Prostitution Report
from Brazil

On this trip, no matter how much info we had read, will still made numerous mistakes, one mistake we made was to give a young girl in Help our Apartment block name, we were just having some fun with her, she looked way to young, and she was not that much to look at, anyway one night we were getting ready to go out to dinner and a movie with Leticia and my friend’s girlfriend(Brazil Girlfriend that is), Leticia had just called to say that, they were 5mins away, about 2mins after the call the door bell rang, thinking it was them we gathered our things, and opened the door, there standing in front of us was the girl from Help, all smiles and giggles, she walked straight in and asked were the bathroom was, now she could not speak very good English, so it was very funny to watch my friend trying to explain to her she had to get out now, as he was going out, and her smiling back saying, “yes lets go to the bedroom”

I joined in and we managed to get it through to her that she had to leave but that we would call her, she finally left, and as soon as we closed the door, a min later Laticia and co arrived, we knew they must have passed each other when getting into the apartment lift, but they said nothing, Phew …We also made the mistake of getting pissed in a terma, DON’T DO IT…, we decided to take a trip to 4x4, it was in the city district, now first let me say the girl numbers here are very high, with lots of 8-9-10/10’s, and after 600pm it gets very busy, lot of men and women, a bit like a packed nightclub, lots of dancing and stageshows…. My friend got into a techquila drinking contest, with one girl (Mistake no 1), and I had been smitten with this little beauty…(Mistake no 2)

Now don’t get me wrong the session I had with this girl was out of this world, the mistake I made was telling this girl that I liked her and we should go out sometime, and getting her address and home tel no, now fellas if your gonna tell a terma girl this and she digs you, make sure you do it just before you leave not when you have just arrived, because she then lays claim to you, and lets all the other girls know it too, there were about 3 10/10 girls that turned me down, yes that’s right turned a client down because they said, I was her boyfriend, and she was my girl… now what you have to realise is most of these girls are best friends, some even family, so don’t get close to anyone of them unless you want to just be with them all night, now much as I liked sandy(??) I was there for the experience so I was looking for a different girl, now when I finaly found a 10 that was willing to break the rule off I went, remember in this time my friend was still drinking and sandy was with another client, on my return from another excellent session, I bumped into sandy, arm in arm with another client, I smiled at her as if to say Hi, and she gave me one of the dirtiest looks you could imagine, I could not understand why she was angry, she was going with numerous another monger’s, yet when I saw a different girl, that was a deadly sin…. I know rio girls are famed for there jealousy but that took the piss…

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anyway by now my friend was no were to be found, after some searching I found him in the reception area shakeing hands with a fellow monger, a bit worse for wear, he explained to me that he had come out to settle his bill to find out he had been charged for about 5 girls, when he only had 2, now even though he was pissed he still knew how many girls he had been with, but the cashier was adamant he had 5 girls, a passing monger had heard the commotion and seeing my friend was having no joy, told the cashier outright that it was only two girls he had been with, and if it was more to go and find and bring all the girls he had been with… the cashier relented and charged my friend for 2 girls plus the drinks, now I’m convinced that if my friend was not pissed the cashier would not have tried this blatant rip off tactic, and if not for the intervention of this kind fellow monger, things would have got ugly, cause there is no way he would have paid that amount… and security were hovering… Lesson 1, don’t get pissed in a terma..

Mistake no3 his girl would always call and say she is coming over, or be in Help or MP, and my friend felt he had to see her, as she had not charged him for any of there nights together, now when you do this with a girl, to her you are her man, and must be with her all the time…. I tried to tell him to kick her to the curb, but he liked her, and she would know what heart strings to pull, to get him to come round all the time.. Hers another one of my friends Girlfriends of the trip, she was a lot better to control, as she lived far away, so meetings were few but sweet..

Here is Daniala, a girl who I also made the mistake of getting to close to, and not getting charged for our nights together.. this would come back to hurt me on my last night in rio. Another trip to MC was in order, Bia had not arrived yet so I papped this little beauty, whilst I was waiting… possibly the best ass in the world….

Miss Fine Ass (2)

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Our final trip to Help was to be for me, instead of the most happiest, the most stressful night of my life….. all my mistakes and lies, were about to come back and hit me hard……Now you may recall in my first report the first beauty I had papped, from MP, now this girl had called me repeatedly, and I had stood her up on numorus occasions, well she was at Help that night, Danialla who was a Girlfriend, was at Help that night, and to top it off Leticia was at Help that night, now I know what your thinking…, but I did call each of them, and they all told me that they were not going to Help that night(lying women…) anyway once I was in, Danialla spotted me and ran over all hugs/kisses and smiles, “I thought you were coming tonite” I said “I changed my mind” was the response I got from all 3 of them…..,

I was sitting with her when I spotted Leticai, she walked right over to me bent over and kissed me full on and then just stood up right beside me, Fuck I thought not now, I looked at Danialla who was looking away from me, tears welling up in her eyes, then I looked at Leticia, who was also welling up, then I looked at my friend who double up in laughter, the cuntzzzzz… I thought back to the reports that mentioned the Heartstring games that these pro’s pulled , and I stood up and walked away from both of them with out looking back, there was no way my last night was going to be ruined by a phoney love triangle… or so I thought, I had escaped to the other side of the dance floor, felt a tap on my shoulder, it was the girl from MP, that I had been avoiding,

I gave her some reals and told her to go and buy us a couple of drinks, as soon as she was out of sight I bolted, I told my friend to tell Leticia to meet me outside, I had fallen for her and could not stand to see her cry, well that was it around 20mins in Help, bouncing around like a ball in a pinball machine…, spent the last night with Leticia, she gave me all her address’s (Rio plus Home address) and telephone numbers, I still call her from time to time from London and email her.

Well fellow mongers hear is a list of mistakes not to make….
1) Never ever make a girlfriend out of a girl you meet at Mea Pataca or Help Nightclub(unless you want to spend time with her only), these are the normal hangouts for these girls, so they or there friends will find you always.
2) Never give any girl the name of your Apartment, unless you don’t mind her turning up un announced
3) Never whilst in a Terma, get too involved with a girl (Bia aside, I did not mind being with her only) , they can get very jealous, and they will tell there friends that your there man, which means that they are a no-go
4) Never get to pally with the kids that hang outside the Help club or MP, as cute as some of them are, they will not leave you alone if you show the slightest interest(give them a couple reals, and tell them to vamos!!)
5) Take Cabs everywhere, even though our Apartment was 5min walk away from Help, we at night took a Taxi always, although we got no trouble, whilst there others we talked had.
6) If its your first time, get a guide, or just someone you can call on, Eduardo, was very good, any time we called him, for info or just to recommend or take us somewhere he was there, he also dropped us back to the airport, at no extra cost, he’s a cool guy…..
7) Don’t get pissed in a Terma, or anywhere for that matter, you will become an easy target.
8) Do not go to Rio, if you have a loving healthy relationship, with you wife or girlfriend, Rio will fuck it all up…. Fellow Mongers enjoy!!!!

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