Prostitution Report
from Brazil

Been back from Sampa for about two weeks now and thought I'd update the board on my trip. Seeing that I got ALL of my info on Sampa here I figured I better post an update of whats happening.

First off, this was my first trip to SP and I speak no Portuguese and very little spanish. I have always been a fan of outcall service in the US and wanted to try it out in Brazil. I didn't go to any of the boates (next trip) and only went to one massage place. All of the visits were at my hotel. I stayed at the Mercure Grand Hotel and payed roughly $120 US per night for a suite. The room was spacious and very nice (highspeed internet) and the staff spoke good English.

I got into town at noon and checked in to the hotel. My first call was to Luana Matinelli who I have seen listed many times here at WSA. Cost was 300 reals and the session was nice. It was hard to set things up on the phone as she didnt speak any english but I kept repeating my hotel name, room number, and hotel telephone number and she acknowledged. Let me preface by saying that I never pay the escorts for their "time" but rather to have them leave! When I'm done I like to show them the door asap so I can start planning my next date The session was pretty fun and she stayed for 2 hours without looking at the clock. She looked nice and had a very tight body.. almost to tight... she didnt have an ounce of fat on her. I would recommend her.

The next day I went to francebel massage. I did some homework prior to Sp and really liked the "cute" look of Larissa. I'm a fan of glamour models, playboy models, etc... but I'll take cute with a great smile and a rocking body any day over glamour. When I got there I took a look at their photo gallery and the woman were absolutely PHENOMENAL. I almost hedged my bet and went with a different girl but I stuck to my instincts and went with Larissa. Her "erotic" massage was fantastic and her body was absoletely perfect for my tastes. Even more importantly, her smile was PERFECT (FIrst thing I look at) I settled for a HJ at 60 reals and her phone number and set a date for the rest of my trip. As it turned out, I saw Larissa on three more occasions during my trip and can't wait to go back to SP to see her again. She was a keeper. For the record, everything was covered and no A sex permitted. I took the conditions and would do so again withought hesitation.

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Next night I called one of the agencies that has a girl named "cris bel" working. Cris is a brazilian pornstar who has been in some American porn flicks. She is as nasty as they come and does everything imaginable so was anticipating this sort of session. I confirmed on the phone that it was in fact THE Cris Bel that would show up. When the hour came, much to my expectations, some other girl showed and SAID SHE WAS CRIS BEL. She was okay looking but she was not what I wanted. My goal (since we agreed upon 300 reals for 2 hours) was to kick her to the curb in as little time as possible. BJ was uncovered and she surprisingly gave me a Max Hardcore'ish type of BJ.... wet, nasty, gagging. liked it forced, etc..... I had no problem since A. this is how Cris does it and B. I was pissed! She was practically impaled on my shaft as I was throttling her mouth. I snuck two shots in her mouth prior to her gagging and spitting it out. The look on her face was pricelss and, to tell you the truth, I think I was smiling as well. She was gone after a total of 1 hour and I was happy to see her go. Bate and switch sucks.

For my last girl I wanted something special. One of my friends form the board recommended three different girls to see (Syang, Luiza, and someone else). I tried calling all three and got voicemail and changed numbers. I ended up going with the agencies again and ended up seeing a girl named Camila Gaucha. She is listed on one of the upper end sites (Mclass I think) and states she was a playboy model. She showed up and I was floored. Her looks were average and here I was expecting a playboy model (beware of airbrushing on the websites) Everything was covered and teabagging wasnt permitted since it wasnt covered. She was in and out after one shot on goal withing 1 hour for 300 reals. She was freindly and all but I would not reccommend.

In summary, SP was a good trip. I had high expectations and enjoyed most (On a side note, I went to Bangkok about 6 months ago and loved it. The costs were lower and it seemed EVERYTHING was centrally located. I find asian woman attractive but I wouldnt say I have a "thing" for them. My one gripe about SP was that I had to cab many palces and couldnt really walk much.. like in BKK) I would stay at the mercure again as it was a nice hotel and they sold Johnny Walker Blue for 15 US per glass. (175 US per bottle here!!!) Best thing about the trip, hands down, was Larissa.... what a babe with a great personality.

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