Prostitution Report
from Aruba

Aruba is a Dutch island where P4P is legal if the establishment is registered with the Govt. This was my first trip to the island and I decided to explore the chica options.

Escorts From my experience, the chicas are from Colombia and Venezuela. The age of the escorts are in their 20’s. In the Aruba Today newspaper (free in hotel lobbies) there are escort services advertisements. Of the five I saw, I contacted three of them. A fourth I called did not answer the phone and I never tried the fifth, since by then I was busy with the chicas. Yap Yum. An escort is $100 US for an hour in your hotel room. If you need to get away, it’s an extra $20 US for a motel room, he picks you up and return. The manager is Gene, a really nice guy. I ended up hanging out with him many nights in San Nicolas. I also sampled all his chicas. He had a service where he will take you to San Nicolas and explore the chica bar scene with you. This was very valuable to me since this was my first trip to the island. After that experience, I spent most of my nights in San Nicolas. Exotic. An escort is $100 US for an hour in your hotel room and during the day, he has a house you can use, which is near the hotel area, at no extra charge. He will pick you up and return. The manager (owner?) is Clerance(sp?), and English is not his first language. Clerance also runs the Players Gentlemen’s Club (strip joint) in Oranjestad (I didn’t get a chance to see it). Elite. The owner is Eddie and he charges $120 US per hour in your hotel room. He has a website at There was also advertisement for World Best Escort Services & Massage, and Doll House. I don’t have any info on those.

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Red Light District- San Nicolas This is where you will find the chica bars. It’s on the other side of the island from the hotels. It was reported that there are 31 chica bars in San Nicolas. There are usually 4 chicas per bar. Therefore, there are about 124 chicas (all from Colombia) in San Nicolas. Their rooms are next to the bars. All the chicas I talked with were in their early 20’s. You pay the bartender a room (and condom) charge and then you pay the chica. I found the usual price for the room to be $10 US and the chica $40 US per 30 minutes. I did have one chica ask for $30 US. Sometimes the amount of drinks I bought was deducted from the room charge. Of course, everything can be negotiated. It’s good to make friends with the bartender. Sometimes they are the owners of the bar. The chicas have 3 month contracts and they can only be in Aruba once a year (the escort girls’ situation seems to be different but I don’t have the details on this). Most of the chicas are light skin, but they are some dark skin available. I explored the following bars; Minchis Bar, Kiss Me Night Club, Ron & Menta Bar, China Clipper Bar, Bongo Bar, Copacabana Bar, Carolina Bar, Atoma De Mujer, Chesterfield Bar, American Bar (with restaurant attached inside), Caracas Bar, Saikong, Sto. Domingo Bar, Las Vegas Bar, Java Bar, Black & White Bar, Roxy Bar, Pleasure Zone, Sayonara Bar, Baranca Bar, and Caribbean Bar. I went looking for petite/slender chicas and found a number of them. Basically, there are a lot of different body types among the Colombianas.

General Notes. The Florin and US dollars are used everywhere. But most places will give you Florin change back. A lot of places will not take any higher than a $20 US bill. They have had problems in the past with fake currency. ATM machines are available (I used the one in my hotel lobby a lot), but be warned- do not use ATM machines in the casinos, the fees are way too high). The ATM machine in my hotel lobby (Wyndham) did not charge a fee and I got US currency. Arubans are Dutch and they speak four languages (Dutch, English, Spanish, and Papiamento). You will need a car to visit San Nicolas unless you use the bus system. The taxis are too expensive. It’s also hard to find taxis in San Nicolas late at night. Aruba is more expensive (food, hotel, airfare, etc) than the Dominican Republic. There are a lot of Americans vacationing on the island and there is a lot of timeshare property on the island. When leaving the island, you go thru Aruba customs and then U.S. customs (if you are flying to the U.S.) in the airport, so get to the airport early. You land like a domestic flight back in the U.S. (which means that you can get home faster). My typical day was watersports (sailing, snorkeling, etc.) during the day, escort in the late afternoon, and San Nicolas at night. The chicas in San Nicolas are usually stuck there all day, so they really like it when someone picks them up and takes them into town (Oranjestad) or to the beach/movies, etc. You can get some real GFE action. The bars in San Nicolas are closed on Sunday.

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