Prostitution Report
from Brazil

This was not my first trip to Rio, and I have been to Costa Rica 4 times, Thailand 5 times, and many others. For those of you that are on this site and country, you know that it is the best in the world, bar none. It puts good places to shame. As for this trip: We start off by going to 4x4 terma, the best thing in the world. This place is huge, with so many girls I could not count. This girl that I hooked up with was cute! It was about 3pm and I am sure she was fresh for the day. She fucked my brains out twice. This girl was so in to it that she came at least five time. Her orgasisms were so strong she got extremely wet with each one.

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I thought I fucked her so much she would be beat, but when we walked out to meat my friends, she said she was ready to go back up with everyone and fuck us all, and swap. SO, I decide to take a steam and relax to get ready again. Well, we come back and fall in love with another one. we all did. Second round at 4x4 and 3 pop in the first 4 hours of landing. She was very good, but it was harder to cum. Sorry no pictures and I forgot to give both of these girls my card with phone number on it. We go back to our apartment and get settled. Then we go to Luomo's. All 4 of us are hooked up with great looking girls. I picked a beauty, I forgot her name, but she was a little darker skin, with strong features. Very round muscular butt. Later that night, my buddy's girl from Luomo called over 3 more girls for us to party at our apartment at about 1am. My girl was the one in the middle, short light skin mulatan Julianna. Very orgasmic. The picture is shown in bakes review. Day2, Body surfed and watched 007 for a while resting. while my 2 other friends went to monte carlo. they had a great time and recomends not arriving until 4pm minimum.

Off the Solarium, my favorite from last year. The girls are all gorgeous. All of us get great girls. Mine was perfect. 5'6" 36D natural, 26, 36. With a butt that was perfect even for brazilian standards. well I work to get her number and ask for all night. Her name is LouAnn and lives with a boyfriend who knows about the work, and she wants to marry him. she quotes 600 reils. I did not plan to see her again, although a visit to solarium is easy enough for 150. We rest this night and get to bed around 1am or 2 Day 3, It is Saturday, and we are ready to party today. At noon we meet the infamous Don. He is a good resource and I would recomend people to call him for help if you are newer to Rio, and if you are traveling with limited people and he can get you connected with other americans there at the time. Anyway. the post for this girl is listed as Don's gift.

That even we cook food at the apartment, and my buddy's girl calls her friend for me. We are eating our steaks when she arrives late. She is gorgeous. She eats a little and then takes me to bed. She is 21 years old has been in 4 porno movies, works at 4x4 mon-fri and freelance on weekends. I did not know all this until 2 days later. she fucks me like crazy. You will see in the pictures that she is very sexy. very orgasmic. Her name is Cheyenne. Spelling not correct. Her greatest skill (well it was all great, but others were not as good at it) Deap throat bbbj. with completion, maybe even swallow. was not noticable, but could have secretly spit it out. I did not care. it was great.

I try for round 2 with her but my pounding away only gave her more orgasism, but not me, so she bbbj in the shower, just as I was ready to pop, my friend opens the door with the other girl saying lets go. I lost it. I could not go and I was there with a raging hard on, only to watch her leave. I saw her again today, details will be in another report. This picture is her getting started on our balcony. everyone in full view.

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