Prostitution Report
from Australia

While I was down in Sydney, Australia last week I had the opportunity to check out "The Penthouse", a legal brothel located on Pitt Street, about a 15 minute walk from the Rocks. Upon my first visit, it was extremely slow and there was only one girl working who was about a 4 so I declined. The management recommended that I return later that evening as there would be about 15-20 girls working. When I return later in the evening, there was about 5 girls working, but there was a very pretty girl named Charise working who was in her mid 30's with absolutely perfect breasts and a nice, pretty face. The Price was AU 170 for half an hour and AU 250 (I think) for a full hour. After agreeing on the price, she had me drop my drawers for a quick inspection and then off I went into the shower for a quick was was she readied the room and got me a drink.

When I got out, she helped dry me off and we moved on to the bed for some action and she was quite good and fun. Unlike alot of places, the girl was a clock-watcher and when we were done in 20 minutes, (OK, I'm quick!), she suggested a massage to finish up our time. When I returned the following week-end on a Saturday night, the place was packed and I was ushered into a nice little bar area (free drinks) to mingle with the girls and choose one if I wished. The place was quite busy with girls and guys coming and going into the rooms, but I managed to find another very pretty girl (about a 8) and we pretty much repeated the process as mentioned above with the same prices...All in all, very good and cheap service while being legal too!

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