Prostitution Report
from Brazil

THE WOMEN In contrary to the myth, most Brasilieras are not good-looking! A lot of girls are ugly and somewhat overweight with particularly a lot of fat on the belly. But the variation is great, so yes, you will see some drop dead gorgeous looking Brazilian women too! I was happy to notice that a lot of girls grew a lot of fat particularly on the tits, so in my experience Brazil is a very attractive country for people who have a big-tits-fetish (like myself). The proportion of women with big tits in Brazil is perhaps even about the same as in northern European countries and significantly greater than in e.g. Cuba: BTW, in my impression white people with South-European descent easily form the largest group of people in Brazil, followed by the group of mulattos; the group of black people form only a small group.

THE REGULAR GIRLS (NON-MULHERES DE PROGRAMA) A striking phenomenon I encountered in Brazil is that quite a few regular women show interest in you and even flirt with you while you are e.g. walking in the street or shopping, especially if you are blond/white. Almost every day I encountered women who told me that I was very handsome (“tua cara e muito, muito bonita!”), which I never hear in other countries. But don’t think they jump in your bed right away! They want to get to know you and probably go the dine-and-wine and dance-and-romance-route. Unfortunately they usually speak only Portuguese in a high pace, so if you are not very trained in understanding spoken Portuguese (Brazilian Portuguese actually), there will be a serious communication problem.

I myself can only understand a little Portuguese when it is spoken slowly, so there was a communication problem every time a regular woman approached / flirted with me. When these women realized that I didn’t understand their rapidly spoken Portuguese, they lost their interest in me right away, so I didn’t manage to score a regular girlfriend in Brazil. Yet I got a strong impression that if you are fluent in Portuguese and willing to go the wine-and-dine-route you can have a lot of regular girlfriends in Brazil, that is: sex without paying for it (I guess this is why Tropi loves Brazil). One anecdote on a woman who didn’t charge money. On my first night in Fortaleza I encountered a beautiful girl with incredibly huge tits (with my hand I could only grasp a small portion of one tit). In my hotel she acted somewhat shy/unwilling, but while some long french kissing she melted, so finally we undressed and we started to make love. She performed an ok blowjob. Unfortunately I couldn’t persuade her to accept fucking without condom, so I sent her away. At not a single moment she asked for money: she even felt insulted when I mentioned money when I tried to persuade her to agree on bareback. Until now I feel some regret about sending her away:

perhaps she would have melted some more after spending the night, so perhaps I could have had her my way on the next day. BTW, she acted very jealously right away, so she wouldn’t have let me get in contact with other women, which was another reason why I dumped her. Very unfortunately, she didn’t want me to take any pictures as well (oh boy, you would not have believed your eyes!).

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THE PROSTITUTES (MULHERES DE PROGRAMA) If you don’t speak fluent Portuguese you probably will have to use the services of prostitutes for sex though (as I usually did). Fortunately, this doesn’t need to be bad in Brazil. I found the quantity of (visible) prostitutes in Brazil to be quite small: although I asked many taxi drivers and generally looked up the adds in the newspaper, prostitution in a Brazilian city generally seems to be confined to only a couple of boates plus one or two street hookers. Because I am talking about cities with more than one million inhabitants, made up of both very rich and poor people, I would have expected much larger numbers of prostitutes. Like the total group of Brazilian women, the group of prostitutes (commonly named “mulheres de programa” in Brazil) mainly consists of ugly women too, but fortunately some jewels can be (generally easily) found as well. Unfortunately a great deal of all prostitutes have babies though, so don’t be surprised when your pretty girl doesn’t have a tight body nor cunt anymore (this is especially true for the street hookers).

Brazilian prostitutes generally are honest and provide good service. They are not shy and generally don’t mind french kissing, hugging, sucking dick long and good and making (long) afterplay. Even more, in general they do all this spontaneously and they often even seem to enjoy making love to you. Quite a couple of girls I met even wanted and achieved orgasms themselves while they were making love with me! Blowjobs are generally included in the “programa”, but anal sex is not. Nevertheless I encountered a lot of girls who were willing to take it up the ass, especially among the terma-girls and the street hookers, but none among the boate-girls. Sex, including blowjob, WITH condom is undoubtedly the current norm in Brazil: “tudo com camisinha” is the expression which most prostitutes use to express their commitment to safe sex. Yet most terma-girls and street hookers are willing to provide BBBJ if you want this, but in the brothels covered BJ is generally mandatory. Most people on this board claim that more than 99% of all (boate) women they’ve met in Brazil provided BBBJ, but I had a totally different experience: less than 50% of the (good looking) boate-girls was willing to provide BBBJ! Some people believe it’s a matter of respect: when you show respect and treat them as your girlfriend, they will give BBBJ. I find this hard to believe. I think it has more to do with the simple law of supply and demand:

I found that all boates are filled with big-money-spending tourists who are totally paranoid about getting AIDS, so why should a good looking boate-girl take any risk and provide BBBJ on me as she can also pick one of the other tourists who won’t even dare to receive a BBBJ and who probably is willing to pay her more money as well? Not a lot of discussion on this board has been provoked by this observation of mine: bareback fucking is very hard to get among all types of prostitution in Brazil. The women in Brazil think that you are crazy when you want sex without condom. Nevertheless I managed to get bareback sex with all types of mulheres de programa, including the terma-girls (some guy said on this board that he always picked up the boate girls, because the terma-girls couldn’t be persuaded to go bareback, but I didn’t find much difference between these two types of prostitutes). I found the largest number of girls who were willing to have bareback sex amidst the group of street hookers (but not the ones in Copacabana).

As explained before I found a competitive factor quite obvious as very beautiful girls usually even refused BBBJ and most of the girls who agreed on bareback sex were women with babies. Asking a prostitute if she agrees on bareback sex must be done very discretely, because it is extremely important to every prostitute in Brazil that nobody else finds out that she committed sex without condom: bareback sex is as much a taboo thing in Brazil as it is in our home-countries. On a final note: I got the impression that women and prostitutes in Brazil feel they are in a strong “legal” position, because on the two occasions I got into a conflict with a prostitute, both girls immediately threatened to call the police.

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