Prostitution Report
from Brazil

I almost forgot to tell you about our first visit to the famous Help nightclub on day 2 (Saturday Night) we decided to leave early (1030pm), after our experience at MC terma, we were excited to see what Help could offer, as we approached the Help club, we saw that the café (Alantico I think), and the side of Help, was heaving with girls, about half were dogs, and the other half were to us anyway, were fantastic…, we almost did not make it into Help, as the girls most in groups of 4 to 6 were all over us, there we other guys around, but the girls outside the club out numbered the guys by at least 6 to 1, we decided that we had to experience Help on a Saturday night, so we put our heads down and headed for the Help entrance, once we paid and went inside, the security were standing in front of the stairs, we were a bit nervous as we had our cameras with us, the security guy waved me through but searched my friend, he saw the camera but said nothing, and let him through, we walked up the steep stairs, hearts pounding, as the music blared out, this was it…

we thought, then nothing the club was a ghost town, I guess we were too early, we decided to take a tour of the club, it was massive, we scoped out positions, were we could best see the girls as they walked in, got some Champs and waited (buy the way the drinks worked out really cheap, compared to London prices anyway) At about 1130pm we started watching the girls come in there droves, it was endless in the matter of an hour the club had gone from empty to full, girls out number the guys again by about 6 to1, my friend chatted to this beauty and got her number, before sending her on her way,

Help Beauty picture (1)

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It was amazing, I know some mongers do not like Help, maybe they don’t like the club scean, or the music, but for us it was a dream…. Girls of all shapes/colors and quality, what ever type of girl, you were interested in, you can find here on a Saturday night ((Helps open every night, we went most nights, but Saturday is by far the best night)). We danced/drank and groped the night away.., I left with this beauty,

Picture of Girl I left Help with….. (3)

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She did not speak much English, but the session she gave me later that night, broke all language barriers, where the hell do the girls learn to be so good in bed, their must be a school in Brazil, because 80 percent of the girls I was with, blew me away in the bedroom, and I thought I’d done it all…..

After relaxing for most of the afternoon, Decided that another trip to MC was in order so off we went, we arrived at about 0430pm, again there was an excellent selection of girls, the girl I went with the day before spotted me and rushed over, but I was having none of it, I was not to rude, I just let her know that I was here for something new, she gave me a puppy dog look, said something under her breath in portugese and walked of sulking… my friend was looking for one of the girls he went with the day before, he had fallen for her big time(yes I know, never fall for a pro, but we were both to find out the hard way, later…) but she had not arrived yet, so while he waited he papped this little beauty..

MC picture of girl (2)

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I was at the bar taking all the wonderful sights in, when this over six foot Amazon beauty queen, blue eyes and waist long hair, walked over to me, she started bumping and grinding all over me explaining in English that she wanted to do me in the worst way, now I tried to explain to her that I was waiting for a girl I had seen the day before, and had promised that I would come back today to see her (Bia her name was) she knew Bia and told me she would be starting in 2hrs time, I thought that would be the end of it, I was wrong she did not let up, I again asked all the magic questions to which she said Yes to all of them (alevels/bbbj/cim), so off I went…, I would not regret it, she gave me the second best BJ I had ever experienced in my whole life…(the best was yet to come…) followed by an expert massage, then alevels, wow!!…

Here she is (2)

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I staggered out of the cabin, and found my friend on the main floor, he was not impressed by the session he had just had, we were both waiting for our real intended victims, and fending off all other advances, like our lives depended on it… Finally I spotted Bia, or should I say she spotted me, she ran over and threw her arms around me and shoved her tongue down my throat , like we had known each other for years…. After I had recovered, from what I now call the brazilian hello because it happened so much, I bought her a drink, and we tried to converse, she knew a little English and my portugese was getting better by the day ((well when I say better I mean I could now say things like “were are you from” “what s your name” and “will you marry me”)), we could take no more talk and ran off to a cabin(its amazing how quick you recover, when your in a terma) what follwed was the best 2 hrs of my whole trip, “Mary Mother Of God” I can not go into details because, I promised her I would not, nor can I show you the real graphic pictures, but I can assure you, that she was out of this world….. here are some normal pictures of her..

After we emerged, we headed for the main floor, my friend had found the girl he was after, and had just finished a session with her also, after an hr of just chilling out with them, we told them we had to go, got there numbers and arranged to meet up, at the Apartment the next day, we did meet the next day and much of the same followed, we were smitten…. We knew we were being stupid, falling for pro’s but we really gelled with them, Bia gave me her Mobile no/House no and Home address, before she left, ahhhh Bia.

Day 4
Now by now although not all the girls we had been with have been mentioned, we had racked up and given out a lot of mobile numbers, our phones would always be ringing and we would always be trying to juggle meetings, we decided to go to MP for some Lunch (and girl watching of course) there is were I found my second real girlfriend of the trip Laticia(when I say girlfriend I mean I paid once for the first session, but all the rest were free, she just wanted to be with me)this was my first real mistake!!, even though I had read the reports, my heart was slowly being taken by this girl….

Laticia Picture (1)

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She was from Bahia or something like that, she spoke perfect English, and was in her final yr at University, I arranged to meet her later at Help, as me and my friend had already booked ourselves out….(only in Rio). We arrived at Help this time late about 0130am, and inside was teaming with activity, I wished I had not arranged to meet her that night as there were some real beauties in the club, I spotted her and we danced the night away, the night could not have gone more perfect, that was all about to change….. we decided it was time to leave club, so I found my friend, who had hooked up with this women he had chatted up at MP earlier that day, and we all left to get a Taxi home, we hailed a taxi and as my friend got in the car, Laticia and my friends girl started talking in there native tongue, now at first I did not think much of it, but then they started to get louder and louder, what they were arguing about I did not know, they were soon becoming the centre of attention, everyone outside the club was looking in our direction, then the kids that hang around outside the club all started coming over to us to get a ringside seat,

I tried to head off the argument, but it was out of control, they were now screaming at each other, and my friend was leaning on the taxi, enjoy the show, whilst I was trying to play the Ref on my own, the cunnnntzz …. Then it all kicked off BIG TIME, they flew at each other, kicking and scratching away, I was trying my best to keep them apart, and shouted at my friend to come and pull his girl away, he did and I managed to calm laticia down, I could not imagine a girl so cute, could go off the handle like that, my friend bundle his girl into the taxi and drove off, to get them away from each other, so there I was standing in front of laticia who was still cursing, surrounded by kids all talking/laughing and trying to sell me bubblegum, so naturally I snapped, I shouted at the kids in a tongue they could all understand, get the fuck away from me, they disappeared…., I then turned to laticia who was still cursing, and told her to calm down, or get away from me, she carried on so I walked towards the Help club, with the intention of finding another girl and going back to my Apartment, Laticia then held my arm and turned on the waterworks along with sorry’s and puppy dog eyes, what the fuck could I do…, im a sucker for a lady crying, so I calmed her down and headed back to the Apartment, the mood and night had truly been fucked..

I called my friend who told me he had sent his girl home, so the coast was clear. Funny enough we talked all night, and became even closer ( oh yeah, we sweated the sheets as well) it turns out the girls had not liked each other for a long time, and it was my misfortune to be in the middle of it when it kicked off, WOMEN!!, she cooked up a wicked breakfast for me and my friend the next day… and a lot more was to happen, between us before the trip was over… Only day 4 and I had been through more emotions, than ever before, RIO..

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