a side trip with one of my new monger friends to Brasilia where the stripper I was with lived. Brasilia is very calm and unlike Rio. The only places realy to find girls is at night clubs that sell overpriced drinks but have about 60 to 70 girls available. The girls ask an average of R$300 (about $100 usd) but can be talked down. I'll elaborate later of the great motel action we had there in one of the best Presidential suites I've ever had. The two of us always had three Garotas with us at all times (different ones everyday).

For me Brasilia was special because of the stripper . She looks like Pamela Anderson and enjoys sex to the extreme. She introduced me to her stripper friends and we would go out and enjoy Brasilia during the day and enjoy the fruits of the flesh at night. She was a NO MONEY girl. In fact as I am writing this post she has called me and wants phone sex. I think I'll take her to Cancun and join a swingers club. She is sexy as hell and LOVES sex. You can see her on she is Rayssa. The other girls are friends of hers. I'll be posting the more personal pics soon.

Well that's all for now and thank you WSA for the info that was invaluable.

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