Prostitution Report
from Argentina

I have been in Buenos Aires a couple of weeks ago. Sex can be had incredibly cheap in Argentina due to the economic crisis. Buy the newspaper "El Clarín" (there are other dailies as well) and look in the "Clasificados" section. There are hundreds of ads, all in Spanish. If you know a little Spanish, you can figure out what they say. I will post more details when I am back home. I speak basic Spanish and could also negotiate on the phone in Spanish. Most ads have prices indicated that start as low as 20$ (that is pesos, all prices in Argentina are indicated with the $-sign). 1 USD presently equals about 3,5 pesos, so calculate!!!

Some of the more expensive girls are part of escort services. I was with one one beautiful girl in the Retiro/Recoleta area (50$ for one hour in her private flat), nice experience. The other time, I called a number that turned out to be an escort service (on Ave Santa Fe). I payed 100$ but could choose between 12 girls at their place and stay one hour in one of their rooms. They also have an executive appartment for 150$ for 2 hours. Again, the experience was excellent. The indications I received on the phone were accurate. In general, 100$ for one hour are among the more expensive offers. That is around 30 to 40 USD, an absolute bargain. I am sure that you can also find girls for the night in discos or bars. A lot of the girls in the ads are not long-time pros, but girls that started in the business only recently with the economic crisis. I will post names and places, when I will be back home.

I would also love to hear about other experiences and about girls that are worth it. There are also a lot of homepages of escorts (will post addresses later) to check out. But if they charge 100 USD you should wait until you are in BA and check out the newspaper ads. If you call from Argentina and speak Spanish, I am sure you can get better prices.

I was in Buenos Aires over thanksgiving and had sampled both the club scene and the internet escorts. I think a reasonable rate to pay the escorts would be between 100 to 150 pesos an hour as that's the going rate for the locals. There are a certain amount of BA escorts that will have two-tier pricing: one for the argentines and the other one for the gringos. In fact there were escorts that I called that quoted me 300 pesos/ 100 dollars an hour. With the number of internet girls available, you know what I said to that? Ciao, mi amor and move on to the next one on your list. Don't be a sucker and pay the exorbitant gringo price. Besides, the oescorts that have the two-tier pricing tend to be the more professional ones anyway. Oh, by the way, make sure you have 3 backups for each escort you want to see because you might not be able to get in touch with the first two. As far as the specific sites are concerned, I definitely used a few girls from Platynum and Escort-argentina site; and except for one girl who was slightly bigger than what her photos had indicated, I was pretty happy with the girls that I got. Some of the girls are serious lookers. Can't really comment on the Trampita site as I have not used their service.

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