Prostitution Report
from Alabama

report on Montgomery, ALABAMA.
Recently spent some time in Montgomery and found an area where the action is,warning though be careful it's a black neighborhood and the cops patrol just don't stop while they are near.Oh well warning submitted now on to the girls ,they range from 2-8 in scoring some nights better than others. On my last visit there I picked up this girl named Denise she was around 18 no kids and quite attractive for a street hooker after the normal questions of your not a cop ,we got down to business she wanted only $20.00 to go back to my hotel for a little half and half.She gave decent head but the real surprise she had one of the snuggest little pussies I've come across in awhile.While she was great I missed a couple of other girls that I had seen earlier that looked exceptional. hope to get back soon, but back to denise although she was above average in appearance she took the old here it is get it over with as soon as we started fucking but very patient and friendly up until that point.

Now for some directions take I85-North and get off at court street, then right,then first right on west Jeff Davis at first red light go left and start looking. Their is also a lot of activity on south blvd near the truck stop they walk the hwy and are not hard to find but the cops are always patrolling, good luck hope the info helps.

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