Prostitution Report
from Brazil

Oh at last the Marines have landed. The trials and tribulations of a fingerprinting session turned out to be a bit of an overreach. The whole thing took a little over 20 minutes, and that’s for everybody and that’s considering that over a half of the plane were American citizens. True, there were some sarcastic glances from certain passengers of the Lufthansa flight that were too going through the border processes with us, but would one expect otherwise? Arrived to my hotel (Parthenon-Saint Germain – thank you WSA), and was surprised to find it R$124 instead of the expected $R80. Agreed on $R107 today (Thu) and $R95 thereafter. Called Luana Martinelli (a "one or two movie" porn actress highly recommended on WSA). Voice - to die for! Beigo beigo – wow! Talking about “Mighty Aphrodite”. She said she’ll be in an hour. In an hour and a half I call back to ask her of her progress. Maximum one more hour. In one more hour I call back quite annoyed. “I’m sorry I’m sorry – 5 minutes no more!” In short she shows up in about 3,5 hours and baby!

Helen of Troy must’ve been something like this to have two wars fought over her! Was the wait worth it o what?! It’s not even her looks, which are truly impressive and trust me I’ve seen some lookers in my day or two too. It’s also her voice that I’ve already alluded to and those eyes that have ‘sex” written into them, and that sparkling awesome bubbling personality, and her wonderful kissing abilities and boy does she know how to suck and give you the right sounds and the right looks as she’s doing it – and it all so believable that you’re actually believe she is riding it with you as it’s all going on. She’s got an awesome body and good-looking breasts and as she got on top her pussy felt just tight enough and just smooth enough for me not to last all that long. Unfortunately she only allowed me a photo of her bum which is odd considering that she’s doing a mighty spread in her add on

She charges R$200/hour and R$300/two. I don’t bargain. If you do – it mostly reflects on service. After the session she skillfully asked if I was alone in Sao Paulo (which I was) and offered to take me around the next day (for the whole day) for $R300. Now she says – she got to go back home to see other client (hm… she apparently does incalls too huh…), but tomorrow she’ll spent the whole day with me + a lot of amar. We quickly found out that while I prefer museums and some sightseeing – she goes for “cinema e shopping”, and hunted by a youthful memory in Sydney Australia when she also offered to take me around with her shopping cart which could never could end up being quite full – I decided to pass. Now guys just for the reference have anybody ever taken Luana Martinelli for “cinema e shopping + amar” and if yes, what transpired?

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Later walked on to Rua Augusta. The hotel I’m in is about 10 min walk to the first whore I’ve encountered. It seems that the going rate on Augusta is R$100/hour, and there are some lookers on the street. Not all. May not be even a half but I’ve seen a loira (blond) that would blow your mind. I almost went for it. I asked how much for the whole night and she appeared to baffled by the question. After a little thinking she spat out R$500 (there was another one that said R$400). Nonsense. Granted. But really guys would you be able to find a beautiful 18-year old in Paris or New York for around $200/night? In fact after going a bit forward I decided to return and pick her up but she was no longer there. But what some things could turn up to be blessings in disguise. I walked on a bit and was stopped by another loira.

This one was maybe not altogether as attractive as the other one and maybe more then a year or two older but what can I do? I’m a sucker for those “bright up your day” smiles. And she had a smile that would bright up a mortuary. After a bit of a conversation I asked if she was a programma and she apparently felt uncomfortable with the question. (come on man! you’re not an amateur! can’t be so direct with a lady that “just” strikes up the conversation!) Eventually it led to money. She said R$60 and (for me) R$150/night. Might’ve bulked in Rio but not here. She had a beautiful voice, a stunning smile and she was good looking. Not as good as Luana or that other blond but ok. She turned out to be from Parana, a teacher, here to make money for her sick baby (they all seem to have that, don’t they?J Even Luana talked about her baby at home before trying to hit me for R$35 more for taxi, although I haven’t notoced any birthmarks on her perfect belly). Anyhow – I had a very good night. She was tender and wonderful and lusty. At some point I noticed that she resembled someone but at first couldn’t quite put my finger on it, and then… of course – Gweneth Paltrow! I told her but of course she wouldn’t believe me. I pulled out my notebook (I tell you this garotta really inspires ones trust – I woudn’ve done it with many others) and went on the net to show her.

She still thought I was just trying to make her feel good. But indeed she does bear some resemblance, albeit more in person. The only let down was that there was no BBBJ - she insisted on using condoms (not Luana). Other then that – a perfect night. Incidentally, both ladies speak only Portuguese and only at regular conversational speed. So if you don’t know any – good luck trying to get your point across. The other thing is that there seem to be a budget hotel on Augusta right across from Savoy for R$40/night. As I was talking to a “budget-hotel-looking” man behind the counter – quite a regular young guy walked in and went to his room. If I wouldn’t have a notebook with me – I’d move there in a heartbeat. And the last thing, according to Lonely Planet there apparently is another action area in the city around R. Santa Ifiginea. I’ll probably check it out next time I’m in town, but does anyone know anything about it? And another last thing – the city indeed is ugly –wow! Talking about esthetic travesty.

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