Prostitution Report
from Arizona

Three months ago I picked up a beautiful young (18-19) year old on Van Buren around the Circle K near Johnson (Big Apple?) Steakhouse (my recollection...I'm not from the area) . She gets in and her female "friend" jumps in the backseat, too. I told friend to leave, but she says "this is Cathy's first time and I'm helping her break in". Stupid me thought that was believeable.

Friend quickly says to Cathy "show him your tit". She does. Friend says "blow job $20, Full Service $60 both of us for $100". I said "I want her to blow me, not you". "Then give her $20 and leave me off". I stop to let friend out and she throws a condom on the front seat and says "Cathy I want to make sure you get the $20 before I go" as I hand Cathy the $20 both of them jump out the doors and run like their asses were on fire.

I felt so violated. The most embarassing part was getting out to close the car doors. All the drug dealers at the Circle K were busting up laughing.In retrospect, the girls fumbled with the doors while getting in (they were positioning their hands for a fast exit). I watch for that now.Two hours later I found an older Mexican women who did the job right for $20. When I told her what happened she was genuinely pissed saying with an accent "those girls will ruin this business, you take the money you should do the work." She knew her work pretty good. I tipped her $10 and called it a $50 night.

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